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The “Evils” of Capitalism

I love this. I guess actions do speak louder than words. Or, I guess in this case, actions make the words speak LOUDER. It is soooo ironic that the most of the world is trending away from socialism towards capitalism, while ‘we’ are doing just the opposite. Look at the amazing prosperity of socialist Venezuela. […]

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You Can Keep Your (Insurance Policy/Doctor), Can’t You?

I had it in my mind that I was going to avoid being too political, but I can’t help it now. Here’s a story… (By the way, I’m not going to use anyone’s name here. If you want to, you could do a couple searches and figure it out yourself, but it’s not my fault […]

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Where’s My Yacht?

The conversation on the radio ultimately reached the boiling point of fairness vs. charity. All of these program start with great intentions in mind, and end up spiraling out of control as more and more “do-gooders” add their spices to the meal. If “this” is excellent, then “that” will be even much better – oh, […]

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The Republicans are S.O.L.

Deregulation and absence of federal government intrusion? He constantly stated slavery was alive and well in America – slavery to the governments liberal agendas and the well-being state in basic. Back then when he talked about it, the “slaves” (welfare receivers) had no power – simply because they didnt vote. Who had the time when […]

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John Kerry Must Be Worth It, I Guess

It starts: Kerry threatens to cut aid to Israel( Russias foreign minister disregarding John Kerry?( McCain apparently doesnt want to let the entire Benghazi problem go. And whatevers fine in that in that part of the world? We need the responses. We have not gotten the responses. After Meteor, Russian Politician Blames … […]

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Are You Losing Your Health Coverage?

Obamacare Fail: CBO Predicts Drops in Health Coverage( blogs.the-american-interest. com). Senator Says We Should Sacrifice Obamacare To Avoid Sequester( Much for President Obamas promise that “if you like your healthcare strategy, you can keep your healthcare strategy.” A 2011 study discovered that 30 percent of employers would “certainly or most likely” drop coverage after […]

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Shocking Failure?

The electric car mistake( Teslas Gotcha Blog Catches New York Times Reporter Driving In Circles( Ah, the hybrid car. I keep in mind many years ago when one of the tech mags (Pop Sci, Popular Mechanics, cant remember) had an in depth post about a “homegrown” hybrid car somebody had constructed. Huge automobile, […]

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Can We Inflate Our Way Out of Debt?

Obamas proposed base pay walking could cost D.C. tasks( Minimum Wage and Monetary Policy( Whats the Minimum Wage in Your State?( Obama: We cant cut our method into success. Republicans: We cant tax our way into success. Male behind the drape: Hey, why not inflate our method into prosperity? If you have […]

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Kwazy Superbowl – The Monday After

Kaepernick looked like a rookie, we had an exciting power blackout, the commercials were OKAY, and the video game did not get out of hand. In fact, its been quite awhile given that we had a boring lop-sided game. He made two significant errors that really gave the game away – the first was the […]

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