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PHP/MYSQL String Tricks

Here’s a couple things I always forget. I’m adding them here so I’ll have them for future reference. How to “Scan and Replace” a String in MYSQL (Note the AS400-ish wording of that title). Big Note: Be very careful of serialized data!!!! Thanks to Read more
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Marissa Mayer: Saving Yahoo?

Is Marissa Mayer Yahoo’s savior? Back in the day, I was a Yahoo freak. This was back when AOL was spamming our mailboxes with their crappy little disks (I must have collected about 50 of them), and there was no such think as a “homepage” if you weren’t part of AOL’s little “network”. That is, […] Read more
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Never Give Up. Stolen Car Recovered After 42 Years.

Bob Russell is the epitome of the “never give up” attitude. Man Reunited With Stolen Car After 42 Years From In 1970 Bob’s 3 year old Austin-Healey was stolen from outside his Philadelphia apartment complex. 42 years later he and his beloved Read more
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Vindale Research Sucks

So, I decided to join one of those online survey programs called Vindale Research. It looked legit. I was wrong. About Vindale Research Vindale Research is an online research program that claims to offer rewards (including cash) for filling out surveys. I assume they are contracted by various companies or organizations to do the surveys. Read more
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Social Pressure

Jonathan Leger, on his blog, tells a cute story about social pressure. It goes something like this: (A) research group went around neighborhoods in California and put one of four signs on people’s doors. Each sign encouraged the homeowner to conserve energy, and gave a reason to do so. The four reasons were: 1) to […] Read more
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What Do We Pay “Them”?

I found this interesting. See what you think. Here is a breakdown of what we (yes, we – the people) pay the current Whitehouse staff. $40,000-$70,000 Researchers, assistants and analysts ($40,000 or so) Scheduler ($58,000) Speechwriter ($60,000) –Note: might explain why Obama’s speeches are so crappy $70,000-$100,000 Director of Read more
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