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YouTube Idea

Next I have to deal with the actual combine procedure. I was thinking of connecting the BC400 formats with the HHBATPF table so tag types will automatically match the tag formats.

That, along with the video and the Wikipedia link, need to be enough to get the page ranked (or, at least, thats the theory).

I then went to Micro Niche Finder and found numerous search expressions that involved pet grooming.

I checked eBay today.

I had a terrific concept motivated by the concept in this Source-Wave post about using existing YouTube videos to promote affiliate links. Becker has some excellent points about 1) how inefficient banner advertisements and contextual links are in a post, and 2) how video enhances a web pages ranking. I figured on dog-gonnit. com I could promote the ClickBank dog grooming book using YouTube videos. Video about, affiliate link right below it.

[choose: Some current keyword auctions on eBay:
/ random]
Click << a rel=" nofollow" target=" _ blank" href=""> > here< for more dog grooming details. and produced a campaign using the keyword phrases. The keyword expression is constantly the title, and the Socrates theme will surround it with H1 tags. That, in addition to the video and the Wikipedia link, need to be enough to get the page ranked (or, a minimum of, thats the theory).

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Hallelujah Song by Leonard Cohen


    • Satish Kumar
    • December 30, 2013

    How To Convert A Numeric Value To Amount In Words? I want a formula to convert a numeric value to amount in words in microsoft excel.

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      • Admin
      • December 30, 2013

      If I understand your question correctly, you want to convert a number you have in an Excel sheet into the equivalent in word,e g. if you have 123 you want excel to convert it into “one hundred twenty-three”.
      Unfortunately Excel does not have such a function so you’ll have to convert all numbers manually.

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    • Dickcharlton2002
    • December 31, 2013

    What Are Some Very American Songs That Would Be Good For Party Music? I am Canadian, but I am throwing an election party today for the 2008 American Presidential election because the new president will not only strongly effect change is the United States but Canada and the rest of the world. I am looking for roughly 20 songs that are very patriotic or just have America in the title. Thanks for any help.

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      • Admin
      • December 31, 2013

      We Will Rock You by Queen
      (believe it or not, this is actually very patriotic, and it’s very American)

      Here’s a bunch from the Song of America CD Set:
      (hopefully you can get some ideas from this.)

      1. Earl Bullhead – Lakota Dream Song [3:08]
      2. Julie Lee – Once More Our God Vouchsafe To Shine [3:07]
      3. The Blind Boys of Alabama – Let Us Break Bread Together [3:49]
      4. John Wesley Harding – God Save The King [3:49]
      5. Elizabeth Foster – Young Ladies In Town [3:01]
      6. Malcom Holcombe – The Old Woman Taught Wisdom [6:30]
      7. Ed Pettersen – The Liberty Song [4:59]
      8. Harper Simon – Yankee Doodle [3:29]
      9. The Wilders – Jefferson & Liberty [2:10]
      10. Steven Kowalczyk-Santoro – Hail Columbia [2:56]
      11. Take 6 – The Star Spangled Banner [2:04]
      12. Beth Nielsen Chapman – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [5:09]
      13. Freedy Johnston – Peg and Awl [4:34]
      14. BR549 – Sweet Betsy From Pike [4:23]
      15. Will & Jehnean – Trail of Tears [4:35]
      16. Minton Sparks/Pat Flynn – Declaration Of Sentiments [4:34]
      17. Fisk Jubilee Singers – Go Down Moses [3:44]
      18. The Mavericks featuring Thad Cockrell – Dixie’s Land [6:13] Various –
      1. Marah – John Brown’s Body [2:40]
      2. Joanna Smith – Battle Hymn of the Republic [5:15]
      3. Janis Ian – Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye [2:09]
      4. Tim O’Brien – Thousands Are Sailing To Amerikay [4:24]
      5. Otis Gibbs – The Farmer Is The Man [3:03]
      6. Joni Harms – Home On The Range [4:30]
      7. Jake Shimabukuro – Stars & Stripes Forever [2:28]
      8. Judith Edelman & Neilson Hubbard – Sleep, My Child (Schlof Mayn Kind) [4:47]
      9. Jen Chapin – Over There [2:31]
      10. Andrew Bird – How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm [5:04]
      11. Karen Parks – Lift Every Voice and Sing! [5:11]
      12. Danielson – Happy Days Are Here Again [3:05]
      13. Andy Bey – Brother Can Spare A Dime? [6:30]
      14. Jim Lauderdale – Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat [2:11]
      15. Old Crow Medicine Show – Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) [4:56]
      16. Suzy Bogguss – Rosie The Riveter [2:31]
      17. Folk Family Robinson – Reuben James [4:04] Various – Song of America
      1. Elizabeth Cook and The Grascals – The Great Atomic Power [2:45]
      2. Devendra Banhart – Little Boxes [4:08]
      3. The Del McCoury Band – The Times They Are A Changin’ [3:49]
      4. Scott Kempner – Apache Tears [3:42]
      5. Kim Richey – Get Together [4:01]
      6. The Dynamites with Charles Walker – Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud [4:32]
      7. Ben Taylor – Ohio [2:40]
      8. Anthony David – What’s Going On? [5:02]
      9. Martha Wainwright – I Am Woman [3:27]
      10. Matthew Ryan – Youngstown [4:14]
      11. Gary Heffern & Chris Eckman – Wave [4:35]
      12. Shortee – The Message [6:34]
      13. Bettye LaVette – Streets of Philadelphia [3:49]
      14. The Wrights – Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning [5:30]
      15. John Mellencamp – This Land Is Your Land [4:10]

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    • Toughguy2
    • January 20, 2014

    What Are Some Of The Greatest 4th Of July Bouts In Boxing History?

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      As Sean mentioned the Jeffries vs. johnson 1910 bout. Others –
      ‘Fireman’ Jim Flynn vs. Jack Johnson – 1912 Heavy crown bout
      Billy Squires vs. Tommy Burns 1907 heavy crown bout
      Jack Dempsey vs Jess Willard -1919 heavy crown fight.
      Tommy Gibbons vs. Jack Dempsey – 1923 heavy title fight
      ‘Fireman’ Jim Flynn vs. Jack Dillon – 1916 Defending light-heavy crown (Dillon also had bouts on the 4th. in 1912 vs. Joe Thomas – 1917 vs. Ray Smith. – 1918 vs. Al McCoy. – 1920 – vs. Pat weiss.)
      Freddie Welsh vs. Ad Wolgast – 1916 Lightweight camp bout.
      Ad Wolgast vs. ‘Mexican’ Joe Rivers – 1912 Lightweight champ bout.
      Ad Wolgast vs. Owen Moran – 1911 – Lightweight champ fight.
      Rocky Kansas vs. Benny Leonard 1922 – Lightweight champ fight.
      Johnny Griffith vs. Ted ‘Kid’ lewis – 1918 – Welterweight champ fight.
      ‘Battling’ Nelson vs. Joe Gans – 1908 – Lightweight champ bout.
      Frankie neil vs. Abe Attel – 1906 – Featherweight champ bout.
      Tonny Dixon vs Johnny Kilbane – 1912 – Defending Featherweight crown.
      Some other fights on the 4th. that may not have been for a title belt or crown but may have generated alot of intrest and talk at the time are –
      Packey McFarland vs. Freddie Welsh 1908.
      Pancho Villa vs. Jimmy McLarnin – 1925
      Peter Kelly vs. Stanley Ketchel – 1905
      Joe Thomas vs. Stanley Ketchel – 1907.
      Sam Langford vs. Harry Willis – 1919.
      Bob Moha vs. Harry Greb – 1918.
      ‘K.O.’ Bill Brennan vs. Harry Greb – 1919.

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    • Vandetta
    • March 13, 2014


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      Umerical value = absolute value = a number’s distance from zero on the number line.
      For example, |3| = 3, and | -3| = 3. So we can say that -3 and 3 are 3 units from zero.

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    • Ahmad
    • March 20, 2014

    How To Extract The Numeric Value From The Eighth Character From A Cell In Excel? Please help me
    give me a formula which extract the numeric value from the eighth character from a cell in excel

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      If the original value is in cell A1…


      Granted, this will simply return the value of the 8th character. If you want something more complex, you will need to write a VBA function

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    • Red Sox fan
    • April 24, 2014

    Have Heart Break Up…..Breaking Edge? So for those of you who may know, Have Heart broke up this past weekend. I was there….I was just wondering if anybody knew why they broke up? Some guy told me it was cause Pat Flynn broke edge, and I’m having a hard time believing this cause Pat seems like a really solid guy and I’d hope he’d tell us if he did. I mean, he’s a great influence on me as a straight edge person, and while I’m edge for myself, it would definetly sadden me if I learned that he did….So does anyone know the real story? What happened here?

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      I only know what I read on their myspace…which was something aIong the lines of “we can’t do this band the way we would prefer to anymore”….but I haven’t heard anything about Pat breaking edge. I’d STRONGLY doubt it happened too, considering they played their last show on the 1st ever “National Edge Day”. Sucks they broke up, but I’m stoked I got a chance to see them out here in Australia before they did.

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    • Bookmark
    • May 19, 2014

    Link??????? I have a website that has free online novels on it. But they are links. And recently I found out some of the pages I link to have ads/links that link to the sites that have a listing of their page. They do this to thank sites that list their novels. I just want to know how to create those ad/link box things that people put on. Here is an example of one of the novels I list, scroll down to where it says “thanks” and see those ad boxes. A site that creates them would be helpful.

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      What you see is an example of affiliate marketing, which is a billion dollar industry.

      Most such links are through one of many affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction ( ), Linkshare ( ), Shareasale ( ), and the Google Affiliate Network ( ).

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    • DK
    • May 20, 2014

    Who Will Be Benched First Matt Cassel Or Russell Wilson? I say Russell Wilson as much as I like the guy as a football player, Flynn is just getting paid too much to sit on the bench. Matt Cassel may have left his teammates with no faith in him but seriously who else are they going to play Brady Quinn? I have a feeling the seahawks will loose to the panthers next week and then he’ll get benched. Wilson can be a great quarterback just give him some years.

    When Flynn is healed from his injuries I think they should start him and see how he does.

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    1. Reply

      Matt Cassell. He is the epitome of a system Qb just like your Brady. Sorry friend 🙁 LOL. Cassell only thrived in the NE system because I mean come on buddy what Quaterback wouldn’t? If Peyton was in the Pats he would have 5 rings hahaha. I know you secretly like Peyton 🙂 I’m going to make you a Peyton fan just watch!

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    • Cyrusman122000
    • May 24, 2014

    Why Do The Pats Lose To Garbage QBs? They’ve beaten Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Jay Cutler, and they’ve lost to Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy, and now they’re getting owned by matt flynn?!?!
    Why and how is that?

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      Tough to get the boys motivated when you know you’re facing an awful QB.

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