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Can You Teach An Old Dog To Herd Or Do …

Comment on Happy Cat Herder’s Day! by Tobbers15.

Can You Teach An Old Dog To Herd Or Do Agility? I have a 7 year-old Border Collie that has never done herding and I wonder if it’s realistic to bring her to lessons at our local sheep ranch/ agility center. She has been around horses her whole life and really likes to follow them around the field when I’m out doing work. She used to try to chase them, but we have a pony that won’t take that so she approaches with caution. Same with our cats. She has a thyroid problem so she has gained a substantial amount of weight so she needs to have more exercise. Also she needs a job. I’ve always thought about getting her into agility or herding, but jogging every morning and the playing ball used to keep her in good enough shape. But now she’s older and I don’t jog on the road, plus the only ball that gets her super excited is basketballs or my soccer balls (which I don’t really want her to bite on). My vet doesn’t want her to play with basketballs because she chips her teeth. I don’t really want to compete since I already show horses seriously but, it would be nice to bring lily to the shows and help with cows. We also have cows at my barn that she could help move to the arenas when we work them with the horses. I understand that herding is something that you have to keep at and money isn’t an issue. So can I teach my old dog new tricks?

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