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Which Is Better For Oral Health Oregano Oil Or Tea …

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Which Is Better For Oral Health Oregano Oil Or Tea Tree Oil?

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Brown (UPS) 1, Fedex 0 (or… Fedex Major FAIL)
How Late Does The UPS Delivery Truck Run? I ordered a package 2 weeks ago, and finally the Ups tracking page says its out for Delivery as a 6:20 am Eastern Time in Louisville. I live about 30-45 minutes from Louisville and it still has not arrived as of 4:30 pm today. Will it come or will I have to wait another day?
I’m fairly ticked off right now, as I have used FedEx before and my package was at my doorstep around Noon, when it was out for delivery. I just used Ups because I got free shipping from the website I ordered on. So somebody just leave an answer. Get some free points I guess

Conspiracy Theorists
Girl With The Red Scarf? There was a cartoon that I saw along time ago it had something to do with a boy and girl who fell in love or something like that. Anyway at the end the boy takes the girls scarf off and her head fell off. Does anyone know the name of the show?

How Often Does Thanksgiving Fall on November 22?
What If Someone’s Birthday Is On Leap Year? Leap year is this year and February 29th is my friend’s birthday. How does he celebrate his birthday? He was 27 4 years ago during leap year so does this mean he is really only 28 and missed 4 years of his birthday or does February 28th count as his birthday or would it be March 1st? Which is it? Is he really going to be 31?

Also, would the Driver’s License center really put February 29th for his birthday? If February 29th is only every 4 years, then how is his birthday celebrated?

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