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How To Attract More Visitors To our Blog

by Guest Blogger

Anyone who has a blog wants as many visitors as possible, even if it is just to share comments with like-minded people. If, however, you want to make money by blogging, then the number of visitors you get will have a direct impact on your income.

There is a mountain of information online about how to attract more visitors, but the simple truth is that you have to write compelling content people want to read and then you have to make sure they see it.
Many advisors tell you to use social media to publicise your work, and this is a great idea. However, you must know what sort of information people are searching for before you start writing your killer-content.

There are a few ways of discovering this Yahoo Answers is one, Google Alerts is another, but this method has always been successful for me.
Carry out a search on popular forums and in other websites in related niches to find the sort of posts that are popular and attract a lot of comments.

When you come across one that seems to have promise, make a note of the subject and add a few lines to make up a tip.

When you have collected a few of these tips you can dig deeper to expand the research. You may find hidden gems in other places online, so collect them as well until you have a page or so.
Now, go through the list and select the top 5 related tips. Start to research the information a bit more if you need to and then write a quality article around the tips you have uncovered. Make sure you only use the best tips you can find. If writing isn’t your strength, hire a freelancer to write the article for you.
When you have the article written think about the title you will use to make it engage the visitor. It should be something catchy, slightly controversial or tempting so the reader is prompted to read more. Capitalize each word for more impact, then go over the whole thing and proof read it.

Better still, let someone else read it ideally a professional editor.
Now make the article easy to read by adding subheadings and other formatting techniques to break up long passages of text. Spice things up a bit by adding images through the post and if you can find a decent YouTube video, add that as well.

When you have finished, check through it again to make sure it reads well and contains no errors.
When you publish the post on your blog, wait a day then post an excerpt on Facebook. Follow this up with a Tweet each day and if you have used images make sure they are copyright free and pin them on Pinterest.
Promote the post on web 2.0 sites if you have accounts on any examples could include Identica, Tumblr, FriendFeed and Live Journal. Link back to your post from each and you will soon have more visitors than you could imagine!

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