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A Simple Scan Variable Command

Recently I did some CL programming for one client that made use of the %SCAN and %CHECKR built in CL functions. This Read more
Category: CLP

Structured Loops in CLLE (CLP For “Oldsters” :)

For many years we RPG coders were constantly reminded (pestered, really) Read more
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Coding Spotlight: JSON – Basics, JavaScript Resources

  Jason Statham is a perfect add for an action movie cast. Read more

The “James Bond” of coding: Javascript And Business Development

If James Bond can be rebooted, as Daniel Craig has Read more
Category: Coding, Web Design

I am a Code Maker.

I’ve decided to re-brand what I do – and what I am – as “codemaker”. The term programmer conjures up images of a Read more
Category: Coding, Technology

A Handy ‘Quick Query’ Command on the iSeries

Here’s a fun- and useful – little command you can create on the Read more
Category: CMD, Coding

HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive Web Design Cookbook

The Internet is going mobile. Desktop computer sales keep falling as the mobile device Read more
Word of the Day: User Story

Word of the Day: User Story

A user story is a tool used in Agile software development (see definition below) to capture a description of a software feature from an Read more
Category: Coding, Web Design

Tips for Using Time Stamps in ILE RPG

Some notes regarding timestamps. Defining a Timestamp A timestamp is stored as a 26 character field. But, Read more
Category: Cheat Sheets, RPG

How to Colorize Your Source Code in SEU

Yes, I’m perfectly aware there are numerous advanced editors available that handle RPG and CL, and perform Read more
Category: RPG

Cool preg_replace Solution

The situation: Read a product description from a product database. The problem: The block of text for the product description in Read more
Category: Coding, PHP

PHP/MYSQL String Tricks

Here’s a couple things I always forget. I’m adding them here so I’ll have them for future reference. How Read more
Category: Cheat Sheets
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