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Dogs can be trained at any age. This one …

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Dogs can be trained at any age. This one is still a puppy and even if the training has been limited, it will not be a problem if you have the time and patience to be dedicated.

A border collie is a great dog but one of the more extreme breeds. They are a serious working dog and need a job to do or they can get very bored and very very destructive. They must have a suitable outlet for all that intelligence. Also, they are very very high energy. They need lots of space and lots of exercise. Extraordinary exercise for two hours per day would be an absolute minimum. These dogs are not usually good around small children. They are natural instinctual herders and so have a tendency to herd children and people, and therefore, they can nip at them as they would nip at the heels of cattle to move them around.

You need to be sure you have the space and life style that would be good for the dog to be a good match so that you both can be happy. Shelters are full of these dogs because they were bought because of the way they look or the color of their eyes. While they are great dogs, they are not easy, and can be more of a challenge than some are willing to take. Just having a fenced back yard is not enough for this dog. They need a focus. They are great agility dogs. As with all dogs, you should, and hopefully the present owner has already done this, socialize this dog well other types of animals (cats, dogs, birds, whatever) and people so that you and the dog can have a happy and well balanced life. I would urge you to do some research and consider carefully. This breed is not for everyone. That said, if you think you fit the description and have an active life style and you have some talent for training or are willing to hire a professional trainer to help you, it would be a great dog for you and your family (your family should want the dog and be appropriate for the breed as well) if you have the time. Good luck.

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Happy Cat Herder’s Day!
I think so. I find that when my husband’s unhappy, my happiness isn’t complete.

Here’s an example (I’m full of those today, lol): he isn’t happy in his job right now because his role has become a bit of a cat-herder, if you know what I mean. A recent promotion has left him with the realization that he enjoys writing code more than managing others. He has been complaining about it so much that it occurred to me it was more than just an “I had a crappy day at work” kind of deal.

So I asked if he thought he had options. Now he’s looking for a new job, and he’s a lot more cheerful. That has made me happier.

Happy Cat Herder’s Day!
For one thing, they aren’t healthy for human consumption as they expose us to harmful bacteria and toxins. Although they have been used as a famine food in Central Europe.

There is no shortage of meat in America, we do not hink it a fit practice to chop up our domestic pets. Most Americans consider it in-humane.

Most animals sold as food in stores, and eaten in America are vegetarian (herbivores), cats are meat eaters (carnivores) and therefore considered unclean and unhealthy to our digestive system…

80% of Americans are Christian, Jewish, or Islamic, all of which do not allow consumption of cats.

Happy Cat Herder’s Day!
My dreams are pretty boring, but my girlfriend has the funniest dreams. She dreamt that her cat was talking to her about Clausewitz, a famous military theorist who lived about 150 years ago.

Another time, she dreamt that she was a cat herder, herding millions of cats.

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