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What Are Some Jobs That Involve Cars? What are some …

Comment on An Open Letter to Motorists in Boise (or Anywhere, Really) by Tommy.

What Are Some Jobs That Involve Cars? What are some jobs that involve cars, but isn’t a taxi, bus or lorry driver ( I know the last two aren’t cars)?

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Graphic Design Course
Graphic Design Experience? I am returning to school to continue my education and I have decided to study graphic design online. I don’t have great drawing skills and I have only lately begun to work with Photoshop and Illustrator but I love doing both. I constantly find my self fixated on advertisements and logs. Seemingly trying to find out what intrigues me about them and what I would change on those I am not intrigued by. I want to get people’s opinions on my decision to study graphic design? I have no real art background. I believe I have a keen eye (at least I have never been told different). I just don’t want to invest $60,000+ on an education that I will regret.

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