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How Is It Driving A Stick Shift Car Outside The …

Comment on Kwazy Superbowl – The Monday After by Lost in Space.

How Is It Driving A Stick Shift Car Outside The San Francisco Area? I plan to go to college in downtown San Francisco. I have never been over there, so I don’t know how traffic is in the area. I plan to live in the outer region of SF, like Daly City, Oakland, or Berkeley since downtown SF is too expensive. I know driving a manual transmission car in downtown SF is out of the question, but what about the outer region of SF? I plan to get around downtown SF with public transportation during days I go to college. I plan to use my car (with manual transmission) for going to other places. Do you think this would be a good idea, or should I avoid a stick shift car at all costs? I’m asking since I really like driving standard cars, and I’ll get an automatic only if I really need one.

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