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Pa this is the dream team Romney/Ryan. People who say …

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Pa this is the dream team Romney/Ryan. People who say that Ryan is out to screw seniors are misguided and uneducated. Obama has already stolen 741 Billion from medicare to finance his healthcare plan.

(1) The Republican reform plan totally exempts anyone over the age of 55 from any changes. When President Obama promised Americans “if you like your plan, you can keep it” to push Obamacare, he didn’t tell the truth. The Ryan plan explicitly, in black and white, protects current and soon-to-be seniors. No changes.

(2) The Democrat’s non-plan does the opposite. It has already slashed more than half-a-trillion dollars (Update: $741 Billion, according to the latest CBO score) from Medicare to fund Obamacare, and it has established an unaccountable and extremely powerful bureaucratic board to ration care in order to keep costs down. To repeat, current seniors have already seen their Medicare cut by President Obama, not Republicans.

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I think his biggest mistake is to think he is qualified to be president, in his own words if he over paid his taxes it would disqualify him from being president,

Then he doesn’t take the full deduction for his charitable donations, thus disqualifying himself via own opinion!


The Romney-Ryan Medicare plan would increase the total cost of health care insurance for seniors by $6,000 because it would be privatized AND increase the average out-of-pocket contribution by seniors by $12,500 because of cuts in federal spending on Medicare. Where is that $12,500 going to come from? Are Social Security payments going to be increased? Are seniors going to be forced out of retirement and into the labor market to compete with younger Americans for scarce jobs? How does forcing seniors to earn and spend $12,500 more per year affect the economy? Doesn’t it reduce demand from the non-health care sector rather dramatically? How is that beneficial? How does more work and more spending affect a senior’s quality of life, a life far more fragile than that of younger me and women, or doesn’t that matter to the GOP?

The Ryan-Romney Medicare fix will cost more and will take more hard earned retirement assets and retirement income from America’s seniors all in the name of free-market principles that this society decided almost a half-century ago should be suspended when dealing with the medical and hospital needs of this nation’s elderly. This is no solution. This is a sell out of our seniors, plain and simple. Don’t fall for it!

Re-elect President Obama and elect a Democratic House and Senate with a mandate to protect seniors from this abysmal Medicare plan.

The way he quietened the (more or less) spontaneous ‘Ryan’ chant, and attempted to get them to chant ‘Romney, Ryan, Romney, Ryan’ – only to hear crickets, was comical.

You can literally smell the flop sweat and desperation coming off of the guy!

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