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A PLR Experiment

( By the Way, Thrifty Content is a terrific way to get fresh PLR posts monthly for $15 each month. They include 1500 short articles each month in 20 different broad classifications. Plus, they have a quite cool rewriting aid included with the subscription). I am going to do an experiment. Im going to submit […]

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Good Sense of Humor

In recent years it seems like everyone who is on the internet has started up a blog at some time or another. However, there is a big difference between a blog that is completely irrelevant and one that actually finds success. Use the following advice to make sure your blog ends up as one of […]

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Rank in Search Engines

People like to write blogs usually because they have information that they to share with the public. The topic may be a hobby, a point of view, or advice on a certain set of skills. A lot of people monetize their blogs, meaning that they include select banner ads on their blog page with the […]

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How to Improve Signal 1 of the 7 Google Ranking Signals: Age

The most apparent Age aspect is the age of a site or domain. I see this time and again with my own websites. All of my sites over a certain age have a PR of 1 or greater. This indicates that Google has some step of “trust” in the websites, and does not believe they […]

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Zemanta Browser Widget vs. Zemanta Plugin

When I first downloaded the web browser widget, I was not too satisfied. They have actually given that improved things so much that I have to admit a true fondness for Zemanta. I like the online variation so much I decided to give the real plugin a try, simply to see if it had any […]

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