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So, now Im left with the job of branding ME. I need to sell ME. I understand what it takes – I simply need to do it.

For when in my life, I am going to attempt to do things “the method they are supposed to be done” (or, a minimum of according to what “the experts” say). And, that is going to consist of branding myself. Its actually what Google desires (see Huff Post, Mashable, PerezHilton, ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, and our fvorites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc.).

( And, I need to do this NOW).
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Its no longer about the product, it has to do with the brand.

Just a small group of customers and partners – previous and present. My online existence has actually been primarily as a lurker – not so much because I have absolutely nothing to state, but because once I say it I may be trapped in a long, dragged out conversation I may want to avoid.

I got this believed from this post by Jon Leger. In it he states
Are you luring them with giveaways and discounts to get on your mailing list, or to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Google+? Do you have a forum where clients (or readers) can go to ask questions, make tips, link with each other? Are you converting those walk-ins into clients and building brand commitment?
Can you say relationship marketing? Basically – brand names sell.
Its All About Me
I remember checking out not too long ago this belief from a respected (grayhat) online marketer.
The web is a giant cesspool of self-interest.

You see, I am a programmer – and a damn good one. I have actually long specialized in doing what others consider to be “the impossible” (to me it simply becomes “the unlikely”). I would have to state Im in the leading 20% a minimum of in my fields of knowledge – in a couple of things much, much higher than that.

The Social Networks – to me – are something that I have a look at when Im really, actually bored and have nothing much better to do. They are the bottom feeders in my life.
Now Its Really All About Me
Where am I going with this babble? Now I have to produce my own brand name.

Kid, was he right on the money. Why else would millions of words of “blech” be flowing around the web every 2nd by means of social media addicts, besides as an outlet for the continuous chant of “Me! Me! Me!”? Look Joe, I – and about 6 billion other individuals – do not care that you simply consumed a Pop-Tart, and it was stale. Quit daydreaming that we do.

Branding needs to be taken seriously by little companies (
Twitter, [Crowdsource] Thyself for Cash-Flow Growth (

My online existence has been mostly as a lurker – not so much due to the fact that I have absolutely nothing to say, but because as soon as I say it I may be trapped in a long, drawn-out discussion I might desire to prevent.

Now Im left with the task of branding ME.

For once in my life, I am going to attempt to do things “the way they are expected to be done” (or, at least according to what “the experts” say). And, that is going to consist of branding myself. Now I have to develop my own brand name.

This is one of the reasons I really dont like Facebook (aside from as a marketing tool), and Twitter isnt much better (although generally more amusing). LinkedIn has its purpose, and does seem to be policing itself much better, however Im still not sold. Google+ is just another effort by the Big G to envelop everybody else (and it may work).

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    • Beaver.Trailer
    • December 30, 2013

    According To Huff Post A Huge Number Of Planned Layoffs Are Coming, Should The “Rich” Start Being Called Job? Killers instead? It seems more accurate.

    Agree, Strongly Agree or Colossally Strongly Agree.

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      • Admin
      • December 30, 2013

      The Reps should be,4000 FAA job,6000 construction jobs,the stock market fell 6% and we can all thank the REPS

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    • February 26, 2014


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      • Admin
      • February 26, 2014

      Those liberial wankers. They have to daft. OI!

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    • Shiori
    • February 26, 2014

    How To Affirm Internet Inovation In Critical Writing? I have to affirm about internet inovation in critical writing.
    i mean, at first,i write what is demerit of internet inovation.
    Then i have to deny it and affirm why it’s more important.
    but i don’t know about the demerit of internet inovation much.

    i’m not native english speaker.
    Sorry for this incomprehensible sentence…

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      • Admin
      • February 26, 2014

      Let’s take the Huffington Post as a web site. The Huff Post draws some of the best writers in America, and it is a well respected web site by the power elite like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic news magazine.

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    • Jdman13
    • March 23, 2014

    Wasn’t Huffington Post The News Source Obama Said We Should Read Because It Was Honest? How honest is this story?

    “The Protect Life Act,HR 358,would amend the healthcare reform law to grant hospitals far-reaching powers to deny patients abortion care,without any exception for emergency situations.”

    Here is the actual bill;

    ” `(1) IN GENERAL- No funds authorized or appropriated by this Act (or an amendment made by this Act), including credits applied toward qualified health plans under section 36B of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or cost-sharing reductions under section 1402 of this Act, may be used to pay for any abortion or to cover any part of the costs of any health plan that includes coverage of abortion, except–

    `(A) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or

    `(B) in the case where a pregnant female suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness that would, as certified by a physician, place the female in danger of death unless an abortion is performed, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself.”

    It’s HR 358.

    Can we expect a retraction on this story??????????

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    1. Reply

      Huffing Post is much like their print counterpart the national Enquirer. They both thoroughly vet every story. All items that bare any resemblance to facts or truth are edited OUT. You can rest assured that it it is in Huffington Post it is firmly in line with the progressive agenda and anything that is factual is coincidental or accidental. They are in firm lockstep with Media Matters.

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    • Brandee
    • March 23, 2014

    What Are Some Good Song To Dance To? I’m throwing a party at my house soon and i need some dance songs. any one know any good ones?

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    1. Reply

      Beatfreakz – Somebodys watching me
      Cahill – Trippin on you
      Cabin Crew – Waiting for a star to fall
      Chris Brown – With you ( tracy young club mix )
      Timbaland – The way i are
      Lee Cabrera – Shake it
      Taio Cruz – Come on girl
      Loveshy – Am to Pm ( wideboys club mix )
      Dance Nation – Move your love
      D Code ft Emma – My direction
      Craig David – Lets dance
      Artful Dodger – Movin too fast
      Petey Pablo – Show me the money
      David Banner – Play
      Kelly Rowland – Put it in
      David Guetta – Love is gone
      Cascada – Everytime we touch
      Brandin Jay – Free 2 day
      Ida Corr – Let me think about it
      Dave Morris – Alright
      Booty Luv – Shine
      Craig David – Stop Messing around
      Tiffany Affair – Over it
      Danny ft Therese – If only you
      Freemasons ft Amanda Wilson – Watchin
      Rihanna – Don’t stop the music
      Chanel – My Life
      Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul
      Flo Rida – Low
      Sunblock ft Sandy – Baby Baby
      Sebastian Leger – Hypnotized
      Baby Bash – Cyclone
      ATD ft D-Ground – Ohh Come On ( remix )
      Pitbull – Move Shake Drop
      Vein ft Pitbull – Get up stand up In Da Club – 50 Cent
      2. California Love – 2Pac, Dr. Dre
      3. Jump Around – House Of Pain
      4. Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio, L.V.
      5. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang – Dr. Dre
      6. Get Ur Freak On – Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott
      7. Can I Kick It – A Tribe Called Quest
      8. My Band – D-12
      9. Be Faithful – Fatman Scoop, Crooklyn Clan
      10. I Got 5 On It – Luniz featuring Michael Marshall
      11. Touch It – Busta Rhymes
      12. X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX
      13. Locked Up – Akon, Styles P
      14. Lean Back – Terror Squad
      15. Let Me Blow Ya Mind – Eve, Gwen Stefani
      16. Ugly – Bubba Sparxxx
      17. Nothin’ – N.O.R.E.
      18. The Message – Grandmaster Flash, The Furious Five
      19. Phenomenon – LL Cool J
      Disc: 2
      1. Hot In Herre – Nelly
      2. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas
      3. Walk This Way – Run D.M.C., Aerosmith
      4. Express Yourself – N.W.A., Silkk The Shocker
      5. Push It – Salt-N-Pepa
      6. Fight For Your Right – The Beastie Boys
      7. Who Am I (What’s My Name)? – Snoop Doggy Dogg
      8. Funky Cold Medina – Tone-Loc
      9. What’s Your Fantasy [Feat. Shawana] – Ludacris, Shawnna
      10. Oh Boy – Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana
      11. 1980 – Estelle
      12. Pump It Up – Joe Budden
      13. Get Low – Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz
      14. Switch – Will Smith
      15. Got Some Teeth – Obie Trice
      16. Stunt 101 – G-Unit
      17. Witness (1 Hope) – Roots Manuva
      18. How Do You Want It – 2Pac, KC & JoJo Hailey
      19. Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
      Disc: 3
      1. Ridin’ – Chamillionaire, Krayzie Bone
      2. Dreams – The Game
      3. O.P.P. – Naughty By Nature
      4. Let’s Get Blown – Snoop Dogg
      5. Release Yo’ Delf – Method Man
      6. I’ll Be – Foxy Brown, Jay-Z
      7. Cop That **** – Magoo, Timbaland
      8. Concrete Schoolyard – Jurassic 5
      9. Paid In Full – Eric B. & Rakim
      10. Have A Party – Mobb Deep, 50 Cent, Nate Dogg
      11. Runnin´ – The Pharcyde
      12. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) – Black Sheep
      13. Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get In Da Club) – DJ Kool, Redman
      14. UMI Says – Mos Def
      15. Regulate – Warren G, Nate Dogg
      16. Ghetto Gospel – 2Pac

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    • Matt
    • April 14, 2014

    How Bad Would It Be To Ditch Your Date On Prom Night? We have been pretty much best friends for two years.
    In this time, she led me and and bitched about me behind my back saying heaps bad stuff and even lies while still being nice to my face. She even told our friend that she wasnt going to the prom with him even though he had already asked her so that she could go with me.
    All was find but then i heard the things she has been saying.
    She has basically screwed me over and i kind of want to call her up and ditch her an hour before senior prom. My close friends also tell me she deserves it.
    Im not sure what to do.

    All help and opinions appreciated. Thanks

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    1. Reply

      Doing that is, like, a mortal sin. Spend eternity in Hell or reading the Huff Post.

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    • Orange_crush_05
    • May 1, 2014

    I Need Help With This History Question? I need help naming and locating the Neuroness and if you can, can you please leave a web site so i can visit

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    1. Reply

      Neuroness is a member of Huff Post Social Network and Facebook (and probably others).

      Huff Post says you must be friends with neuroness to view this Social News profile. Log on to Huff Post or Facebook, and see if Neuroness wants to be your friend.

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    • John
    • May 8, 2014

    Is There Any Way To Have A Good Rank In Googel Search Without Paying?

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    1. Reply


      Yes it’s possible.

      A special FREE report is avalaible from today by Jon Leger and it’s very Awesome !

      All you want to know and more is here.

      I repeat it’s FREE

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    • Laura
    • May 13, 2014

    What Is The Political Stance Of These US Newspapers? CNN news
    Al Jazeera America
    Fox news
    New York times
    Washington post
    Huffington post

    Also which is most likely to give a unbiased opinion on a matter and which is most likely to be highly biased and one sided?

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    1. Reply

      CNN, Al Jazeera, and the New York Times cover both sides of the issues.
      Fox is 100% conservative in their coverage.
      The Washington Post and Huffington Post are liberal.

      Fox and Huff Post are the most one-sided.
      The New York Times is the most unbiased but Al Jazeera has tons more international coverage and is less focused on the U.S. only.

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