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This infographic covers some of the basic benefits that are expected from the Internet of Things era.   Dr Shawn DuBravac created the infographic for AIG. One interesting note is the cost reduction on devices – the infographic notes how accelerometer… Permalink to ‘Infographic – #InternetofThings Primer’]]>
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Top 10 Best Free Project Management Tools http://wallyday.com/general/4545/top-10-best-free-project-management-tools/ http://wallyday.com/general/4545/top-10-best-free-project-management-tools/#comments Fri, 27 Nov 2015 21:16:30 +0000 http://wallyday.com/?p=4545

Handling projects without project management software in the 21st century is often an uphill struggle. Good intentions and a well-planned strategy don’t necessarily guarantee success. Just one mistake can ruin months of hard work. One way to better the… Permalink to ‘Top 10 Best Free Project Management Tools’]]>
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Effective Ways for Designing a Website http://wallyday.com/web-design/4618/effective-ways-for-designing-a-website/ http://wallyday.com/web-design/4618/effective-ways-for-designing-a-website/#comments Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:21:03 +0000 http://wallyday.com/web-design/4618/effective-ways-for-designing-a-website/

by Web Designer Whether you are in need of creating your own website for personal use, or in need of an e-commerce site to sell businesses or services, the process is often a daunting task. Luckily, by obtaining the best software, and having a clever idea of how the content will be displayed, you can […]]]>
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How To Use Social Networks To Promote Your Business http://wallyday.com/social-media/4617/how-to-use-social-networks-to-promote-your-business/ http://wallyday.com/social-media/4617/how-to-use-social-networks-to-promote-your-business/#comments Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:21:00 +0000 http://wallyday.com/social-media/4617/how-to-use-social-networks-to-promote-your-business/

by Deja Tweet Developing a strong presence on the social networks your customers use is an excellent way to remind them about your brand. If you need help with your social media marketing campaign, take a few minutes to read the following article. Ask your customers which social networks they use. There are many different […]]]>
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Coding Spotlight: JSON – Basics, JavaScript Resources http://wallyday.com/general/4551/coding-spotlight-json-basics-javascript-resources/ http://wallyday.com/general/4551/coding-spotlight-json-basics-javascript-resources/#comments Tue, 24 Nov 2015 21:18:32 +0000 http://wallyday.com/?p=4551

  Jason Statham is a perfect add for an action movie cast. JSON…not as much. ? When movie-philes hear the word "Jason”, the first person that will come to their mind is probably Statham – yes, the actor from action movies like… Permalink to ‘Coding Spotlight: JSON – Basics, JavaScript Resources’]]>
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Website Design Tips And Strategies http://wallyday.com/web-design/4614/website-design-tips-and-strategies/ http://wallyday.com/web-design/4614/website-design-tips-and-strategies/#comments Fri, 20 Nov 2015 23:21:17 +0000 http://wallyday.com/web-design/4614/website-design-tips-and-strategies/

by Web Designer Although most people that are involved in Internet marketing are more worried about the content that they put on their website or blog, the actual website design that you use is also very important in regard to its overall performance for sales. Even if you are simply adding Adsense to your blog […]]]>
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Social Media Marketing Concepts That Could Boost Your Enterprise http://wallyday.com/social-media/4613/social-media-marketing-concepts-that-could-boost-your-enterprise/ http://wallyday.com/social-media/4613/social-media-marketing-concepts-that-could-boost-your-enterprise/#comments Fri, 20 Nov 2015 23:19:56 +0000 http://wallyday.com/social-media/4613/social-media-marketing-concepts-that-could-boost-your-enterprise/

by Deja Tweet Irrespective of who you really are or everything you do, the rewards that social websites offer you are extremely hard to ignore. These networking web sites reach thousands of people daily, and also the trend is unquestionably not fading. This post provides some valuable information which can help you employ social media […]]]>
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The “James Bond” of coding: Javascript And Business Development http://wallyday.com/coding/4547/the-james-bond-of-coding-javascript-and-business-development/ http://wallyday.com/coding/4547/the-james-bond-of-coding-javascript-and-business-development/#comments Fri, 20 Nov 2015 21:37:06 +0000 http://wallyday.com/?p=4547

If James Bond can be rebooted, as Daniel Craig has done back in 2008, then so can programming languages. That is the backstory for JavaScript, which has grow in capability and importance since its pop up window days. JavaScript has been rising in importance… Permalink to ‘The "James Bond" of coding: Javascript And Business Development’]]>
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How to Get More Exposure on Pinterest http://wallyday.com/social-media/4553/how-to-get-more-exposure-on-pinterest/ http://wallyday.com/social-media/4553/how-to-get-more-exposure-on-pinterest/#comments Wed, 18 Nov 2015 17:20:38 +0000 http://wallyday.com/?p=4553

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How The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Hit Builder Helps Your Business http://wallyday.com/seo/4555/how-the-google-analytics-measurement-protocol-hit-builder-helps-your-business/ http://wallyday.com/seo/4555/how-the-google-analytics-measurement-protocol-hit-builder-helps-your-business/#comments Tue, 17 Nov 2015 17:22:43 +0000 http://wallyday.com/?p=4555

When I first describe analytics to clients back in the day, I direct their attention to two definitions, metrics, which are scores to measurement a certain behavior, and dimensions, which show where the behavior occurred.  I use this approach… Permalink to ‘How The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Hit Builder Helps Your Business’]]>
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