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Kill the Dollar. Again

Hmm. This has been attempted a few times in the past. I wonder how well it’s going to work this time. I’m not sure why they think this time will be any different. Congressional auditors say doing away with dollar bills entirely and replacing them with $1 coins could save taxpayers nearly $4.4 billion over […] Read more
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An Open Challenge to Warren Buffet

So, once again Warren Buffet is pushing the idea that the “Super Rich” should pay much more in taxes than they do currently. My response… So, what’s stopping them? Do we really need a bunch of new tax laws enacted (wow, that’s a can-o-worms I would just as soon avoid) to get them to take […] Read more
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Advanced Keyword Research

Here’s a very condensed version of the Omega Guide: Keyword Research by Alex Becker. Alex doesn’t use software and instead relies on (the correct URL at the time of this writing). He disdains Market Samarai, but does not mention Micro Niche Finder, which is my preference. (Later, I will reveal Read more
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How Often Does Thanksgiving Fall on November 22?

This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s kinda fun. I was asked how often it happens, and of course I had to think about it. My first thought was every 7 years (a number I came up with in my youth), but now I’m interested […] Read more
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Bread and Circuses

Here’s one of my favorite quotes. It took me awhile to track it down because in my mind I had attributed the phrase “bread and circuses” to Thomas Jefferson. I believe Thomas did mention “bread and circuses” somewhere in his writings, but not in this (the current entitlement-heavy political environment) context. Here Read more


The aftermath of the election has been enlightening, to say the least. Basically, the big population centers re-elected Obama. Taken to the extreme – the people who “live like rats” re-elected him. Go figure. If you look at a map of the electorate by county (the smallest division I’ve seen to date), most of the […] Read more
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I really liked this one from NewsMax. “It was the worst of times and the worst of times.” The article goes on to list a number of reasons for Romney’s loss. Like… 1. Paul Ryan. Romney’s choice of Ryan was almost inexplicable. A good conservative, Ryan was unqualified for the job of vice president, and […] Read more
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