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I Really Want to Learn How to Write… Good… uh, Well…

I was waiting for a haircut yesterday at SportClips in Eagle. I read through all the latest Facebook posts available on my phone, then I changed the setting to show “a week” in stead of 3 days, and read through all the rest of them. Still bored. So, I picked up an issue of Eagle […] Read more
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The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya

SPOILERS. This is one of the things I love about The Walking Dead – I never know what’s coming next . It’s simply nothing like other series I’ve watched in the past. Most shows “telegraph” what’s coming up next, and more often than not I know where the plot is going long before it gets […] Read more

Cool preg_replace Solution

The situation: Read a product description from a product database. The problem: The block of text for the product description in the comma delimited file is not formatted, and in fact looks stripped of whatever formatting it had previously. Chunks of text squished together like “changes.Special” (no space after the period), and Read more
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The Walking Dead: The “Andrea”sode

This reminded me a bit of what used to happen with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Every so often the writers would create and episode that centered around a specific character – like a “Warf”isode, or a “Data”sode. Episode 14: “Prey” In this episode, we follow Andrea‘s actions as she tries to tries Read more

Google is Not “Magic”

A few recent posts by Becker at have confirmed my faith that at least some of the internet gurus are not complete idiots. Becker, a few others like Jon Leger, “get it” – Google is not spying on you with a all-seeing crystal ball. I know, I’m a programmer, and some of the rumors […] Read more
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A Scratch Card Buffet

I stopped this morning to pick up some Bandits at a little Stinker station in Caldwell. I had to wait in line for this little old lady who was buying Lotto scratch tickets. “One of those, two of those, uh… one of those, hmmmm… another one of those…”, and so on. It was just like […] Read more

It’s Cycling TIme

Morning workout: 30 minutes on the elliptical, 308 calories. Followed that with a shoulder/calves workout – lateral raise/calves/press. Two sets of each. Had to cut it short because I was running late. Thinking about Curated Comments plugin. I need to encapsulate all of the functions into a single PHP file, all Yahoo related. Title can Read more
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YouTube Idea

I’ve decided to make this more of a personal blog – kind of a window into my life. Not too specific, there’s still a lot I don’t want to reveal. More of a “working journal” to keep me on track, patterned a bit after the success of Pat Flynn here. Today for the Crookham project […] Read more
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Hallelujah Song by Leonard Cohen

For whatever reason this song came up on a couple internet searches I did, and I decided to look into it further. Upon reading the information at Wikipedia, I was surprised to learn that Leonard Cohen wrote over 80 verses. The verses we’re familiar with are the ones he eventually settled on. The song must […] Read more

Back in Blue

So, the NCAA decided blue uniforms on a blue field is OK after all. Go figure. The Boise State football team will once again be allowed to wear blue uniforms on the blue smurf turf. As will the Eastern Washington football team (red on red), and presumably the Oregon Ducks (green on green – well […] Read more
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Tuesday Trivia

How about some music trivia? B-B-B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets When Elton John and his band first recorded “Bennie and the Jets”, they thought the song was pretty blah. So, their producer had the clapping, whistles, and other “live” sound effects added to the track to beef it up a bit. Although the band was skeptical, Read more
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