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Web Design


Engine Optimization Techniques

When you take a class, read a book or check out an article online, they typically tell you what you should be doing. Instead, it is important to focus on all of the things you shouldn’t do to ensure you aren’t encountering the same mistakes as your peers already have. Learn from these errors by […]

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Web Design Experts

Are you new to the world of web design? You can easily create a quality website if you have all the tools you need and take the time to learn a few things about web design. Keep reading for some useful web design tips. You do not have to learn HTML or other languages to […]

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Search Engine Optimization

If you are interested in launching your own website, you will have to learn a few things about web design. Go over the following article for some useful tips on web design. You can easily launch a simple website without any knowledge of web design. Choose a web hosting service that includes a quality site […]

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Must Have Music

With so many places to explore online and lots of different activities to pursue, anyone with a website or in the process of building one must be able to quickly grab the attention of the consumer. If you would like to learn how to have a website that is designed to drive visitors to you […]

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Web Design Professionals

Your website is what you present to the world. It represents your business or whatever you want the world to see about you. If you want to create a good impression, you have to make sure that your website is designed properly. It is more than just throwing together some text and images together. There […]

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Bandwidth Allotment

When I began designing websites in the late nineties, Flash was a big deal. I used it to animate text, create website intro pages and even menus. After a few years, word got out that search engines were king, and that meant Flash wasn’t as great as we first thought. There are many reasons why […]

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Designing Your Own Website

The time is certainly upon us where anyone who wishes to have an online presence can create a website of interest to others. We are not referring to social media pages but full blown web sites with a purpose. This article will help guide you to designing your own website that delivers everything you initially […]

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Computer Screens

More and more people are designing websites now that people are getting more computer literate and websites are becoming more important. However, before you decide to jump into the web design pool you should first consider some features of your website so that you know how to approach what you are making. The first thing […]

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Advanced Keyword Research

Page Rank. Leading 5 websites have a PR of 3 or less (use SEO Quake to inspect). Search intent. Consider the level or kind of problem the searcher is having. Buyer/action keywords are very important. How to …, Get rid of …, Buy …, Purchase …, Best …, Specific product name/model/etc. Seasonality – Holidays, big […]

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Zemanta Browser Widget vs. Zemanta Plugin

When I first downloaded the web browser widget, I was not too satisfied. They have actually given that improved things so much that I have to admit a true fondness for Zemanta. I like the online variation so much I decided to give the real plugin a try, simply to see if it had any […]

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