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Why Hakeem Olajuwon Is The Third Greatest Player Ever, Do …

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Why Hakeem Olajuwon Is The Third Greatest Player Ever, Do You Agree? The first thing I want to break down is how incredibly versatile and well rounded he was. Nobody else is close to Hakeem’s statistical feats. He is the only player who is even close to being top 12 in blocks, steals, rebounds, and
BLOCKS: #1 all time, 3,830 (541 ahead of Mutombo is #2 of all time). No question he is the greatest shot blocker ever. For his size, 6’10”-6’11” it is even more impressive. He blocked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook: (5:08 of the video). The other player I know of that did that was Wilt but Wilt was 7’2″ and he had a 7’8″ reach so it was easier for him. His highest block season was 4.59 bpg.
STEALS: #8 of all time. 2,162 career steals How incredible is that? A 6’11” center is #8 of all time in steals. He is ahead of all the small and quick guards that played the game and only 7 people are ahead of Hakeem. His highest steals averaged are 2.6 spg.
SCORING: #9 all time. 26,246. Not only was Hakeem a terrific defender, he could also score whenever he wanted. He is without question the greatest post player ever. His footwork, agility, speed, dribbling skills, and footwork were unheard of for a 6’11” center. He had more moves than anybody. “Hakeem has four moves, then four countermoves. That gives him 20 moves”-Shaquille O’Neal. He also humiliated Shaq, Robertson, and Ewing in the playoffs.
Robinson: (DPOY and MVP)
Ewing: (game 7 NBA finals)
Shaq: (Shaq could not contain him the whole series, one of the reasons the Magic got swept)
These are top 10 centers ever (Shaq and Kareem are top 5) and Hakeem humiliated them. The dream shake is the second greatest offensive move ever. 27.8 ppg is his highest scoring average.
Rebounding: #12 all time. 13,748. Another impressive thing to add. You couldn’t keep Hakeem off the boards!
14 rpg is his highest rebounding average.
DEFENSE: I think it is safe to say he is the best defender ever. He is #1 all time in blocks, #8 in steals, and he could guard 1-5. He could guard Michael Jordan: (2:33 of the video, also blocked Jordan 3 times and blocked the game winner)
LEADERSHIP: Hakeem is one of the greatest leaders. He elevated his game in the playoffs. He lead his team to 3 finals and 2 championships. He had barely any help. He had who? Vernon Maxwell, Matt Bullard, Vernon Maxwell, Brooks, Thorpe, Horry (was better for the Lakers), and old and out of prime Drexler (didn’t have Drexler his first two finals). All of these people except Drexler were average-decent players. People say Hakeem would not have any rings if Jordan retired. Hakeem is 13-10 all time vs Jordan so he had no trouble beating Jordan. Jordan had a tough time against the Rockets.
@Erwin here is my top 5:
1. Michael Jordan
2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3. Hakeem Olajuwon (much better defender and rebounder than Bird and Magic)
4. Larry Bird
5. Magic Johnson
Hakeem is the 2nd greatest center ever, not third.

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