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How to Quickly Adjust Contact Form 7 So It Fits in Your Sidebar

I was working on a website for a friend, and in order to “comply” with best design standards, installed the Contact Form 7 plugin so I could add a highly visible contact form prompt to the sidebar. CF7 performs its duties via a shortcode. So, I added a text widget to the sidebar and copy/pasted […]

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Is WordPress a CMS?

Seems like every day I read a comment about “the WordPress CMS” (Content Management System), or how great WordPress is as a CMS, or something similar. I admit, I have to cringe.  Not because I don’t like WordPress — because I do like it very much… but whether or not I “like” WordPress being described […]

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What to do When WordPress Misses it’s Schedule

Using an external cron like is much easier. You will set it up like this:. Missed Schedule, which might or may not be existing (although I am still using it). WP Missed Schedule, which might or may not be originated from the plugin noted above. Related articles. WP-Cron is not “genuine” cron. It might be […]

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