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The “Evils” of Capitalism

I love this. I guess actions do speak louder than words. Or, I guess in this case, actions make the words speak LOUDER. It is soooo ironic that the most of the world is trending away from socialism towards capitalism, while ‘we’ are doing just the opposite. Look at the amazing prosperity of socialist Venezuela. […]

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How to Write Conversationally–One Step at a Time

Recently I read a great article about writing conversationally on your blog, and how it can improve everything from attracting readers and commenters to enhancing your social proof. And now that I violated one of it’s suggestions (avoid long sentences ), I’ll try to get back on a conversational track. Wish me luck. First, we […]

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10 Ways To Succeed In Personal Development

Personal development plans may look good on paper, but they sure are difficult to follow in real life! Use the following tips to help you get through your personal development agenda. 1. Begin now. Putting off your plan by even a day is allowing yourself to make excuses, and that is not getting yourself off […]

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Humbug Day is Right!

Today happens to be Humbug Day (the day you are supposed to be grumpy and mean, and get all of that out of your system before the actual Christmas holiday). It also happens to be the day when three Mountain West teams have bowl games. Here’s a rundown of them so far. New Mexico Bowl Colorado State (the Rams) […]

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The Prodigal Son Returns. Bryan Harsin

So, it’s true. Boise native, former player, and former offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin returns to become the head football coach at Boise State. Here’s my take (FWIW). When Coach Petersen was lured away to the University of Washington, my initial assumption was that former BSU coach Dirk Koetter, former BSU defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, and former […]

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You Can Keep Your (Insurance Policy/Doctor), Can’t You?

I had it in my mind that I was going to avoid being too political, but I can’t help it now. Here’s a story… (By the way, I’m not going to use anyone’s name here. If you want to, you could do a couple searches and figure it out yourself, but it’s not my fault […]

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Where’s My Yacht?

The conversation on the radio ultimately reached the boiling point of fairness vs. charity. All of these program start with great intentions in mind, and end up spiraling out of control as more and more “do-gooders” add their spices to the meal. If “this” is excellent, then “that” will be even much better – oh, […]

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The Walking Dead: Good, Bad, Evil, Good

He eliminated (or attempted to eliminate) his fans. When he did eliminate (Allen), he simply shrugged like it was absolutely nothing. When neither of them stepped forward to eliminate the governor after he massacred his people, they became as guilty as the governor, and are now stuck with following him to “hide” their guilt. (Becky […]

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The Walking Dead: Merle, We Hardly Knew Ya

Talk about ironic.So, Merle decides to launch Michonne, and do whatever he can to kill as many of the governors males as possible, and ideally get a shot at the governor himself. Appears like everybody so far (consisting of Rick) has actually had a chance to take the governor out, and no one seems to […]

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