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I love this. I guess actions do speak louder than words. Or, I guess in this case, actions make the words speak LOUDER. It is soooo ironic that the most of the world is trending away from socialism towards capitalism, while ‘we’ are doing just the opposite. Look at the amazing prosperity of socialist Venezuela. […]]]>
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by Web Designer Web design is the appropriate placing of structure on the web page so that it not only appeals to the search engines for placement, but that it also is easy for the reader to see an organized and well constituted presentation. The message of a good web design should leave no doubt […]]]>
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by Deja Tweet Only a few years ago search engine optimization tactics to elevate websites higher on search engine ranking results and attract Internet users to specific sites was based around some extremely dubious practices. These so called SEO ‘black hat’ tactics included articles that were spun, (that is the same article changed slightly and […]]]>
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by Web Designer If you have decided to create a website to market your product or affiliate products, you need to have a little understanding of what web design is all about. Many people think that you simply throw up a website and it is ready to go. Of course, there are many cookie cutter […]]]>
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by Deja Tweet If you run a small or medium sized business you will know that getting the word out about your products and services is one of the most important contributors to your business success. However you will also know that marketing can be expensive. Advertising, even in a local paper can put quite […]]]>
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by Web Designer 1. Always KISS The saying goes Keep It Simple, Stupid. The biggest mistake is to overload a site, especially on its index page. Be clear and concise. As an example look to the world’s most successful sites such as Google or Facebook. You only have a few second to engage the visitor. […]]]>
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by Deja Tweet Back in the day, using Google was the highlight of those that were surfing on the web. The ability to search the entire Internet from one central location was something that people simply had to do. Today, search engines are used to find information just as they were before, but the novelty […]]]>
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by Web Designer Your company’s website is a virtual representation of the business. It makes an impression on first-time visitors, and you want that first impression to be a positive one. Think about your experience when you visit a store for the first time. If you look in and get a bad impression, you would […]]]>
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by Deja Tweet When social media first appeared on the scene of the world wide web, it was intended to be used by individuals to connect and share with their personal network of friends and family. Social media has evolved a lot over the past years. Businesses have found out that they can take advantage […]]]>
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by Web Designer Internet addicts may have noticed that the fashion in web design changes once every few years. As technology becomes more advanced, new techniques appear. A handful of high traffic websites making the shift is enough for everybody else to follow. Thanks to social networking, such news can spread like fire in the […]]]>