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Wow. More Obama Stories That WIll Curl Your Toes

Caroline heard back from White House sources that the president and first lady made catty remarks about how severely the Kennedy females dressed and how their homes were shabby.

Caroline Kennedy doesnt like the Obamas very much anymore. According to Ed Klein in “Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House”, Caroline now believes Obamas a “liar and even worse”.

Caroline again sought a meeting with Obama while he was vacationing on Marthas Vineyard in the summer season of 2011, staying at a house close to Carolines. The president rejected her overture.

From NewsMax:
… Obama belonged to the far left [ACORN affiliated] New Party and likewise signed a “agreement” guaranteeing to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in workplace, according to a released report.

A few quotes from the email:
Like Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Kennedy is among the high-profile Democrats who have actually been “mostly frozen out of the White House,” in part due to protective senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, Klein reveals.

Bobby grew angry listening to Caroline praise Obama at a household luncheon and squeezed his glass so hard that it shattered in his hand, “stunning everybody and causing a sudden silence,” Klein reports.

… a lineup of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 noted Obama as a member and referenced the Jan. 11, 1996 joining date.

After the election …
After Obama won the election, Ethel welcomed him to visit her home but her demand was met silence.

Caroline sent out the White House a long memo detailing her suggestions for reform and requesting a conference with the president. She never got an action.

Ethel Kennedy was so gung-ho for Obama throughout the 2008 project that she even stopped talking with her kid Bobby, an Obama critic.

At a White House reception, Caroline said shaking hands with the first woman was “like shaking hands with a cold fish.”
This seems to be a definite pattern with the Obamas – use whomever you can to “get ahead”, and then discard them like utilized socks when they are no longer required. Many names have actually been exposed now that it is frightening. The level of “liberal elitism” coming to light is definitely stunning.

Bobby [Kennedy] complained to his uncle Ted Kennedy about the “outrageous method” the Obama camp tried to hang the charge of bigotry on Bill Clinton.

Learn more on Obama Joined Third Party in 1990s
Essential: Do You Support Pres. Obamas Re-Election? Vote Here Now!
Obama Double Crossed the Kennedys

… Obamas 3rd dispute with then GOP governmental candidate John McCain, the Democrat maintained that his only involvement with ACORN came when he represented the group in a claim over the National Voter Registration Act.
This story was discovered by Wisconsin Historical Society.

I have never been so against a political candidate before in my life. I was never a fan of Bill Clinton either, but I could at least tolerate him.

Throughout the 2008 primary campaign, Caroline enthusiastically supported Obama, comparing him to her father JFK. She and her uncle, Sen. Ted Kennedy, broke long-standing ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton to highly back Obama in the contested 2008 Democratic primary.

How the heck did we let this occur?
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New Party and also signed a “contract” assuring to publicly support and associate himself with the New Party while in workplace, according to a published report.

This appears to be a guaranteed pattern with the Obamas – use whomever you can to “get ahead”, and then discard them like used socks when they are no longer needed. Many names have actually been revealed now that it is frightening. The level of “liberal elitism” coming to light is definitely spectacular.

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    • Golfer
    • December 6, 2013

    Do Nothing Congress Or Save The Country? Did we have a do nothing congress or a congress that want to bankrupt the Treasury under Obama’s 1st two years?
    So is the House not a do nothing but a stop the insanity congress?
    So isn’t a save the country congress?
    Yes or no?

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    1. For two plus years we had a Democratic House and Senate. This resulted in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid & Obama to totally ignore and disregard anything and everything the Republicans put forth. Since the mid-terms we have a Republican House; however, Harry Reid still controls the Democratic Congress.

      In Reid & Obama’s arrogance they will not even consider the 15 Jobs Bills passed and now those Bills sit idly on Reid’s desk simply because their agenda is to run on a ‘do nothing’ Congress.
      The fact is both Democrats and Republicans rejected Obama’s so-called ‘Jobs Bill’. If this isn’t the Democrat party machine again deceiving the American electorate and trying to brain-wash the Country with the cooperation of the main-stream median, then it is plain out and out corruption and totally putting the interest of the U.S. citizens and Constitution in the gutter. It is self-defeating for the Country and just more corrupt politics.

      This is a pathetic situation and soon we will all wake up and wonder what the U.S. and the Constitution really stand for.

      Without transparancy and integrityl on all sides we are losing our freedoms, freedom of choice, freedom of a free press, freedom of religion, freedom of self-expression.

      Now it’s not just Reid and Pelosi, it’s Obama passing laws and imposing his liberal, unAmerican values on the entire Company. Sadly there are enough people who are looking for a hand-out and license to relinquish all self-responsibility to it’s citizens.

      This will backfire. Those with mean will leave the U.S., join the corruption for their own profit and the average middle classs and truly needy poor and ill will be left living in a third world atmosphere.

      We just cannot continue to cater to those who look to the government for a living. This is slavery. Our self-dependence, values and Constitution are being shredded bit by bit and the average citizen will live in bondage to the government.

      We have prostituted our Constitution and beliefs to shread all that we were founded on. We have opened our borders to those who hate us, disregard our laws and worse yet, try to change them, all in the name of ‘democracy’

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    • Josh
    • December 22, 2013

    Explain To Me Why So Many Nations Governments Still Hate America? For example, Russia:
    1994: Threatened to invade and annex Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
    1995: Condemned U.S. for helping Bosnian.
    1999: Condemned U.S. for helping Kosovo.
    2004: Threatened to cut off oil to Ukraine if Pro Western party in Ukraine was elected
    2005: threatened to annex East Ukraine if they joined NATO.
    2007: Tried to influence different ethnicity in the U.S. to break up and form there own countries.
    2007: Give support, money training, nuclear and military technology to Iran.
    2007: Give support, money training, nuclear and military technology to Syria.
    2007: Sent bombers to Alaska and Guam.
    2008: threatened to invade Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Czech Republic.
    2008: Invaded the U.S. ally Georgia.
    2009: Gave military support and protection, aid, nuclear technology to Venezuela.
    2010: had a spy ring in the U.S.
    2011: Supported Gaddafi.
    2011: Warned America against striking Syria and Iran.
    2012: Sent submarines to the gulf of Mexico.
    2012: Sent bombers to Guam.
    2012: banned U.S. citizens from adopting Russian babies.
    2013: Threatened sanctions against U.S.
    2013: Support North Korea if they get into a war with South Korea or U.S.
    1995: Condemned U.S. for helping Bosnia.
    1996: Threatened to invade Taiwan.
    1999: Condemned U.S. for helping Kosovo.
    2000: begged Russia to nuke the U.S.
    2000: Captured U.S. military plane.
    2004: Started to help North Korea get nuclear weapons.
    2007: Helped Iran and Syria.
    2008: Had 57 spies in the U.S.
    2009: Gave Jets to Pakistan.
    2009: Warned the U.S. about paying off the debt.
    2010: Got mad at U.S. for giving arms to Taiwan.
    2010: Threatened to take the Senkaku islands from Japan.
    2011: Threatened to attack Vietnam’s islands.
    2012: threatened to declare war on the U.S. Vietnam, Philippines and Japan.
    2013: Publicly stated that they are behind North Korea if North Korea gets in a war.
    2003: Suspected nuclear program.
    2005: Iran threatens to wipe Israel off the map.
    2006: Gives weapons to Hezbollah ion its war with Israel.
    2007: Gets military, nuclear aid, money, protection and support from Russia and China.
    2011: Terror attack on Saudi diplomat in D.C. attempt.
    2011: Terror attack against Israeli embassies in Thailand, Georgia, India.
    2011: Threatens to close the straits of Hormuz to any shipping.
    2012: Terror attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria.
    North Korea:
    2002: Border fight.
    2004: Suspected nuclear program.
    2006: Nuclear test.
    2009: Border fight.
    2009: nuclear test.
    2010: North Korea sinks South Korean ship.
    2010: North Korea bombards South Korean island.
    2012: Failed satellite test.
    2013: Successful satellite test.
    2013: Third nuclear test.
    2013: Ends all armistice agreements.
    2013: Declares a state of war with South Korea.
    2013: Cut all hotlines with South Korea.
    2013: Video showing New York getting bombed, D.C. on fire, U.S. troops on fire, U.S. bomber shot down, nukes hitting Hawaii, Austin, D.C., L.A., 150,000 U.S. civilians put into North Korean concentration camps.
    2013: Threatens to make Seoul and Washington D.C. into a sea of fire.
    2013: Threatens to bomb U.S. bases in Asia.
    2013: Shut down Kaesong factory to South Koreans.
    2013: North Korea ready to nuke the U.S.
    Called George Bush the devil.
    Gave support to Assad, Iran and Zimbabwe.
    Helped Russia with 2008 war with Georgia.
    Repeatedly threatened war with Colombia.
    Helped FARC cartels.
    Supported Cuba.
    Allowed Iranian and Russian military bases in his country.
    Started racist quotes against Jews.
    Cut off ties to Israel.
    Called Obama a clown.
    Called Blair a puppet.
    Called Bush a donkey.
    Supported Gaddafi.
    Blamed the U.S. for Haiti earthquake.
    Blamed the U.S. for Cheonan sinking.
    Blamed the U.S. for his cancer.
    So why are all these countries getting mad at the U.S. for? what did the U.S. ever do to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela to get them so mad/psychotic/insane/rogue/aggressive/paranoid?

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      • Admin
      • December 22, 2013

      I don’t know where you’re getting your info from because Colombia and the U.S. have a really strong relationship. The U.S. has a new free trade agreement with colombia and the U.S. Military and Justice Department trains soldiers in Colombia. The relationship between Colombia and the U.S. is arguably the strongest relationship the U.S. has with any latin american country. There has also been aid given to Colombia to help fight cartels since the 1980s.

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    • Xerandiam
    • December 29, 2013

    Will A Third Party Candidate Ever Win A Significant Number Of Seats In Congress Or The Presidency? Maybe if someone with the charisma or Obama jumps ship and joins the Green Party or whatever in 2012, he might have a chance. I do think a third party could make its voice known in Congress…but it would take a TON of money. What do you think?

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      • Admin
      • December 29, 2013

      In theory an independent candidate can win if he/she obtains the magic number of electoral votes. Living proof of the ability to win is Lieberman. He was not selected by the Democrats for his congressional seat, so he ran as an independent and beat both the Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, the Democrats are about to strip Lieberman of his committees and power in congress. If Obama doesn’t improve the status of this country an independent may have a chance of winning the presidency.

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    • Xerandiam
    • February 5, 2014

    Will A Third Party Candidate Ever Win A Significant Number Of Seats In Congress Or The Presidency? Maybe if someone with the charisma or Obama jumps ship and joins the Green Party or whatever in 2012, he might have a chance. I do think a third party could make its voice known in Congress…but it would take a TON of money. What do you think?

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    1. In theory an independent candidate can win if he/she obtains the magic number of electoral votes. Living proof of the ability to win is Lieberman. He was not selected by the Democrats for his congressional seat, so he ran as an independent and beat both the Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, the Democrats are about to strip Lieberman of his committees and power in congress. If Obama doesn’t improve the status of this country an independent may have a chance of winning the presidency.

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    • Inquiring Atheist
    • February 9, 2014

    What Do You Think The Future Of Both Political Parties Will Be? Now I’m assuming here that Obama wins the Whitehouse. Plus the democrats pick up a bigger majority in Congress. So it can change based off elections.

    Obama and the democrats win. Obama ushers in a new political generation, somewhat similar to the 60’s ideals except with a post modern ideology. Democrats continue to swing left and will continue this trend for about 15 years maybe even 25. Eventually the party will have gone too left and the party will fraction out and begin to loose elections for quite some time.

    After a loss on Nov 4th the party begins to fraction out. Between the neo-conservatives, and the conservatives. The neo-conservatives will earlier on gain alot more swing and punch in the party however after a few years of losing will quickly find themselves at the mercy of a more pragmatic republican party. Eventually they’ll swallow what pride they have and join with the pragmatists. A pragmatic republican president will reside then following him will be a president who resparks a republican ideology. One that can swing with the modern times.

    Again this is all hypothetical but what do you think?

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    1. After Obama wins the White House and becomes the next POTUS; the Republican Party will regroup and strategic new methodologies. I do hope in the near future that a third party emerges to inspire those not happy with either the Democratic and Republican Parties.

      Obama-Biden 08

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    • DAR
    • March 11, 2014

    What Difference Between The Parties? Obama And McCain To Issue Joint Statement On Bailout? Ron Paul Is Right? “LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday that he plans to issue a joint statement with his rival for the presidency, Sen. John McCain, on a $700 billion bailout plan for the nation’s financial system. Obama said he called McCain this morning to ask if he would join him in issuing a joint statement, and McCain called him back at mid-afternoon to agree to it. “The two campaigns are currently working together on the details,” Bill Burton, Obama’s press secretary, said in a prepared statement. McCain has released prepared remarks saying he plans to suspend his campaign to deal with the crisis and wants to postpone a debate scheduled for Friday with Obama in Mississippi.”

    Initially both Obama and McCain came out as strongly in favor of the plan, or as Ron Paul put it:

    “Our one-party system is complicit in yet another crime against the American people. The two major party candidates for president themselves initially indicated their strong support for bailouts of this kind – another example of the big choice we’re supposedly presented with this November: yes or yes. Now, with a backlash brewing, they’re not quite sure what their views are. A sad display, really.”

    Is it time to vote third party?

    MO, thumbs up for your last statement, although I think the poor would be a lot better taken care of if Ron Paul were president, personally.

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    1. Yes, it is and it has been for a long time. And if one believes as the first answerer does, that writing in a candidate such as Ron Paul or voting third party is a throw-away, are you not TRULY throwing your vote away when you choose the ‘lesser of two evils’?

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    • Nevermind
    • March 29, 2014

    Ron Paul Independent Party? I’m not sure who to vote for this year and i don’t like mccain or obama. im thinking the independent party is the way to go. i don’t need your opinion, i just need all you know about ron paul, like who his vice president is, his past, his family, etc.

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    1. Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman from Texas, who is up for re-election this Nov. 4th.
      He won his state congressional primary election and no one in the state of Texas is opposing him in November.

      His supporters raised enough money for him to run for President. However he insisted he didn’t want to run as a third party candidate, and tried in vein to become the Republican nominee.

      He was wildly popular without much major news coverage all across America, and still is.

      For a while I thought the Constitution party would nominate Dr. Paul instead of Chuck Baldwin, who they eventually nominated. However the Constitutionalist party members I talked to wanted him to change parties. { from Republican to Constitution party }

      I still feel this was a tactical error on their part because since many voters have said they don’t like Mr. McCain or Mr Obama, if Ron Paul would have been on the ballots it is possible he could have broken the strangle hold the Republicans and Democrats have on American politics.

      If he was elected President he could have simply resigned his Congressional Republican seat and joined the Constitution party before his swearing in ceremony as President.

      I’m still writing him in:

      Ron Paul’s biography:

      Thanks for the question.

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    • Don M
    • April 30, 2014

    My Fellow Conservatives: Will You Join Me In Wholeheartedly Supporting Governor Romney? Governor Romney is now the official nominee of the GOP. He was not my first choice in the primaries, but it is distressing to hear some conservatives talk about writing in Ron Paul, or voting for a third party. Don’t they realize that “sticking to their principles” will only make the reelection of Obama more likely?

    Politics is Realville!

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    1. Yes the primary is over and its time to join forces against the socialist in office. Obama must be defeated at all costs, even if you have to give up a little. I just hope the Mittens knows that he shouldn’t stray from the conservative stance he had taken to get the nomination.

      In other words Obama Care must go down even if the supreme court decides to support its constitutionality. All of Obama’s presidential directives must also be thrown out asap after Romney becomes president. We must change our energy policies to drilling oil, building nuclear plants, removing most of the regulations on coal and oil. The green energy scam must be exposed as a hoax.

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    • The Summer of George
    • May 4, 2014

    Isn’t Obama Lying About Not Joining A Leftist 3rd Party (The New Party) In 1996 Big News? Why No News Coverage?

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    1. There are a lot of lumps under Obama’s rug…and the MSM does not want anyone to lift the corner for a peek.

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    • Theznitch
    • May 6, 2014

    Give Your Little Interesting Facts About Obama!? Why would anyone join obamas party?
    in your opinion who was the best president in history and give 3 reasons why?
    Interesting facts about obama

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    1. Okay I can’t resist ..I will just give one…Another reason to not vote for him for any reason. He has proposed at least $287 billion a year in new government spending. How would he pay for it? Higher taxes.

      oops ..can’t help myself..just one more.
      .he voted last August to give Osama bin Laden and other terrorists the same rights as Americans when it comes to intercepting their overseas calls in order to pick up clues needed to stop another attack.

      and the third!
      He is pro-partial birth abortion, and promises to appoint
      Supreme Court justices who will rule any restriction on it
      unconstitutional. He espouses the abortion views of
      Margaret Sanger, one of the early advocates of racial cleansing.

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    • Eric
    • May 15, 2014

    How Do We Convince Dr. Ron Paul To Run As A 3rd Party Candidate? Nobody has ever been able to get him to run, not in 08′ and he hasn’t ruled it out but has been very reluctant to support the idea. What do Ron Paul supporters have to do to make it happen?

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    1. Paul knows that a third party candidate cannot win. He saw that when he ran as a Libertarian. That’s why he joined the Republicans, reform from within and all that. A third party candidate inevitably sucks support away from whichever of the big two candidates is the ‘lesser evil’ in the view of the third candidate’s supporters, thus ensuring victory by the ‘greater evil’.

      If Paul runs as a independent, Obama wins…guaranteed.

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    • Sniper!
    • May 23, 2014

    If SuperDelegates Steal The Vote From The American People, Do We Spin Off Into “The Progressive Party”? Don’t know if I’m making too much out of this, but I thought I heard Obama refer to the new mood in America as “The Progressive Movement” or something like that. I wonder if that’s kind of a back-up plan….so if Superdelegates try to steal America’s voice, Obama will split off, form a new party, e.g. “The Progressive Party” and win in a new 3rd Party. I’d join…and FIGHT to keep our voice. What do you think?

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    1. If Obama has enough balls to run as a third party…I would vote for him just for sh*ts and giggles to see if he could do it.

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    • Ningis n
    • May 27, 2014

    Which Current American Political Party Would Hitler Have Felt Most Comfortable With And Why? Surely no american party matches 100% all of Hitler’s views, but which one Hitler prefer as it stands for many of the same principles he did as far as actions are concerned.

    Please give the details to back up your opinion.

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    1. NAZI is a german phonetic abbreviation for National Sozialist German Workers Party.

      Fascism is a socialist system with the illusion of property rights [as Hitler argued… “it doesn’t matter who owns something… it only matters who controls it”] … as opposed to communist socialism where there are no property rights.

      Hitler said that germany must be rid of capitalism, religion, and jews.

      The radical left in america [the progressive columnists and write-ins, the nation columnists and write-ins, air america anchors and guests, christophor hitchens, howard zinn, noam chomsky, michael moore, … , etc.] essentially says, “america must be rid of capitalism, religion, and christians.

      Mikhail Gorbachev coined the term “The Third Way” as a name for a proposal to attempt to save communist socialism… though the third way proposal was essentially fascist socialism.

      Bill Clinton at the Detroit Economic Club said [ trying to sound like Roosevelt ] ” my fellow americans we have found a third way.

      Barak Obama speaks of the third way in his book.

      Howard Dean, George Soros, and the DNC are promoting
      George Lakoffs book ” don’t think of an elephant” which in my mind reads like a modern mein kamph… implies the third way in that it says we [they] must take corporations under stake holder control which fascism does… where the state is the substitute for the board of directors as the nazi party controlled Schindlers business in the true movie Schindlers List.

      Rabbi Michail Lehner’s book [Hillary Clintons politics of meaning guru] ” the left hand of God” were he proposes an even more draconian shift to the radical left

      The political terms Left and Right come from the french revolution where the jacobin socialist radicals who were fighting for radical draconian change and instigating a revolution sat on the left side of the national assembly… while those who opposed the radicals intentions for radical change sat on the right side of the national assemby. Thats why marxists call anyone who opposes they’re struggle for revolution as rightwing reactionaries.

      In response to the reign of terror in the french revolution, some polemics of the time attempted to concieve a method of governance that would reduce the likelyhood of a repeat of the blood letting of the reign of terror from occuring again… hense the beginning of the conservative movement which argued for a form of governance that embraced gradual change [as opposed to radical draconian change] with an ardent respect for the law of unintended consequences, which involved sticking to the tried and true while tweeked the form of governance over time to accommodate for changing times.

      Now I ask… who if anyone was Hitler and Mossolini reacting against? They were both ardent socialists beligerantly fighting for the socialist cause [though apposed to communist style socialism] and in no way in the most remote sense were interested in sticking to the tried and true.

      The answer to your question is… Hitler [ and Mossolini] would no dought join up with the neoprogressives who took over the democratic party and kicked the classic liberals out [ except for Lieberman who they tried and failed to kick out].

      The classic liberals attempting to regain some political power went into and took over the republican party [bringing their big spending habits with them].

      The neoprogressives [James Carvel in particular] called the classic liberals that went over to the republican party “neocons”… while kinder polemics called them Reagan Democrats.

      That political exodus was poigniantly emphasized when Reagan answered the question “why did you change parties” and he replied ” I didn’t change parties… my party changed”

      The neoprogressives are carrying the baton for their socialist predecessors who were the radical leftwing of the demoratic party … some of whom chanted “why not peace with Hitler… Hitler didn’t attack us”… and some of whom affectionately referred to Stalin as a “Uncle Joe”… and Stalin condescendingly referred to them as “Useful Idiots”.

      During the last presidential election an east coast school [I don’t recall the name of the school] held a moch election inwhich they only disclosed the politician’s political platform [with no name attached] and Hitler won.

      That moch election outcome establishes that Hitler’s message would be received by accepting hears and minds in this country that have been effectively indoctrinated [I believe by neoprogressive teachers] to receive it… which indicates an ominous parallel to Hitlers youth.

      Again… Hitler [and Mossolini] would be in the neoprogressive socialist movement in this country with its direct ties to socialist internationale activist groups all around the world.

      Neoprogressive socialist rhetoric in there own words… class war of the haves and the have nots… the third way… bring evil corporations under stake-holder control… political correctness… speech codes… identity politics… politics of personal distruction… fairness doctrine… socialized healthcare… fair enterprize not free enterprize… fair trade not free trade… christian bashing… Isreal and jew bashing…

      Of course your all outraged… totally p-st… and completely unhindged [wailing and nashing of the teeth in front of the computer screen]…because the truth aways hurts [though it can set (or keep} you free if you recognize it].

      The overwhelming majority of citizens of nazi germany didn’t recognize the distopian path they were on. Their relavance filters were disabled by the hysteria of the moment and collectivist group think.

      The german mind was conditioned through propaganda recieved from marxist academics promoting the philosophies of Plato, Hegel, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx, … , etc.. All of whom are the progenitors of modern statism and totalitarianism.

      There were Ph.D.s manning the ovens in nazi germany.

      Eqalitarian humanism is the distopian movement that links all the dictators of modern times [Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, … , etc.].

      Hitler was a humanist [as Goebbel promoted him as] .

      Stalin was seen by humanists of that time as the one who would finally bring humanism to its truest and fullest potential.

      American humanists affectionately referred to Stalin as Uncle Joe.

      The utopian [Faustian] fallacy of egalitarian humanism is that egalitarian equality dialectically contradicts the very idea of liberty in which one is permitted to live ones life though ones own volition. Well… here the catch… allowing individuals to live their lives through their own volition over time results in inequality, because every society is composed of a mix of Doers, Just-Get-By-ers, and Non-Doers.

      The religion of socialist utopianism is a dilusion because… when one takes away personal private reward, most everyone fights for the easiest job [work]. Which is the reason voluntary socialism doesn’t work… and therefore why socialism requires the coersive power of the state to pursue its distopian dilusions.

      The vise of capitalism is its unequal distribution of blessings… the virtue of socialism is its equal distribution of misery! [Winston Churchill]… [not Ward Churchill you koolaid drinking bloats].

      Yes… the eqalitarian humanist class war of the Haves and the Have-Nots is a hoodwinking obfuscation of the real truth… that its not the Haves and the Have-Nots [as all of the current democratic (neoprogressive socialist) candidates are saying]… but rather its the Doers and the Non-Doers. Hurts don’t it. See a real therapist… not Dr. Phil or Oprah.

      Your all buying into the madness of the distopian path we’re on because you’ve all been hoodwinked by drinking the koolaid served to you by revisionist marxist academic bloats such as Howard Zinn and Noam Choamsky [and thousands others] who have very effectively carried out the socialist reeducation [camp] aphorism, ” If you can’t get away with rewriting history… don’t teach it … and will indoctrinate the next generation”]

      Of course you violently disagree with me like any wrong minded good socialist [subjectively programmed] would do.

      The plabean masses caught up in the subjective hysteria of group think [collectivism] of the moment seldom see the warning signs .

      All truth passes throught three stages. First , it is ridiculed… Second, it is violently opposed… and Third, it is accepted as selt-evident [Arthur Schopenhaur].

      Now go get those bourgeois capitalist pigs [that are exploiting the proletariat masses] along with your fellow commrads in arms like a good little obediant socialist.

      P.S. Hitler promoted himself through the national sozialist
      german workers party as voice of the lower class against the money changers and the german industrial capitalist… who Hitler [NAZIS] said were controlled by Jews and were ruining germany. Sound familiar? Go have some wine and crackers-n-cheeze with an ardent neoprogressive and be patient… he or she will eventually spill all the beans and splain it to ya cloaked within the most alarming conspiracy plots that are being carried out against you and this country… Starting with our government was behind 9/11 on infinitum.

      As to the religion of humanism [it is a religion] which states that man is the measure of all things…

      The moment man becomes the meaning and measure of all things… will be the moment man looses his humanity.

      Those who burn books [revisionists rewriting history]… will burn people. [politics of personal distruction]



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