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June 2012

A Little Activism on the Court?

I just don’t get it. Justice Robertson did the unexpected, and he did it in a very, very sneaky way. When Obama tried to pass his stupid healthcare bill, he emphasized that the penalty for not complying was definitely not a tax. And, why did he do that? To make it more palatable for the […]

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Free Format RPG ILE Alternatives to the TIME Opcode

Here’s one of the free format BIFs I can never remember as far as syntax is concerned. Maybe if I keep it here I will be able to find it again :). I copied some of this from (the Q&A part). Q. In fixed format RPG IV, I used the TIME operation code to […]

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Pimped My LinkedIn Profile!

Well, as far as Social Media is concerned, it seem I’ve missed the boat – mostly. Twitter was great, but now it is just so much noise its hard to make heads or tail of it sometimes. Facebook is still evolving – I still don’t know where it will wind up for a lurker like […]

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Wow. More Obama Stories That WIll Curl Your Toes

I have never been so against a political candidate before in my life. I was never a fan of Bill Clinton either, but I could at least tolerate him. From NewsMax: …Obama was a member of the far left [ACORN affiliated] New Party and also signed a “contract” promising to publicly support and associate himself […]

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Sneak Peek at New Bronco Stadium Expansion

I got this in my email today from Looking good Go Broncos! Also, according to Bleacher Report, Boise State is ranked #39 as far as student sections are concerned. C’mon students, let’s rock’n’roll. Don’t leavea it up to us “old guys”. Related articles Big East Expansion: Boise State Still Plans To Join Big East, […]

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