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It’s called Baggage Season 10, Episode 18 Spoiler Alert here’s …

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It’s called Baggage Season 10, Episode 18
Spoiler Alert
here’s the recap:
A man and a woman are going up in an elevator. While the woman talks about some artwork, the man comes on to her. As they enter the apartment of her friend Casey Chapman, they see her there, dead on a table. Later, with forensics on the scene with Detectives Stabler (Chris Meloni) and Fin (Ice-T), we find out that Chapman is an up and coming ceramics artist. There is no sign of forced entry, and she was tortured and hog-tied, with what looks like a scald burn. It also seems that the killer is a repeater.

In the morgue, ME Warner (Tamara Tunie) says the victim was strangled and there were some fractures. But she can’t confirm she was hog-tied like the previous, similar victim. They were similarities in that both victims had their mouths glued shut, and both hyoids were broken. The new victim wasn’t sexually assaulted and the killer used more glue to seal her rectum than with the previous victim.

Back at the squad, they try to determine the similarities in both cases, but the latter may be a copycat – or two guys. April Silva was the first victim, she was raped, but not Casey Chapman. Chapman was an artist, Silva, a post grad math student. The only similarities is that they lived in Harlem. As they discuss the case, Detective Victor Moran (Delroy Lindo) from Major Crimes enters. He tells them that there are other similar crimes – there are 5 dead, all hog tied with their mouths glued shut. These other crimes happened outside of Harlem. Stabler wondered why, when he ran the cases through VICAP that the cases never came up, and Moran said he blocked their access. Fin calls him a “glory hog” but he says it’s not about him, it’s about the victims, and he didn’t want anyone in his way. Moran says the case is his, and the Chief of Ds is in with the captain right now.

In Capt. Cragen’s (Dann Florek) office, Cragen tells the Chief of Detectives (John Ashton) that his squad can handle the case, and he counters that he knows Moran can close it. Cragen says. “You just got promoted and your first order as Chief of Detectives is to bend me over my desk? “ He answers that this is no reflection on his squad, but Moran knows the case and it’s the only one on his case. In the squad room, Moran tells them he knows more than they do. But Munch (Richard Belzer) tells him that serial killers usually stay within their ethnic group, Moran thinks the killer is a black Latino male but the victims are white. Moran counters that the killer is targeting minority areas. The Chief of D’s exits Cragen’s office, telling him to give Moran what he needs and stay out of his way. We later see Stabler throwing a box of files on a table on which Moran is leaning, and Moran asks him if he feels better. Stabler says not if he is using those victims to get a gold star. He asked what stalled Moran’s career – did he stop being a team player about a year ago? Moran says he’s better by himself. They continue to argue the reason for Moran to handle the case, ending with Moran telling Stabler he’d like some privacy.
Back in the squad room, Fin tells him he has a potential witness on the Chapman murder, Debra Huggins, who lives one floor below Chapman. Stabler tells Fin to keep Moran occupied, he just doesn’t want to roll over and play dead just yet. Fin approaches Moran in the other room, who asks where is Stabler. Fin tells him he needed a break. Fin decides to throw Moran a bone and tells him that Silva’s parents didn’t know she had a girlfriend – she was Catholic – and she was into kink. Munch says there were no matches to the pubic hairs found, and Moran is frustrated, thinking the killer should be in the system. Fin suggests to widen the search with familial DNA, and he barks for Munch to just do it. Fin tells Moran he’s been in the way since he got there.

Stabler arrives at the home of Debra Huggins, who says she did not know Casey Chapman well. She saw a man waiting for the elevator when she came home, and he was wearing maintenance clothes with no company or name patches. He was black, mid to late 20s, 5’10”, lanky build, and he had no toolbox. She asked him where he was going and he did not answer. He asks her to come down to talk to a sketch artist.

Back at the squad, they have no solid leads from the sketch. Cragen asks were is Moran, and Stabler tells him Moran left with the files. Fin tells them someone matching the sketch is being chased by a group of young men out for blood, and Stabler and Fin give chase. They catch up in their car with the gang who is beating up the suspect, and they break it up. One of the kids says he saw the sketch and saw the man going into the building where his nana lives. The kid found lock picks the suspect dropped on the street. As Stabler tells the police officer to cuff him and bring him in, the suspect thanks Stabler for saving his life.

In interrogation, Fin and Stabler question the suspect – Stefan Henriquez (Vi

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How to Improve Signal 1 of the 7 Google Ranking Signals: Age
We have here the queen of lies and CI has the gall to say something is not true!!!!! This has got to be a first!!!! The US is talking to Taiwan about a few old diesel electric subs and a dozen or so old F-16’s, if Taiwan is so weak why are the PRC so pissed about this? All this stuff is old and I think the aircraft were only to be used to gather up the pigeons and bring them home if they got lost. The subs were only to save any pigeons that fell into the salt water.

How to Improve Signal 1 of the 7 Google Ranking Signals: Age
Smoke signals and carrier pigeons

How to Improve Signal 1 of the 7 Google Ranking Signals: Age
HAHAHAHAH! Omg, texting! I am a huge texter! I am so quick with texting and I love to do texting for sure! I usually send texts to people, but it actually almost got me and my close friend in a fight when I didnt know he couldnt recieve a text and I was like ‘ok..why arent you responding to me?! Are you pissed?!’ Hes like ‘naw..I cant recieve some of them’ Oops :-S

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