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October 2012

How to Improve Signal 1 of the 7 Google Ranking Signals: Age

Recently, I bought “Signal Pigeon” (or, “Google’s 7 Ranking Signals”) from Chris Munch (MunchWeb). I found it intriguing, and I wanted to discuss it here. Age/Time Signals Part of this signal is fairly obvious and well known, part of it is really a new way of looking at and existing factor, and part of it […]

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Boise State Mid-Season

Well, we’re actually a bit past mid-season, but that’s OK ? Predictions Fulfilled I just wanted to proclaim my genius when it comes to BSU football. Here’s a recap of my predictions prior to the season start, and my results. Joe Southwick. Before the season started I saw a fours QB candidates play twice – […]

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