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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Good, Bad, Evil, Good

He eliminated (or attempted to eliminate) his fans. When he did eliminate (Allen), he simply shrugged like it was absolutely nothing. When neither of them stepped forward to eliminate the governor after he massacred his people, they became as guilty as the governor, and are now stuck with following him to “hide” their guilt. (Becky […]

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The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya

Talk about ironic.So, Merle decides to launch Michonne, and do whatever he can to kill as many of the governors males as possible, and ideally get a shot at the governor himself. Appears like everybody so far (consisting of Rick) has actually had a chance to take the governor out, and no one seems to […]

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The Walking Dead: The “Andrea”sode

Strolling Dead, S3: E14, “Prey”( Walking Dead recap: You should have eliminated him Andrea( The Talking Dead episode later was respectable. They discussed Dales effect on Andrea, and how the Governor appears to be into caging people up – like they are his own individual toys to use as he wants. Personally, Im […]

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