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Gun Rights and Obamacare

Is it real, or is it simply a ploy to prepare the mid-terms for democrats by prompting them to look like theyre moving toward the middle? Hmmmm … Anyway, reading that passage made me think about something I realized recently. I think that liberals, while they talk and talk about how weapon violence is such a bad thing, and propose weird legislation that resolves the symptoms more than the cause, remain in truth telling us that they essentially … just – hate – weapons. Why, I do not understand. Perhaps guns represent some sort of barrier to their grander progressive agendas. Or possibly they are just afraid of something they actually dont understand – a tool that can be used for either good or wicked depending upon who is using it.

Regardless of the reason, the hatred and absolute contempt of any kind of gun is quite remarkable. And, it seems to be backfiring on them. Almost all of the posts Ive kept reading Facebook about regulating gun-this, or prohibiting gun-that, or even repealing the second amendment – have become discussions about other gun-related problems like how to get a hidden bring permit, or what gun is best for individual security, or even the historic significance of particular weapon designs. Not results that relate much to the initial posters intent, thats for sure.

Now on to Obamacare.

First, Bill Clinton is now telling all of the anti-gun democrats and liberals to brighten up a bit. As he puts it, “A great deal of these people live in a world extremely various from the world resided in by the people proposing these things. I know since I originate from this world.” Its one of the couple of things that Clinton has recently stated that I can agree with 100%.

Entire Foods CEO John Mackey calls Obamacare Fascism and means it.(

Video: Secret gun-rights arrangement in ObamaCare?(

A couple fascinating short articles from NewsMax.

I believe that liberals, while they talk and talk about how weapon violence is such a bad thing, and propose weird legislation that deals with the symptoms more than the cause, are in reality telling us that they basically … just – hate – guns. Maybe weapons represent some sort of challenge to their grander progressive agendas. Regardless of the reason, the hatred and absolute ridicule of any kind of weapon is quite fantastic. Almost all of the posts Ive read on Facebook about controling gun-this, or forbiding gun-that, or even reversing the second change – have actually turned into discussions about other gun-related problems like how to get a hidden bring permit, or what weapon is best for personal protection, or even the historical significance of certain gun designs.” Technically speaking, it (ObamaCare) is more like fascism.

It appears that John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, is being berated about some remarks he made that related Obamacare to fascism. Here is what he stated,
” Technically speaking, it (ObamaCare) is more like fascism. In fascism, the government does not own the ways of production however they do manage it.
What I discover interesting is that, in a completely scholastic sense, what he stated is totally accurate. Hes got his facts lined up in a row like ducks. Most of his customers are upscale, progressive liberals (the ex-hippie generation) who take exception to any realities that might disparage their leftist agenda.

Facts imply absolutely nothing to liberals. Unfortunate, however real.
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    • American girl
    • December 25, 2013

    How Is It That Bill Clinton Can Hurt Hillary Clinton’s Campaign? I have heard some say that former president Bill Clinton can hurt Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency by stumping for her. But how can this be? He was a 2 term president. Wouldn’t that be good to have such a person on your side? Thank you.

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      • Admin
      • December 25, 2013

      Bill has a tendency to try and steal the show so to speak and make it more about him than about her.
      I think its just in his nature, he loves the limelight.

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    • Lib Nemesis ®
    • February 5, 2014

    Which Qualities Do “progressive Liberals” Possess? What does it mean to be a progressive liberal?

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    1. Reply

      The conservative belief that liberals want wealth equality is a self-induced hallucination. Liberals want a true equality of opportunity.

      The conservative philosophy of government was best stated by President Coolidge: “The chief business of the American people is business.” He was wrong. The business of our nation is exactly and only that found in the preamble to our Constitution: “to… promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

      Times change but the Founding Liberals can’t change with them. They wrote what they wrote, and the most important word in the preamble to the Constitution is “Posterity”. The Founding Liberals understood why we are here on Earth: survival of the species is the motivating force of life.

      A nation without a thriving young generation faces its doom. Care of the young is the highest priority of all the creatures on earth – except Conservatives. Care of our young must not end at birth. Post-natal care must also be the highest priority of federal, state, and local government.

      Government must provide children with health care, education, and homes in a secure neighborhood. Children, from conception through university, must get all the health care, food, shelter, and play they need and as much education as they can absorb. Care of the young is a civilization’s wisest investment.

      A thriving young generation must include all children regardless of the wealth or poverty of their homes. Providing excellent care only for children of the rich will not produce enough brilliant leaders in technology, industry, and government. If you want all the cream, you have to milk all the cows. (Ninety-nine percent of all discoveries are found by one percent of all scientists.) A level playing field and equal opportunity from the moment of conception are the liberal’s core beliefs.

      The health, education, and shelter of the young are more important than the leisure activity of the rich. Tax the tax havens! Eliminate tax-free municipal bonds and loop-holes for hedge-fund managers and their money-changing brethren in the temple!

      Support for children by local taxes inevitably results in deprived areas, from Watts to Mississippi. To be equitably distributed, care of the young must be financed by progressive federal taxation. Commensurate with their means, all Americans, together as one, must share the load. Fairness and cooperation are the liberal’s core beliefs.

      Conservatives hold the opposite view. They believe children should be rewarded or punished depending on how well or how poorly they choose their parents. They want the care of the young to be financed by local taxes so that school quality varies with class and so that science education is stunted by fundamentalist school boards. Is it a wonder that, according to the National Academy of Sciences report, while half of GDP growth depends on technology, the US is rated 48th in science and math education?

      Instead of taxing wealthy estates, consisting mostly of untaxed capital gains and municipal bond interest, conservatives would endow the least productive segment of society: children of the rich. Since Congress can be bought, wealth is power and inherited wealth is inherited power, aristocracy, the exact opposite of democracy, the exact opposite of meritocracy. This is dishonesty and corruption. Conservatism is a crime against Nature.

      The human race succeeded only because evolution gave it enough intelligence to understand the value of community: the solidarity of the clan, the tribe, and larger groups that does not exist among other primates. We succeeded only because we took care of each other through fire and flood.

      Conservatives want to destroy that social solidarity. While the economic burden of disease far exceeds that of weather, does it make sense that we help communities struck by a tornado but not individuals struck by cancer? Now, Conservatives want to defund FEMA! Come hell or high water, you’re on your own! Conservatism is a crime against Nature.

      Conservatives believe the tax burden should be shifted from the rich to the middle class, from capital to labor. They would create a polarized generation: a small aristocracy and a large underclass — a lost generation. Conservatism is a complete betrayal of Posterity and the Founding Liberals.

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    • Moo
    • March 1, 2014

    Famous Musician/Composer? I have to do a powerpoint on a Famous Musician/Composer and I dont know who to do it on. Im looking for someone like Michael Jackson or Bob Marley, like a legend. Someone who isnt a Modern performer but also isnt Old like Mozart or something

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    1. Reply

      Some popular names: John Williams, John Mackey, Hans Zimmer.

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    • Brayboy
    • March 20, 2014
    1. Reply

      I think my progressive liberal ideas are correct. I also think both the dems and reps are corrupt beyond salvation and if we really want a government that cares about it’s citizens then we should abolish both parties and make completely new ones with new people.

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    • Anthon A
    • April 7, 2014

    Can You Give Me Names Of Successful Business People,scientists,technologits Who Never Attended College Or Uni? University

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    1. Reply

      Answers like: Harry Truman, Abe Lincoln, George Washington and
      Thomas Edison are no-brainers. However, here’s a list of people who either never went to college or dropped-out of college, and went onto become famous and/or successful:

      S. Daniel Abraham, billionaire founder of Slim-Fast.
      Ansel Adams, photographer. Dropped out of high school.
      Christina Aguilera, singer, songwriter. High school dropout.
      Hans Christian Andersen, short story author, fairy tales.
      John Jacob Astor, multimillionaire businessman.
      Carl Bernstein, Watergate reporter, Washington Post.
      Yogi Berra, baseball player, coach, and manager.
      Timonthy Blixseth, billionaire founder of Yellowstone Club.
      Daniel Boone, explorer, frontier leader.
      Ray Bradbury, science fiction author.
      Richard Branson, billionaire founder of Virgin Music.
      Sergey Brin, billionaire founder of Google.
      Edgar Bronfman Jr., billionaire heir to the Seagram liquor fortune.
      John Carmack, cofounder of Id Software.
      Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist.
      Scott Carpenter, astronaut.
      John Chancellor, TV journalist and anchorman.
      Winston Churchill, British prime minister.
      Charles Culpeper, multimillionaire owner and CEO of Coca Cola.
      Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers.
      Charles Dickens, bestselling novelist.
      Walt Disney — yes, THAT Walt Disney.
      George Eastman, multimillionaire inventor and founder of Kodak.
      Albert Einstein, Nobel prize-winning physicist.
      Larry Ellison, billionaire co-founder of Oracle software company.
      Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies.
      Carly Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett-Packard.
      Bobby Fischer, chess master.
      Henry Ford, billionaire founder of Ford Motor Company.
      R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the geodesic dome.
      Bill Gates, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft.
      J. Paul Getty, billionaire oilman.
      Amadeo Peter Giannini, multimillionaire founder of Bank of America.
      Hyman Golden, multimillionaire cofounder of Snapple.
      Barry Goldwater, U.S. senator and presidential candidate.
      David Green, billionaire founder of Hobby Lobby.
      Joyce C. Hall, founder of Hallmark.
      Harold Hamm, billionaire oil wildcatter.
      William Randolph Hearst, newspaper publisher.
      Peter Jennings, news anchor.
      Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers and Pixar Animation.
      Dean Kamen, multimillionaire inventor of the Segway.
      Ray Kroc, multimillionaire founder of McDonald’s.
      Tommy Lasorda, baseball manager.
      Ralph Lauren, billionaire fashion designer, founder of Polo.
      Charles Lindbergh, aviator.
      Jack London, bestselling novelist.
      Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazilian president.
      Mary Lyon, founder of Mount Holyoke College (America’s first women’s college).
      John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods.
      Steve Madden, shoe designer.
      John Major, British prime minister.
      Herman Melville, novelist, Moby Dick.
      Karl Menninger, psychiatrist.
      Claude Monet, painter.
      Dustin Moskovitz, multi-millionaire co-founder of Facebook.
      Walter Nash, prime minister of New Zealand.
      David Neeleman, founder of JetBlue airlines.
      David Oreck, founder of The Oreck Corporation.
      George Orwell (aka Eric Blair), author of Animal Farm and 1984.
      Larry Page, billionaire founder of Google.
      James A. Pike, Episcopal bishop.
      Ron Popeil, multimillionaire founder of Ronco.
      Leandro Rizzuto, billionaire founder of Conair.
      John D. Rockefeller Sr., billionaire founder of Standard Oil.
      Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. president.
      Karl Rove, presidential advisor.
      William Safire, columnist for the New York Times.
      Colonel Harlan Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
      Vidal Sassoon, multimillionaire founder of Vidal Sassoon.
      Richard Schulze, billionaire founder of Best Buy.
      William Shakespeare, playwright, poet.
      John Simplot, billionaire potato king.
      Isaac Merrit Singer, sewing machine inventor.
      Walter L. Smith, president of Florida A&M University.
      Will Smith, Grammy-winning rapper, actor.
      Alfred Taubman, billionaire chairman of Sotheby.
      Jack Crawford Taylor, billionaire founder of Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
      Dave Thomas, billionaire founder of Wendy’s.
      Ted Turner, billionaire founder of CNN and TBS.
      Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens).
      Cornelius Vanderbilt, railroad magnate.
      Theodore Waitt, billionaire founder of Gateway Computers.
      DeWitt Wallace, founder and publisher of Reader’s Digest.
      Ty Warner, billionaire developer of Beanie Babies.
      Sidney Weinberg, managing partner of Goldman Sachs.
      Steve Wozniak, billionaire co-founder of Apple.
      Wilbur Wright, inventor of the airplane.
      Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, billionaire.

      And many, many, many more.

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    • LoboyRoyalty
    • April 14, 2014

    Would Gun Control Realy Stop Gun Violence? I mean Mexico has strict gun laws but all that did was disarm law abiding citizens and left them at the mercy of the worst kinds of people. Granted Mexico has a weaker infrastructure, but how would gun control prevent gun violence here?

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    1. Reply

      That is not how it has been working out.

      In Canada, G.B. and Australia, as stricter gun laws have gone into effect and firearms confiscated, the incidence of violent crime has gone up dramatically.

      It seems that real life does not imitate the fantasy world of the gun control crowd. Just not a connection between anti gun arguments and the real world. Perhaps because the real world has actual people in it.

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    • Mr.
    • April 20, 2014

    Why Am I Called A Progressive, Or Liberal……? But when we examine the definitions and historical origins of the words……then i’m told…”well that’s not what a liberal or progressive is.” ?

    – favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
    – (often initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.
    – of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism.
    – favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, esp. as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
    – favoring or permitting freedom of action, esp. with respect to matters of personal belief or expression: a liberal policy toward dissident artists and writers.
    – of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than aristocracies and monarchies.
    – free from prejudice or bigotry; tolerant: a liberal attitude toward foreigners.
    – open-minded or tolerant, esp. free of or not bound by traditional or conventional ideas, values, etc.
    – characterized by generosity and willingness to give in large amounts: a liberal donor.

    – favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, esp. in political matters: a progressive mayor.
    – making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.: a progressive community.
    – characterized by such progress, or by continuous improvement.
    – (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to any of the Progressive parties in politics.
    – going forward or onward; passing successively from one member of a series to the next; proceeding step by step.
    – a person who is progressive or who favors progress or reform, esp. in political matters.

    So why am I being called a liberal or progressive… conservatives…but when you ask them to define what a “liberal” is….it’s the atithesis of the actual definitions ?….wouldn’t that make me a conservative if I were the opposite of this ?

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    1. Reply

      Classic progressive double-talk. Yes, your definitions sound nice; even inviting.

      So do definitions of communism or even white supremacy, if you sugar-coat them with enough nice wording. The proof is in their ACTIONS, NOT THE RHETORIC.

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    • Anonymous
    • April 21, 2014

    To What Extent Did Democratic President Bill Clinton Further The Policy Aims Of His Republican Predecessors, A? To what extent did Democratic President Bill Clinton further the policy aims of his Republican predecessors, and to what extent did he challenge them?

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    1. Reply

      Bill Clinton spent 8 years in office trying to give the government away. I have lived to see four total losers as President, Clinton, Carter, Johnson and Nixon. He was the worst. He was only interested in furthering his own fortune.

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    • 654654654654
    • May 12, 2014

    Who Is The Better Politician Obama Or Bill Clinton? If Obama ran in 92 would he have stood a chance against Clinton?

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    1. Reply

      Bill Clinton is the Grandmaster of Politics, a pure political animal. Bill Clinton once told Ted Kennedy during one of his sober moments that prior to his immaculation by the press, someone like Barrack Obama would have been fetching their coffee. I wholeheartedly agree.

      Consider this: President Clinton was fast on his feet, a great debater and charming as all get out. If Clinton’s teleprompter broke you’d never notice, because he was polished. President Obama is nowhere close to being as quick, witty or polished in his delivery.

      If the 1992 Bill Clinton went up against the 2008 Barrack Obama, Clinton would have crushed him without question.

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    • De vincie
    • May 19, 2014

    Bill Clinton Says That Obama Can Kiss His Ass;?pay Backs A Bitch? OK, so is this a message for Hillary’s fans to vote for Mc cain?
    Anyone really think Bill can bring any votes to Obama.?
    Doesnt it seem like 99 percent of the people know how they are going to vote in Nov. and nothing except real bad news for one or the other canidates will change it.? Is Gen. Clark . secretly trying to help Mc cain while pretending to endorse Obama.. I think there is some real behind the scenes going ons to try to sink Obama. and he doesnt need any help with all
    his flip flopping and the NRA agains it pay back time? for clintons

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    1. Reply

      Bill Clinton is the original
      “come back kid”

      I like the way Hilary and Bill Clinton’s have gone through so many crises and still hold their heads high.

      Obama needs the Clinton’s and he respects
      Bill Clinton enough to have them as his campaign coordinators..along with Ted Kennedy…

      It will be Bill’s chance to sucker punch Obama for upstaging Hilary..but its not over until Hilary sings!

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    • Little c
    • May 20, 2014

    Has Something Happened To John Trovolta? My friends facebook sez just heard wat happened to him? is he dead or something?

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    1. Reply

      John Travolta’s teenage son died yesterday after injuring himself at the actor’s vacation home in the Bahamas. Jett Travolta, 16, hit his head in a bathtub, said police spokeswoman Loretta Mackey. Officials released no other details. However, the family’s lawyer, Michael Ossi, said Jett died after suffering a seizure. Jett was the oldest child of Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, who also have an 8-year-old daughter. Really Sadd.. Dont ya think ? Take Care x

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