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Who Agrees That Boise State Could Whoop Alabama In The …

Who Agrees That Boise State Could Whoop Alabama In The ...

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Who Agrees That Boise State Could Whoop Alabama In The Championships? Boise State is the most consistent program in all of college football.
During the program’s remarkable rise to prominence in the 2000s, the Broncos racked up a record of 112-17, best in the nation. I say, that a team like that, could CONQUER ALABAMA, and so on.

And with coach Chris Petersen spurning an offer from Stanford and choosing to remain in Boise this past winter, it seems unlikely that the Broncos’ winning ways are going to change anytime soon. So for now, all of you Boise haters may as well accept the fact that this team is not going away.

They’ve been great for the better part of the past decade. They’ll be great again in 2012. But how great?

OVERVIEW: One loss derailed what could have been a dream season for the Broncos in 2010. Boise came into the season with higher hopes than ever before–20 starters back, a Heisman-contending quarterback in Kellen Moore, and an opening-week showcase game against mighty Georgia. What the Broncos didn’t plan on was that meltdown by kicker Dan Goodale, which led to a heartbreaking late-season loss to TCU. With that single loss, Boise went from national title contender to BCS outsider. They ended up playing in the Macco Las Vegas Bowl. Not quite what they had in mind. So, suffice to say, they’re probably looking at 2012 as an opportunity for redemption.

THE CEILING: A BCS bowl. The Broncos aren’t quite as loaded heading into 2011 as they appeared to be heading into 2010, but Moore has finished an outstanding fourth year as the starting quarterback and underrated tailback Doug Martin returns, too. Much of the offensive line will remain intact, as will the core of the defense–including freaking awesome defensive end Shea McClellin and linebacker Byron Hout. The schedule also set up nicely; the season opener against a rebuilding Georgia team was an easy-win, even though it’s a de facto road game (in Atlanta), and the Broncos also get Nevada and Air Force at home.

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THE VERDICT: Given all of this program’s success over the past decade, and given that the Broncos have already gotten over that BCS hump, it’s quite clear that the only goal that remains for Petersen is the national championship. Just getting to a BCS bowl isn’t enough these days, not for a program and a fan base that has come to expect only the best. A national title run certainly isn’t out of the question in 2012–the talent is here, and the schedule is favorable–but as always, the Broncos are going to have be absolutely perfect (even “close wins” cost this team with the voters) and hope that pretty much everyone else in the nation stumbles, too. It didn’t happen in 2011. I don’t think it will happen in 2012, either. REGULAR SEASON PREDICTION: 12-0!!

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