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16 Trillion

Modern, educated individuals, although we “know our numbers”, still have problems with large numbers. To us its more like “One thousand, one million, one billion … an entire bunch”. We understand that number is out there, but we just cant cover our minds around it. There is simply absolutely nothing to compare it with. Initially, […]

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Bread and Circuses

It took me awhile to track it down because in my mind I had actually associated the expression “bread and circuses” to Thomas Jefferson. I think Thomas did point out “bread and circuses” somewhere in his writings, however not in this (the existing entitlement-heavy political environment) context. Bread and Circuses is the cancer of democracy, […]

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Go figure. Something is wrong, and I cant quite seem to put a finger on it … And now, much to my irritation, all this crap is coming out that, if revealed prior to the election, might have impacted the outcome (hmmm, wonder why that is). From Eric Holder (the anti-Labrador) holding back details about […]

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What Do We Pay “Them”?

Here is a breakdown of what we (yes, we – individuals) pay the present Whitehouse personnel. $ 40,000-$ 70,000. Director of White House Operations ($ 85,000). Unique Assistant/ Personal Aide to the President ($ 95,000). Head calligrapher ($ 96,000) -Note: What does a head calligrapher do, and why is this position paid more than a […]

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A Little Activism on the Court?

When Obama attempted to pass his foolish health care costs, he stressed that the penalty for not complying was definitely not a tax. And, why did he do that? To make it more tasty for the American individuals to swallow, and to make it easier for the courts to uphold. Well, a penalty like that […]

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Wow. More Obama Stories That WIll Curl Your Toes

Caroline heard back from White House sources that the president and first lady made catty remarks about how severely the Kennedy females dressed and how their homes were shabby. Caroline Kennedy doesnt like the Obamas very much anymore. According to Ed Klein in “Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House”, Caroline now believes Obamas a […]

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