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Well, I’ve decided to take the next step and hang my hat on the website development “tree”. This is a big step, but it should not be taken lightly. I plan to make this explode!

The market will be local establishments and businesses. I know for a fact I can do more for them than anyone can, mainly because I don’t just think outside the box, I live outside the box.

The plan is to offer several themes to local businesses as “generic” themes. I happen to have a ton of themes to offer/work with. The basic price will be $249 for the basic theme – no modifications except for the obvious basics. Additional features can be added for a negotiated price, or a more customized installation can be had for $495.

The website can be installed on the domain of the customer’s choice, or I can find and purchase a theme for the business.

The website can be installed on their hosting, they can buy new hosting and I will install it there, or I can host it for them for a small monthly fee (the fee would include maintenance and troubleshooting).

My initial goal, for the first month, is to gain 7 clients. After the first month, I will review and analyze everything, and decide on my future strategy.


I like this business card. I think I’ll have it read something like


Website Development

Did you mean: Wally Day

Boise Website Design | Wally Day

“Websites to Go – What You Need, When You Need It. Over 30 Years Experience. Guaranteed”

Contact – 208-941-0153

Find us on the Web at


That should “brand” my name fairly well. Similar business cards for local SEO, and programming in general. I may develop a some cool websites and have it point to those directly. Looks like is available. And, as well. We’ll see.

In other news –

We took a trip to Twin Falls today to celebrate Marilyn’s (Fred’s sister) retirement from the BLM. Boy, Fre can really cater an outdoor barbecue. Good stuff. I did take a couple pics, and I would post them, but I think I left my usb cable at Crookham Company on Thursday. I will post those pics later.

Also, “I’ll Have Another” won the Kentucky Derby. Seems kinda like a “Who’s on first” name, doesn’t it? As in

“Who won the Derby?”

“I’ll Have Another”

“OK, here ya go. Now, tell me who won the Derby”

“I’ll Have Another”

and so on, repeat, etc, etc.

While we were sitting at the outdoor table afterward, we were buzzed a few times by birds of prey. The first ones were definitely hawks, but then there was a different bird. None of us could figure it out by its silhouette. I thought maybe osprey, but was really unsure.

Later, I downloaded a chart from

and determined the culprit was actually a falcon. Beautiful in flight.

Well, that’s it for now…

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