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Three Stooges Remodeling Company?

Three Stooges

Funny story talked about on Bob and Tom this morning.

FLORENCE, Ore. (AP) — Firefighters say things got out of hand last weekend after one of three workers arriving about 6 a.m. for a house remodeling job south of Florence built a warming fire in the carport.

KCST-FM reports  the fire spread, so another worker used an excavator to knock down the carport and try to pull it away from the house.

Sean Barrett, fire marshal for Suislaw Valley Fire and Rescue, says that didn’t help, and the blaze then spread to a Douglas fir tree.

So, Barrett says, a worker grabbed a power saw to cut down the 120-foot-tall tree, which fell on the house.

Barrett says firefighters arrived but were unable to save the structure, which had been vacant and was valued at $38,000.

It almost sounds like a comedy routine you might see on “Always Sunny in Philadelphia“.

I’m sure those guys will get “a lot” of business now 🙂

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