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This is where I record my affiliate marketing strategies and ideas.


Infographic: How Online Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business

Here is an extremely comprehensive infographic (from that describes – in detail – how those pesky online reviews can drive customers to your business, or how those same reviews can turn your business into a pariah. Enjoy.

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I Really Want to Learn How to Write… Good… uh, Well…

Study: PCs Are For Daytime While Tablets Come Alive At Night( Chitika: Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 web traffic nearing a 50/50 split( Chitika: Google+ shows a 60% downward trend in the sites traffic( I read through all the newest Facebook posts available on my phone, then I changed the setting […]

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YouTube Idea

Next I have to deal with the actual combine procedure. I was thinking of connecting the BC400 formats with the HHBATPF table so tag types will automatically match the tag formats. That, along with the video and the Wikipedia link, need to be enough to get the page ranked (or, at least, thats the theory). […]

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