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Ive typically argued with myself about (re) beginning this blog – thinking there was never ever an actually good place to “start”. Kinda like beginning an unique, I think. An odd case of authors block.

So, Ill just begin out with todays most noteworthy occasion – the NFL draft. I am happy to report that for the very first time ever (well, in 16 years anyway), two Broncos – Shea McClellin and Doug Martin were drafted in the preliminary. Wahoo. Our kids struck the big time. Shea addressed # 19 to “Da Bears”, and Doug gets to irritate and ideally replace LaGarret Blount in Tampa Bay (rumor has it LB punched the TV at some time tonight – ha!).

Heres a couple tweets about it:

Brief post. Really got to get to sleep. Tomorrow got ta struck the EDI crapola again. Heres a couple of pics somebody is likely to delight in …

Gerald Alexander @GAlexander21.
” but they do not play anyone” RT @ESPNStatsInfo: 1st round choices. Boise State: 2. Miami, Florida, FSU, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio St: 0 #NFLdraft.
Jeron Johnson @showoff_32.

Ive typically argued with myself about (re) starting this blog site – thinking there was never ever a truly excellent place to “start”. Kinda like starting a novel, I guess. Ill just begin out with todays most notable occasion – the NFL draft.

lol yea Im talkin ish in the locker space tomorrow!! Lol IDC 2 in the 1st.

In general, its a pretty excellent day to be a Bronco.

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    • Marnefirstinfantry
    • December 18, 2013

    Are The Indianapolis Colts And The Chicago Bears On Their Way To A Perfect Season? Can Tennessee, who lost to the Colts 14-13 on Oct 8, close the gap and come back to beat the Colts on Dec. 3, and would Jacksonville or Philadelphia be a formidable threat?

    And, what about the Chicago Bears. Will the NY Giants be able to stop ‘Da Bears’ during the second half of Chicago’s schedule?

    Who will win the AFC and the NFC titles?
    Superbowl contenders….

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      • Admin
      • December 18, 2013

      Every year there is at least one team that seems to be unbeatable at least for the first half of the season and sometimes longer. Eventually though, someone will catch them on a off week and give them at least one loss. Some of the best teams ever had one loss. The 85 Bears, the 88 49er’s were both incredible teams that took a loss that year. As for the 72 Dolphins, the year they went 14-0 they played only one team in that year that ended up with a winning season! The schedule makers now make that almost impossible so I say no, neither team will end up with a perfect season. Both have a great chance of having home field advantage. The Colts have struggled in the playoffs. The Bears look very strong.
      As of this moment I would say that it would be the Bears in the NFC and the Chargers in the AFC.

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    • G.W. loves winter!
    • January 23, 2014

    Who Are Your First Round Picks In Your NFL Mock Draft?

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      Colts- QB Andrew Luck
      Redskins- QB Robert Griffin III
      Vikings- OT Matt Kalil
      Browns- RB Trent Richardson
      Bucs- CB Morris Claiborne
      Rams- WR Justin Blackmon
      Jaguars- DE Melvin Ingram
      Dolphins- QB Ryan Tannehill
      Panthers- DT Fletcher Cox
      Bills- OT Riley Reiff
      Chiefs- ILB Luke Kuechly
      Seahawks- DE Quinton Coples
      Cardinals- OT Mike Adams
      Cowboys- SS Mark Barron
      Eagles- DT Dontari Poe
      Jets- OLB Courtney Upshaw
      Bengals- G David DeCastro
      Chargers- DE Nick Perry
      Bears- Michael Floyd
      Titans- CB Stephon Gillmore
      Bengals- CB Dre Kirkpatrick
      Browns- WR Kendall Wright
      Lions- DE Andre Branch
      Steelers- ILB Dont’a Hightower
      Broncos- DT Jerel Worthy
      Texans- WR Stephen Hill
      Patriots- DT Michael Brockers
      Packers- DE Shea McClellin
      Ravens- C Peter Konz
      49ers- CB Janoris Jenkins
      Patriots- FS Harrison Smith
      Giants- TE Coby Fleener

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    • Anonymous
    • January 23, 2014

    Is Patriots At Bears Considered A Trap Game For The Favorite Patriots? Like the eagles were considered the favorites coming in to chicago, will the pats (who really hasn’t played good defense all season) end up getting spanked by Da Bears come sunday? The nay sayers don’t think Da Bears can win, just like they thought the eagles were going to run all over Da Bears.



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      Only an idiot sleeps on the Bears and the Patriots coaches aren’t idiots. Some of the fans are, but the Patriots will be ready for our Bears. The Bears will have to come in and play well to come out on top. I believe they will. Bear Down!

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    • BoiseState!
    • January 27, 2014

    Who Agrees That Boise State Could Whoop Alabama In The Championships? Boise State is the most consistent program in all of college football.
    During the program’s remarkable rise to prominence in the 2000s, the Broncos racked up a record of 112-17, best in the nation. I say, that a team like that, could CONQUER ALABAMA, and so on.

    And with coach Chris Petersen spurning an offer from Stanford and choosing to remain in Boise this past winter, it seems unlikely that the Broncos’ winning ways are going to change anytime soon. So for now, all of you Boise haters may as well accept the fact that this team is not going away.

    They’ve been great for the better part of the past decade. They’ll be great again in 2012. But how great?

    OVERVIEW: One loss derailed what could have been a dream season for the Broncos in 2010. Boise came into the season with higher hopes than ever before–20 starters back, a Heisman-contending quarterback in Kellen Moore, and an opening-week showcase game against mighty Georgia. What the Broncos didn’t plan on was that meltdown by kicker Dan Goodale, which led to a heartbreaking late-season loss to TCU. With that single loss, Boise went from national title contender to BCS outsider. They ended up playing in the Macco Las Vegas Bowl. Not quite what they had in mind. So, suffice to say, they’re probably looking at 2012 as an opportunity for redemption.

    THE CEILING: A BCS bowl. The Broncos aren’t quite as loaded heading into 2011 as they appeared to be heading into 2010, but Moore has finished an outstanding fourth year as the starting quarterback and underrated tailback Doug Martin returns, too. Much of the offensive line will remain intact, as will the core of the defense–including freaking awesome defensive end Shea McClellin and linebacker Byron Hout. The schedule also set up nicely; the season opener against a rebuilding Georgia team was an easy-win, even though it’s a de facto road game (in Atlanta), and the Broncos also get Nevada and Air Force at home.

    THE VERDICT: Given all of this program’s success over the past decade, and given that the Broncos have already gotten over that BCS hump, it’s quite clear that the only goal that remains for Petersen is the national championship. Just getting to a BCS bowl isn’t enough these days, not for a program and a fan base that has come to expect only the best. A national title run certainly isn’t out of the question in 2012–the talent is here, and the schedule is favorable–but as always, the Broncos are going to have be absolutely perfect (even “close wins” cost this team with the voters) and hope that pretty much everyone else in the nation stumbles, too. It didn’t happen in 2011. I don’t think it will happen in 2012, either. REGULAR SEASON PREDICTION: 12-0!!

    Any comments??
    2 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    I appreciate your thoughts!
    Thank you,
    Bria Bell(: (aka Boise’s biggest fan!)
    1 second ago

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    1. Reply

      First of all who the fuck does boise play? … They lost to tcu … Tcu? Is that a joke and u want to try to say they have a chance against Alabama?????? This is coming from an lsu fan Alabama would rooolll over Boise… Wouldn’t be close… Boise state would be a 3or4 loss team in the sec and sorry to tell u but that’s the truth lsu or Alabama would stomp Boise or Houston or any team like that for that matter…. And talking about how good y’all are going to be next yr??? Uhh? Without kelen Moore y’all are a 2 or 3 loss teAm in whatever bs conference y’all are in … Barely bowl eligible in the sec….. Bottom line Alabama 35 boose st 10 … Commimg from an lsu fan …. These are the facts ….

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    • ~T.O_81~
    • February 5, 2014

    Why Are People Hatin On Da Bears? Hate on packer hate on Lions but just dont hate on DA BEARS whos wit me.

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      And who is hating on the Bears?

      I can tell you I don’t like fans who rant. That is for any team.

      Thumbs up to those who agree.

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    • B
    • March 9, 2014

    Should I Trade Doug Martin? Should I trade Doug Martin for Julius Thomas and Fred Jackson?
    My team:
    QB-Stafford, Matt Ryan
    RB-Martin, Spiller, Woodhead, Eddie Lacy
    WR-Vincent Jackson, Cruz, Kenbrell Thompkins, Josh Gordon, Mike Wallace, Stevie Johnson
    TE-Jordan Cameron

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      Yes. Thomas is slightly outscoring Cameron and Jackson is outscoring Martin by almost 2.5 pts/game. You don’t need two good TEs, but that part of the deal gives you something to work with toward another trade.

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    • Beastyt
    • March 14, 2014

    Chris Harris Is Back With Da Bears? Look at our defense he got people that can hit,Da Bears defense is back in business which out this is a much different bears football team this year they are a hungry beast.Which Chris Harris lay people out.

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      That nice he should stabilize the SS position but knowing the bears they’ll probably put him out of position at FS. I honestly would of liked to see what Daniel Manning could do at the SS position becasue of his speed to track down ball carrier

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    • GTAP!!
    • May 6, 2014

    How Good Is This Mock Draft? My Mock 8.0 I think it’s getting set.

    1. Colts- Andrew Luck QB
    2. WAS- Robert Griffin 3 QB
    3. Vikings- Matt Kalil OT
    4. Browns- Trent Richardson RB
    5. Bucs- Morris Claiborne CB
    6. Rams – Justin Blackmon WR
    7. Jaguars- Melvin Ingram DE
    8. Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill QB
    9. Panthers- Fletcher Cox DT
    10. Bills- Riley Rieff OT
    11. Chiefs- David DeCastro OG
    12. Seahawks- Luke Kuechly ILB
    13. Cardinals- Jonathan Martin OT
    14. Cowboys- Quinton Couples DE
    15. Eagles- Dontari Poe- DT
    16. Jets- Mark Barron SS
    17. Bengals- Dre Kirkpatrick CB
    18. Chargers- Courtney Upshaw DE/OLB
    19. Bears- Whitney Mercilus DE/OLB
    20. Titans- Stephen Gilmore CB
    21. Bengals- Cordy Glenn OG
    22. Browns- Michael Floyd WR
    23. Lions- Nick Perry DE/OLB
    24. Steelers- Dont’a Hightower ILB
    25. Broncos- Michael Brockers DT
    26. Texans- Stephen Hill WR
    27. Patriots- Kendall Wright WR
    28. Packers- Chandler Jones DE/OLB
    29. Ravens- Peter Konz C
    30. 49ers- Coby Fleener TE
    31. Patriots- Devon Still DT
    32. Giants- Mike Adams OT

    BQ: Round 2
    33. Rams- Kendall Reyes DT
    34. Colts- Alshon Jeffrey WR
    35. Vikings- Rueben Randle WR
    36. Bucs- Doug Martin RB
    37. Browns- Kirk Cousins QB
    38. Jaguars- Mohamed Sanu WR
    39. Rams- Janoris Jenkins CB
    40. Panthers- Alfonzo Dennard CB
    41. Bills- Josh Robinson CB/KR
    42. Dolphins- Andre Branch DE
    43. Seahawks- Vinny Curry DE/OLB
    44. Chiefs- Brandon Weeden QB
    45. Cowboys- Jerel Worthy DT
    46. Eagles- Kevin Zeitler OG
    47. Jets- Ronnell Lewis DE/OLB
    48. Patriots- Harrison Smith SS
    49. Chargers- David Wilson RB
    50. Bears- Brandon Boykin CB
    51. Eagles- Lavonte David OLB
    52. Titans- Zach Brown OLB
    53. Bengals- Lamar Miller RB
    54. Lions- Zebrie Sanders OT
    55. Falcons- Amini Silatolu OG
    56. Steelers- Alameda Taamu NT
    57. Broncos- Brandon Thompson DT
    58. Texans- Mychal Kendricks ILB
    59. Packers- Shea McClellin DE/OLB
    60. Ravens- Jayron Hosley CB
    61. 49ers- Kelechie Osemele OG
    62. Patriots- Bobby Massie OT
    63. Giants- Bobby Wagner LB
    Cassel needs competition and if he isn’t ready/playing good, Weeden will.
    @ Steel- But Cox’s value is rising now.

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    1. Reply

      As usual, I have something to say about the top ten. I think Poe should go at #9 instead of Cox. His stock went up because of his measurables at the combine.

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    • Dustie
    • May 27, 2014

    Do I Trust Doug Martin? I have him on my ff team. Isk if I should keep him or trade him. I know he’s going high in drafts but is he really going to produce those kinds of numbers?

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    1. Reply

      How would I know if you trust Doug Martin?

      Do you trust him or not? And why’d you draft him if you didn’t trust him?

      If you’d rather have Lynch or Charles or Spiller or Richardson… then ask the owners of those guys if they’d rather have Martin.

      Sort of a personal preference at this point. Some like him a lot, some not as much.

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    • LSP0922
    • May 28, 2014

    Ray Rice Or Doug Martin? I have the 4th pick in a 10 team non PPR league. I am sure that the first 3 picks are going to go: AP, Foster, Lynch in that order. I am leaning towards Martin because he has an easier schedule and has the backfield to himself, but I think ray rice may be the safer pick…need some help…who should I take?

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    1. Reply

      I wouldn’t assume that Lynch would be the 3rd pick. Make sure you have a back up plan.

      If it were between Rice and Martin, I would go with Martin. Rice might be “safer”, as he’s been as solid as they come for years now, but everything Rice does, Martin does it better. He’s a better pass catcher. He’s quicker. Plays behind a superior offensive line. And gets to face the Saints D and Panthers D twice a year.

      However, I’d go with Charles over both of em. I think he has ridiculous upside this year playing with an actual QB, a great offensive line, and solid receivers around him. Andy Reid will find ways to get him the ball and I think Charles is going to have a monster year.

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