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Walking dead is good becasue its different. the ratings are …

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Walking dead is good becasue its different. the ratings are good becasue of the mysterious and dark gory edge added to the features of the show. BUT walking dead gets boring sometimes near the middle to the end.

gossip girl used to be SO good. it was sexy and had hot boys on it (lol) also, the clothes featured on it were beautiful. the characters were scandelous and i thught that i would watch this show until the end. BUT, the cwnetwork should have ended it after season 3 or 4. now, it is just plain boring, with the same jookups and scandels repeated.

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The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya
Breaking Bad. There’s no contest in my mind.

The Walking Dead is a good show that has had the potential to become a great show but has consistently fallen short of that mark, with plotlines that peter out and disappoint, massive pacing issues and some agonizing character development that make you hate some of them not because of the quality of them as a person, but because of stupidity, etc.

Breaking Bad, on the other hand, was a good show with potential to be great and hit that greatness the first chance it got in Season 2, and it has only improved from there. It is currently giving us, arguably, the greatest final season in the history of dramatic television, with a juggernaut of some of the most intense episodes ever put on television. Plot points from all the way back from even Seasons 1 and 2 have all come back with a vengeance, the pacing is at a fever pitch with every episode increasing the tension to almost unfathomable heights. Performances that rival Oscar-nominated performances in cinema from the entire cast, and some of the most meticulous, detail-oriented writing imaginable.

The Walking Dead is a good show but, in my mind, comparing it to Breaking Bad is like comparing a high school football team to a Super Bowl winning NFL team.

The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya
I do not understand why people put the Walking Dead ahead above shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Homeland, or Game of Thrones. The Walking Dead is a lifeless show. Many people have not seen the other shows and just automatically think The Walking Dead is the best thing to ever happen on TV. The writing, the directing, and the acting is so much better than the Walking Dead. The characters are a whole lot better on Game of Thrones. On Game of Thrones, you begin to care for each of the characters. *****SPOILERS until S2E9 of GOT***** When Tyrion got sliced, I almost started to cry, and when Ned died, my heart nearly pounded out of chest. *************END SPOILERS**********. On the Walking Dead, it’s a relief when somebody dies since there are so many unlikable characters. So if anybody says The Walking Dead is better, it’s probably because they do not watch Game of Thrones.

-BTW Arya is my favorite character.

The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya
Although “The walking dead” is a great show, for me, it does not even come close to “Supernatural”

The storylines, the realationships between the characters, the intensity and above all, the bond between the brothers. The show has made me laugh and broken my heart.

No show or characters in a show has ever touched or moved me the way “Supernatural” and “Sam and Dean” have. 🙂

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