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You might consider getting into Supplemental Educational Services, a tutoring …

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You might consider getting into Supplemental Educational Services, a tutoring program required by No Child Left Behind for failing schools. I am a provider myself, but am not a teacher (I’m a psychologist) so I can’t teach the children on a regular basis. It’s a lot of work, but we purchase tutoring materials, hired highly qualified teachers, and offered our services in local school districts. Each state has an SES application you can probably find online (or you can call your state department). Start up costs can be high, but it’s worth it and rewarding if done well. We serve about 90 kids this year, and it keeps me busy after a regular day of work, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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John Kerry Must Be Worth It, I Guess
Are you from the United States? If so, you need to know, the United States does not have a Department of Foreign Affairs. It has a Department of State headed by the Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton.
Either way try: The Department of State/Foreign Affairs is responsible for implementing foreign policy set by the President/Prime Minister. The Department is responsible for our country’s relations with other nations in the world.

John Kerry Must Be Worth It, I Guess
They are the head of the US Department of State. Basically, foreign affairs.

Edit: Duane L, our secretary of state is Condoleezza Rice. She.

John Kerry Must Be Worth It, I Guess
According to

The median expected salary for a typical Head Teller in the United States is $29,180. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals’ analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies

According to the US Dept of Labor:

Salaries of tellers may vary with their experience and with the region of the country, size of city, and type and size of establishment. Median annual earnings of tellers were $21,120 in May 2004. The middle 50 percent earned between $18,320 and $23,900 a year. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $15,850, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $28,100 a year.

As in other occupations, part-time tellers may not enjoy the same benefits—such as vacations, health and life insurance, and pensions—as full-time workers.

Good luck!

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5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Blog Post
If you use WordPress, or Blogger, or any other modern blogging tool for that matter, the search engines are “pinged” and know right away that you have made a post. So, don’t worry about submitting it to search engines manually (and for heaven’s sake, don’t pay someone who claims to do that)!

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Business Models are simulations of actual business functioning.
They act as ideal real life examples,and help participants actively discuss the pros and cons of the situation given.

A business Model gives a Full Account of any particular Business Scenario. Readers of this model/ Participants are then asked to discuss the strengths and weaknessess of it. Put it simply, one has to SWOT analyze the Business Model based on different parameters.

Each participant comes up with his/her own views on the subject. Cumulative views and different view points are then listed and ranked based on their importance and relevance.

Thus at the end of the session, a business models suitability and viability is drafted and conclusions are drawn thereon.

The more the Business Model Analysis a person does, the more exposed he gets to real life corporate situations.
Hence it is said, that Business Models act as Good Simulators.

Search Engine Optimization
A search engine is a service provided by some company (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) which will search through millions of web pages for keywords that a person types into a field. For instance, if I type “Puppy” into a search box on Google’s web site, there are currently 40,800,000 matches available. If the search provider has a good search algorithm in their software, then the most relevant pages should be listed first. In my case, I’m a happy searcher, because after the Google Image samples, the first result listed is the Puppy Linux website, which is the only Puppy I would ever be searching for online. Most search providers keep track of what websites people will actually visit after doing a search. They then use the results to make sure those pages are closer to the top of the list for the next time someone searches for the same keyword(s).

Image search optimization is about using images on your website to draw more “click-throughs” from the search provider, thereby raising your rank in the search list. This, in turn, helps to ensure that you keep getting more visits to your site. A neat article I just found by typing “image search optimization” into Google Search is linked below.

New York Skyline
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A view of city of great magnitude rises out of the open like a curtain for a show that always staging the world’s greatest act, you immerse yourself as one of the players of the greatest city in the world.

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