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Fundraising Ideas For A University Gymnastics Club? I’m social secretary …

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Fundraising Ideas For A University Gymnastics Club? I’m social secretary for my University’s Trampoline club. We are in desperate need of funds as our club does not get a lot of new members every year and we receive very very little funding from the University. I’m just wondering if anyone has any good fundraising ideas? We’re doing a bakesale next week and another member of the committee is trying to get a cycling fundraiser going (cycle the globe type of thing). There was an idea to have a buffet in a local restauraunt and sell tickets for it. I have so far been unable to find a restaraunt in Aberdeen to do us a good deal so that we make a profit. If anyone has any other ideas I would be really grateful. 🙂

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A Scratch Card Buffet
How Did You Get Introduced To Gambling? Like what are your first memories of your gambling experience.

My legal experience was being bought a lottery card gift basket from my uncle and aunt when i was 16 it was so much fun just to sit there and scratch while we all gathered around the table hoping to be the next mega millionaires 🙂
We also ate at the casino alot growing up because it was so cheap. I remember stuffing myself silly one time at the casino buffet eating like 10 plates of food.
How did your family introduce it to you? What family memories do you have of fun times gambling with your family?

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