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What’s The Worst Thing To Happen To You Or A …

Comment on A Scratch Card Buffet by JediMaster.

What’s The Worst Thing To Happen To You Or A Loved One At A Wedding? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen/known a bride and or groom, or anyone in the wedding party do? What’s the worst thing the guests have ever done?

What’s the tackiest wedding you’ve ever been to?

The tackiest for me was when my friend had her wedding at a bowling ally, dressed in what made her look like a 2 cent street walker, her man was dressed in jeans full of holes and a shirt he’d worn for at least a week and smelled. The “cake” was day old donuts stacked together, the guy who married them was the bowling ally bartender and the punch was ice cold grape koolaide spiked with warm beer. The rings cost $10 for both of them, bought at a pawn shop. She was 9 months along, and ready to pop. Baby wasn’t even his, but stupid him put his name on the birth certificate. 3 years later, they are still married though, with another baby on the way, living it up in a trailor park.

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