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Humbug Day is Right!

Today happens to be Humbug Day (the day you are supposed to be grumpy and mean, and get all of that out of your system before the actual Christmas holiday). It also happens to be the day when three Mountain West teams have bowl games. Here’s a rundown of them so far. New Mexico Bowl Colorado State (the Rams) […] Read more

The Prodigal Son Returns. Bryan Harsin

So, it’s true. Boise native, former player, and former offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin returns to become the head football coach at Boise State. Here’s my take (FWIW). When Coach Petersen was lured away to the University of Washington, my initial assumption was that former BSU coach Dirk Koetter, former BSU defensive coordinator Read more
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Back in Blue

So, the NCAA decided blue uniforms on a blue field is OK after all. Go figure. The Boise State football team will once again be allowed to wear blue uniforms on the blue smurf turf. As will the Eastern Washington football team (red on red), and presumably the Oregon Ducks (green on green – well […] Read more
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Mountain West, Here We Come. Again.

So, after the craziness and defections of the last couple weeks, it’s now final. Boise State will remain in the Mountain West conference. Not to say it really surprises me, because it doesn’t. The Big East was well on its way to becoming the laughing stock of the college football world. And, that’s the last […] Read more
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Boise State Mid-Season

Well, we’re actually a bit past mid-season, but that’s OK Predictions Fulfilled I just wanted to proclaim my genius when it comes to BSU football. Here’s a recap of my predictions prior to the season start, and my results. Joe Southwick. Before the season started I saw a fours QB candidates play twice – once […] Read more
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Go, Go, Go Joe Southwick

Joe Southwick Named Starter Joe Southwick was named as the staring QB for Boise State today. Can’t say it surprised me considering the separation I saw last Saturday during their open scrimmage. Joe looked like he was on top of things (but still needs to learn a bit about composure), while the other quarterbacks – […] Read more
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Sneak Peek at New Bronco Stadium Expansion

I got this in my email today from Looking good Go Broncos! Also, according to Bleacher Report, Boise State is ranked #39 as far as student sections are concerned. C’mon students, let’s rock’n’roll. Don’t leavea it up to us “old guys”. Related articles Big East Expansion: Boise State Read more
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