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Facebook Conspiracy Theory, Obama Jobs Stats

What if you had ab IPO and nobody came? Funny that both of these items hit my inbox today. Both are conspiratorial in nature. First, from “American Breaking Point” comes the notion that “somehow” the powers-that-be (the hidden elite) are behind the meteoric rise of Facebook. I quote: Why do we believe that Facebook is Read more
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No Shariah in Kansas, Amateur Book

Interesting story from my inbox. Quoting from Newsmax… Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill aimed at keeping state courts and agencies from using Islamic or other non-U.S. laws when making decisions, his office said on Friday. The law has been dubbed the “sharia bill” because critics say it targets the Islamic Read more
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An Open Letter to Motorists in Boise (or Anywhere, Really)

Understand this – when you drive by someone on a bicycles, and yell something out of an open window, all we really hear is “Aaaak”. We can’t hear and distinguish anything more than a syllable, much less a sentence. So, the next time you want to drive by me and yell “Fag!” or “Idiot!” or […] Read more
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Testing Vladimir Prelovac’s Insights Plugin

Blog post about curation Wikipedia Google News Blog Books All of the above were easily added to the post using Vladimir Prelovac’s “Insights” plugin. I like it. It really is a good sidekick for Zemanta. Now this next articles is really something…   Related articles Facebook message led to football player’s rape Read more
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Technology, Economy, Politics

I was quite fascinated yesterday to get this in my inbox Floating city for startups makes waves among entrepreneurs Wow. Basically, the company behind “Blueseed” (the name of the “floating city”) is trying to create an independent “state” where tech entrepreneurs can get together in international waters and Read more
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A Big Sky Catering

This is a test. I want to see if I can create a backlink to A Big Sky Catering in Boise. It’s my brother-in-law’s catering and food service business. It ranks second in the Google search for “boise catering” and “catering boise”. According to SEO Quake/SEM Rush, the #1 result has 7 links to the […] Read more
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Zemanta Browser Widget vs. Zemanta Plugin

I like Zemanta. It is a “curation” tool that helps you create “nice” posts. It goes along with the whole idea of magazine-style blogs that have lots of content that interests people. I have tried a couple other curation tools, but Zemanta is the easiest and most available of the current products. When I first […] Read more
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How to Read the News

Loved this article. It is from PubMed. It was written about health news, but can be applied to any news story. Link By Dr Alicia White From “Behind the Headlines”, provided by NHS Choices (from England’s National Health Service). If you've just read a health-related headline that has caused you to spit out your morning […] Read more
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Good Programmer, Bad Programmer

“My mind is clearer now. At last, all too well. I can see where we all soon will be”. – Judas in “Heaven on Their Minds” at the beginning of the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”. “My mind is in darkness now…” – Judas toward the end of the musical, after the betrayal for the Read more
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Drowning in a Sea of Technology

It amazes me sometimes how dependent we have become on technology. Today I was at a client site, and their network guy was on the phone with Barracuda debugging some issues with their firewall/web filter. I overheard most of the conversation. Barracuda would have him adjust something, and he would respond with whatever result came […] Read more
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Website Development

Well, I’ve decided to take the next step and hang my hat on the website development “tree”. This is a big step, but it should not be taken lightly. I plan to make this explode! The market will be local establishments and businesses. I know for a fact I can do more for them than […] Read more
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