Don’t Screw With Old People – Alabama Senior Fires on Home Intruders

Two would-be daytime thieves picked the wrong house to rob. The 68 year old homeowner did NOT go quietly into that ‘good night.’ A 68 year old man in Alabama opened fire on two home intruders Home Alone Last Thursday morning shortly after 10:00 am, December… Read more

The Cicret Bracelet brings a whole new meaning to wearables

Wearables have been on a tough streak lately. You’re either pro-wearables or anti-wearables; there’s really no middle ground. Luckily, they’ve been getting better. With the introduction of Microsoft’s Fitbit , Pebble Steel , and soon, the all-new Apple… Read more

Don’t Ask the Obamas for Help Ya Dam Racists

Michelle Obama recently told People Magazine in an interviews titled The Obamas: How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences she was offended when she was approached by a shopper at an Alexandria, Virgina Target back in 2011 who, obviously not knowing… Read more

How To Maximize Your Website’s Usability

by Web Designer When it comes to web design, usability is every bit as important as having great content. Even the most informative, well-written articles are useless if no one can navigate your site to find them. Many website owners make the mistake of focusing their efforts solely on creating a bold, artistic layout, giving […] Read more

Web Design For Everyone

by Web Designer Web design used to be something left to the experts with knowledge in coding, graphics, and various html programs. The average website owner had nothing to do with the actual design or creation of their website, instead focusing on writing the content, getting the sales, basically the “front-end” stuff. Nowadays, thanks to […] Read more
Effective Tools to Build Your MLM Business through Social Media Marketing

Effective Tools to Build Your MLM Business through Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet For decades, multilevel marketing has remained one of the strongest legitimate business opportunities for generating additional income for everyone involved. Multilevel marketing should never be confused as a traditional Ponzi or pyramid scheme. Genuine multilevel marketing campaigns usually require only a minimal amount of startup capital before generating income from an authentic […] Read more

Online Marketing Winners Are Customer Focused

Working for many years in the service industry, I’ve lived the old sales adage “the customer is always right.” Our company motto was, “customer focused, quality driven” and we believed it. We became the best because we proved our motto in our actions… Read more

Top 10 Google Searches in 2014… and My Take on Them

1. Robin Williams. Born in 1951 and died way too soon. Always one of my favorites (well, the Mork and Mindy days were a bit iffy). My favorite movies from Robin had to be “World According to Garp” and “Dead Poet’s Society“, but I really did like him in just about anything he did. Sure, […] Read more

What Website Designs Say About Designers

by Web Designer Have you ever heard that saying, “your work should speak for itself?” If you are in web design, this should hold a much deeper meaning for because no matter if you have a good or a bad website design, it will tell the audience something about you, the designer. There are some […] Read more

Creative Ideas for Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet Whether your business is marketing a service or product, social media is an effective tool to help reach a worldwide audience of individuals all at the same time. For many companies, using social media is crucial. It allows a platform to maintain communication with customers and clients. As companies begin to develop […] Read more

The Benefits Of Using A Content Management System

by Web Designer The way webpages and websites are constructed has changed considerably over the last decade or so. Hard-coded HTML pages which were once so popular have largely been replaced with content management systems, or CMS for short. Many platforms are available for creating CMS and in this article we explore and discuss their […] Read more
Overcoming Your Fear of Social Media Marketing

Overcoming Your Fear of Social Media Marketing

by Deja Tweet What stops you from becoming a giant in your industry using social media marketing? The answer is fear. Think about all the places that you could use to increase your business if you just put aside your fears and tried. Here are a few of our favorites: YouTube Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Twitter […] Read more