Happy Violin Day to You…

Yep, it’s violin day. Hmmm. Guess I’ll celebrate – maybe a couple Kansas tunes?

For fun, here’s a few fun violin related products. Enjoy!

1. Violin For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Violin For Dummies, 2nd Edition

The bestselling guide to teaching yourself the violin just got better

Despite being one of the most popular musical instruments for budding musicians, the violin has a reputation as being amongst the most difficult to learn. But no longer. Violin for Dummies is packed with the information you need to learn the art of this beautiful instrument, whether you're looking to get a head start before taking up lessons or are already studying with a tutor but want a little boost. With this book you have everything you need to get started.

Even if you've never read a note of music, this book will have you playing in no time, introducing you to the fundamentals of the violin, from selecting and tuning to understanding rhythm, musical notation, and harmony.

Walks you through everything from how to hold your violin to playing popular classical, jazz, gypsy, and fiddle tunesFilled with all-new content, including new music and updated resourcesDesigned for aspiring musicians going it alone, the book can also serve as an invaluable aid for instructors

Fully revised and updated, Violin For Dummies builds on the winning formula that made the original a bestseller, establishing it as the only book the aspiring violinist needs to get started.

CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of the e-book file, but are available for download after purchase

Price: $13.52



2. Romance of the Violin

Romance of the ViolinEvery track on this CD contains a beautiful melody, many of them easily recognizable, all of them exuding tranquility. "O mio babbino caro" from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi opens the disc, with Bell delicately accompanied by a harp and spinning the long melody with great sensitivity. Bellini's "Casta diva" from Norma lives up to its reputation as the epitome of bel canto in Bell's hands; his violin sings. The middle movement of Mozart's 21st Piano Concerto takes well to the violin, and Debussy's "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" is played with great warmth and sensuality. It would be easy to turn a recital like this into treacle, but Bell is wise enough to realize that the music is already sweet enough and he plays with great reserve and a minimum of sentimental slides. The light accompaniments always support, with woodwinds prominent but used with grace. This CD, in short, is a beauty: a fine gift, a lovely mood setter. -Robert Levine

Price: $6.41



3. Violin Music Box w Case Stand Musical Instrument NEW

Violin Music Box w Case Stand Musical Instrument NEWViolin - Large 18 Note Music Box Height: 7 Inches Includes Stand Includes Case Great Craftsmanship Perfect for music lover or collector. Miniature is not an actual musical instrument. Wind up music box plays Blue Danube.

Price: $24.99



4. Miniature Violin Christmas Ornament 4?

Miniature Violin Christmas Ornament 4The Violin Wall Chart presents innovative finger-pattern drawings for all twelve major scales in first position and movable patterns for higher positions. It also includes note finder chart and list of bowing terms. Printed on durable coated paper.

Price: $9.99



5. Violin Cuff links Gift Boxed

Violin Cuff links Gift BoxedThis is a pack of 3 pairs of socks. Each pair features a different music themed design. The first has different instruments on it. The second has a staff and notes. The third pair has piano keys. They are made of 75% cotton, 15% nylon, 5% polyester, and 5% spandex. For women's shoe size 4-10.

Price: $17.99


6. New Style 8GB Small White Violin Style USB Flash Drive

New Style 8GB Small White Violin Style USB Flash DriveHand-crafted crystal flash drive(8GB)works very well on your computer. This USB flash drive is a fun and practical way to store all of your important documents whether you are at home or at the office. It comes with a keychain that makes it more convenient than other traditional flash drives. It is a fun gift for friends,family and significant others so don't pass up this incredible offer!

Price: $4.46


7. Silver Plated Crystal Violin and Bow Necklace

Silver Plated Crystal Violin and Bow NecklaceCute little violin necklace is perfect gift for someone who loves to play violin. This is well crafted and uniquely designed so it can be worn not only recital night but everyday too. Show your love of music to everyone.

Price: $10.99



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    • L
    • December 14, 2013

    Can Anyone Suggest An Interesting Musical Instrument For My Friends Birthday? Hi there.

    It is my friends birthday soon and I had the idea of getting him a strange musical instrument. He is very musical and plays keyboard and guitar. He features an electronic drum kit and a piano in his house.

    Can anyone suggest to me an eccentric musical instrument that is not too expensive that I could get him for his birthday? The cost would be split between 3 or 4 people but even then, I don’t want anything very expensive (as we are getting him other things too).

    Thanks in advance!

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      • Admin
      • December 14, 2013

      A kazoo, a harmonica or a triangle. ?

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    • Anonymous
    • December 20, 2013

    POLLS & SURVEYS : What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Instruments Of All Time? BQ : Name a song that makes you happy throughout the day!

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      • Admin
      • December 20, 2013

      – Piano
      – Violin
      – Harmonica

      BQ: Any upbeat songs. ?

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    • Danni Duncan
    • December 22, 2013

    What Artists Base Their Work On Musical Instruments? We have to do artist research in my GCSE class and i want to base my wok around modern musical instruments. I don’t know what artists base their work on musical instuments. Do you know any?

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    • Mirza
    • January 15, 2014

    What Do You Need To Know Before You Start Learning A Musical Instrument? They say before you practically start learning a musical instrument, you need to know the theory of music beforehand. Please give me a thorough explanation of what I need to know and receive at least 13 points.

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    1. Reply

      Interesting question. The key word here is “need.” I knew nothing of music theory before I picked up my instrument, and most of it I learned through trial and error. I think the most important thing I picked up from music theory is that it’s called that for a reason; it’s only a theory, otherwise they’d call it music fact.

      However, I am very much unlike most people, and the way I chose to learn does not work so well for the majority.

      So, I’ll change “do you need” to “should,” and continue as if that never happened.

      I think you only really need a minimal amount of theory before you begin. Just like with many other things, you gain useful knowledge through experience. For example, I can tell you that the combination of notes, E G B, make up the chord of E minor, but until you put your hands on your instrument and actually play those notes, there’s no reason for that fact to stick in your mind.

      You should know what notes you’re working with. A through G, sharps between all of them except B-C and E-F. You should be able to put them on a musical staff, but you’d be surprised how many talented (and also famous) musicians can’t do this simple thing. As far as reading sheet music goes, it can’t hurt to be able to, but I suppose it makes a difference what type of musician you are, i.e. do you look up more to Slash or to the London Philharmonic, you know?

      You should have a basic understanding of timing. You know, the 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – repeat thing. You should be able to read into the dashes I put between the numbers, 8 beats as part of the basic 4.

      But, like I said, none of this becomes practical knowledge until you actually give it a shot. Actually learning anything more than the bare bones of music theory can only be done through experience.

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    • Anonymous
    • February 15, 2014

    Who Plays A Musical Instrument As A Hobby? Do you come from a musical family or do you go solo?
    Lawrence is a muso who didnt make it:)
    Anonymous couldn’t play.

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      • Admin
      • February 15, 2014

      I play musical instruments not as a hobby, but as part of my existence like breathing, eating, sleeping. IT is not a hobby. It is something that I must do, to feel alive.

      BTW, I am not a musician. I come from a musical family though.

      And people like that Lawrence bloke who claim that people who play music do no have a life, are definitely not of this world. Because music for me, is what air is for the birds.

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    • Enki
    • March 4, 2014

    Would You Rather Be A MUSIC BOX Or A GRANDFATHER CLOCK? Which is more nostalgic?

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Reply

      Music boxes represent significant moments in my life.

      The first fight I witnessed between my mother and father when I was three, ended with my music box being smashed.

      My father glued it back together for me but never found the little ceramic flame that sat atop the third candle in the candelabra. (it was a princess dressed in pink playing a piano..you guessed it …with a candelabra on it)

      When my parents divorced a few years later I wanted to vent so I blamed my dad for breaking the music box and huffed at him that he MUST buy me a new one to make it all better.

      He did….

      My sister venting her pain, smashed my new music box…on purpose.

      I have a little bit of emotional distress when I see a music box now that I think about it….my daughter was given one for Christmas two years ago….I gave it to the Salvation Army cause I didn’t like it…..I rationalized that it was to cheesy…(three cartoon type angels sharing a halo)

      I want to be a music box! I want the wounds healed…the pieces glued with forgiveness….

      The smashed music boxes of my life, never once stopped working though………..

      with all their scars, the music never stopped…….

      Grandfather clocks don’t hold the same drama for me, and we never had one in our family……I have no connection to them and I am and never will be a Grandfather……..

      Thanks for the question….you blessed me..=)

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    • Fassa Albrecht
    • March 8, 2014

    Best Musical Instrument? What would people say is the best musical instrument, preferably answering with an instrument that they play.
    My personal favourite is my bass guitar- the best sound, a good looking instrument, fairly easy to play….and it gives you an excuse to feel superior to the drummer (and tell drummer jokes).
    What does everyone else think?

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    1. Reply

      I’m very fond of my kazoo — playing kazoo is the best vocal warmup I ever found while I was in choirs and plays, but . . .

      for Best Musical Instrument, I’m gonna have to go with a good old acoustic guitar.

      It works just as well at a campfire as a concert hall

      Any song can be adapted to play on guitar

      It’s easy to get started, but if you work hard, playing guitar really well is really impressive.

      It’s portable and light

      A basic guitar is not too expensive (but if you want to spend, you can get some really nice ones)

      It doesn’t require hook-ups or power to play

      It can play all kinds of keys, chords and styles.

      It’s a simple step from acoustic to electric guitar, which (I think) is the instrument with the most versatile and expressive sound.

      Guitar’s the only instrument I’ve been tempted to learn to play.

      plus. . .
      One of my good buddies calls his guitar “the panty remover”

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    • Nibs
    • March 19, 2014

    Which Musical Instrument? I want to learn a musical instrument but i don’t know what instrument to choose. it can’t be a big instrument because it wouldn’t fit into my house. also my hand-eye co-ordination isn’t great but i do have good rhythm. p.s. i tried to learn guitar and my only problem was that i couldn’t change notes quickly enough,can anyone help?? thanks = )

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    1. Reply

      If you have good rhythm, i know percussionists are always in demand. hmmmm i play clarinet (it was my first instrument) and although it’s kinda hard to get the hand eye coordination, it sounds gorgeous!
      If you don’t mind carrying a larger case, saxophone is more fun than clarinet, and it means you can play in jazz orchestras which is really fun! ?
      if you play a woodwind instrument, it’s (quite) simple to transfer your skills to other instruments, they teach you the basic skills of music ?
      saying that, if you learn piano (and it IS hard) you’ll be highly regarded and it’s such a beautiful instrument ?

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    • XxX .. Born To B.e Famous .. XxX
    • April 8, 2014

    Myspace Music Boxes? How do you hide your music player but have it play audomatically when someone enters your myspace page???
    If you would give me a code or something that would help.
    Ok, I didn’t mean to spell audomatically like that LOL.
    Walla, LOL.
    (: Thanks! ?
    Thank you!
    Thank you: sal_october20!
    You’re a life-saver.
    When this question is ready you’re the Best Answer.

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    1. Reply

      To make the music player play automatically
      u first click on edit profile next to ur picture
      then go to song & video

      then click on where it says
      Account Settings > Miscellaneous Settings

      scroll down to music players and then check the box that says

      Auto-start my profile music player.

      the code to hide your music player is

      copy &paste to

      about me section

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    • Miss T
    • April 12, 2014

    Where Can I Buy Music Boxes Online? I spotted one I really wanted on eBay, the the price went way out of my reach. So where would I be able to search through a collection? Thanks!

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    1. Reply

      Here are a few you can check out.

      Grand Music Boxes – http://www.hmcmusicboxes.com
      Extraordinary. Elegant. Timeless. Design your custom music box today.

      Music Box
      Musical Collectibles & Keepsakes at Low Prices, Fast & Free Shipping

      Music Box
      Hundreds of exclusive music boxes with unique designs & melodies

      Music Box Super Sale
      100s of Music Box Styles for all Occasions. Low Prices & Fast S/H!

      1000s Music Boxes & Tunes
      Free Shipping any Music Boxes Buy Listen to 100s of tunes Always 100%

      Music Boxes Musical Gifts
      You Pick the Music – 100’s of Tunes Create a Customized Music Box

      Reuge Music Boxes
      Exquisite Collection & Low Prices on Music Boxes by Reuge

      Pewter Music Box for Baby
      Pooh Bear, Rocking Horse & Others Free shipping worldwide by courier

      Music Boxes
      Free Shipping on Italian Boxes Free Engraved Plate

      Exquisite Music Boxes
      New, Vintage, and Antique The Finest of Today and Yesterday.

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    • Anonymous
    • April 25, 2014

    Has Anyone Seen A Music Box Like This…? I once saw a movie where a little girl carried around a very small metal object, round I believe. It had a knob that, as long as she turned it, would cause the object to play music, like a little manual music box. I would love to have one. Does anyone know what this might be?

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    1. Reply

      is that what you are talking about? if it is, its a hand crank music box, and they are really small, i have a lot and i got them at the airport, but you can also buy them online, they are around 5-10 dollars each, i think it depends on what song it plays!! they are really cute and for such a small music box, the music is suprisingly loud! hope this helped! ?

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    • GoingUnder
    • April 28, 2014

    Title Of A Movie? About A Music Box? It was made either in the 80’s or 90’s.

    The main characters were an old lady, parents and a little girl. The movie starts out with the parents packing oxes because they’re moving in with the old lady. The old lady lives in an old huge house in a small suburb.

    While cleaning out the attic they find an old music box which plays a familiar tune. The music box had a huge significance in things. Towards the end of the film the Dad goes to the cemetery (to visit someone? I can’t remember). The movie ends when the Old Lady dies.

    I’m sorry I can’t remember anymore details. It used to always play on TV and it was one of my favorite movies.

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    1. Reply

      Parts of it remind me of “Burnt Offerings” (1976), in which a family from the city~father, mother, son and father’s aunt~move into a big house for the summer. There is an elderly woman in one of the rooms whom they are to take care of, but there is something mysterious and sinister about her. There is a music box in the old woman’s room, where the mother begins spending a lot of time.

      The father has nightmares about an eerie hearse and driver, as well as his parents’ funeral when he was a child. He starts seeing the hearse and driver when he’s awake. Also, each time someone is injured or becomes ill, the house renews itself a bit more.

      Here’s the opening to the movie:

      You can see and hear the music box at 4.00:

      I’m trying to think of another film that might have a little girl instead of a boy. Generally, I recall movies featuring music boxes, as my mother collects them. I love the music composer Robert Colbert writes for music boxes, such as those featured in “Dark Shadows” and “Burnt Offerings”.

      One movie I know that has a family moving into a house, followed by strange goings-on is “The Watcher in the Woods”, only there are two daughters. I don’t recall a music box.

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    • *Marti*
    • April 29, 2014

    What About Greek Musical Instruments……? What were most Greek musical instruments created from . A brief summary or good website please. Thanks!

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    1. Reply

      Reed, wood and bone, see the sites below for more specific information about different instruments.


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    • Emma
    • May 8, 2014

    Which Is The Most Expressive Musical Instrument For You? When I was younger, I couldn’t appreciate the piano at all. But now that I’m older, I really feel like I get swayed into different kinds of emotions hearing a piece being played especially by famous piano players. How about you?

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    1. Reply

      Many different musical instruments have the power to instill a wide range of emotions. My favorites are string instruments and percussion instruments, but, man, woodwind and brass are amazing, too.

      In addition, the musician playing is just as important as the instrument being played.

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