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How Exactly Does A Blog Operate And What Is The …

Comment on Google is Not “Magic” by Klee1803.

How Exactly Does A Blog Operate And What Is The Difference Between A Blog And Google Reader? I can’t get my head round how Google Reader works and if I have actually started a blog. I research loads, especially on music industry stories from around the world. I add any that I find interesting to Google Reader. If I don’t actually write on it, does that mean it is not a blog? If I want to write, can I do both in the same place? and how do I invite people to subscribe? can I still monetize a blog if half of it is links to someone else’s articles? If so, how??? so many questions! Anything you can answer would be appreciated. I’m hurting my head trying to research this one because I don’t get the basics. I won’t be offended if you make me look stupid – I feel stupid just now…..

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