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You have great ideas and you want to share them with the world, but until you get traffic flowing to your website, no one even knows you exist. It takes time and effort to get people to visit your blog, but if you know what to do up front, it’ll make the job a lot easier. Take the time to read this article and learn how to turn your site into a popular destination.

The most important thing you need to focus on before you even begin creating your blog is search engine optimization. You must craft your pages around the tenets of SEO so that it will be ready for search engine spiders the second it goes live. Be sure to create a list of great key phrases you want to focus on with your site as a whole, then use them within the HTML code, file names and content itself. If you can, use your main key phrase in the blog’s URL as well, such as “”. This tells the search engine that those keywords perfectly match the content of your site. Read up on current SEO techniques as Google is constantly updating their algorithms, so you need the latest advice to do it right.

Figure out who your target audience is. For example, if your blog focuses on green ways to raise a baby, you likely will want to cater to parents with a college education and a desire to be more environmentally friendly. That gives you a category in which you can find other websites which also cater to your niche. You can trade links with “green” forums, or parenting magazine sites, or even social media accounts which offer environmentally friendly tips. This will target exactly who would be interested in your site, ensuring you don’t waste your time on sites which won’t offer you additional traffic.

There is no harm in trading links with other blogs! As long as they share a similar audience to you, such as a “mom” or “green” blog in the example I mentioned above, you’ll both benefit from each other’s audience. If people like your blog, they will come back, and no other blog will “poach” your readers. In fact, if you link to popular blogs, your page rank will increase as back links from sites with a higher page rank offer you a little extra “link juice”.

Your site will not be popular unless you have content people are interested in. Above SEO and linking and all other forms of marketing, great content is king. Provide not only blog posts with interesting text, but also photos, videos, and other interactive content. Host contests and ask questions to open up communication. Create social media accounts and interact with your readers there as well. It’s a lot of work, but worth it in the end!

Even the best blogger on Earth has to work hard to bring people to their blog. It takes dedication to promoting your site in order to make it stand out from the rest. Use these tips to better your marketing campaign, ensuring that your blog gets the attention it deserves.

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    • Carol L
    • December 6, 2013

    What Do I Have To Do To Get It So The Search Engines Will Find My New Business Website? Do I have to do anything to get the search engines to find my new site?

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      You need to do something known as SEO. which stands for
      search engine optimization, which is just another way of saying
      search engine friendly. search engine companies send robots
      to “spider” your website (collect data from your site) . There
      are books available on this topic. Try creative
      see if they have any books available. Do a google search on
      free books. There is a site called “project Gutenberg” I’m
      not sure if the suffix is .org, or .com, anyway they have about ten thousand free books. Basically you want to stick to the
      theme or niche of your site, trying to keep it as informative
      as possible. You also need to learn to copyright. For this
      go to a site called
      Join(it takes to seconds) then look for the free ebooks and
      download a copy of “scientific advertising” by Claude Hopkins. Anyone who is anybody when it comes to copy-
      writing has read this book. Read It! Good Luck….

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    • Trareehe
    • December 15, 2013

    How To Create A Search Engine? I want to know how to create a search engine and search spider. I have the page’s HTML files, the only thing I need is know how to create a search engine. I have heard that it is best to do it in PHP, MySQL because occupies much space. I also I have created my own formula. I hope that explanation is very long. I also agree literature in any language. If the explanation is too long or not you want to do it here, leave your email or a fake one so I can contact you and get the truth.

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      • Admin
      • December 15, 2013

      You’ll want to understand the basics of regular expressions if you want to have a crawler, similar to google. Both PHP and Perl have native support for this.

      you can get a copy of the PHP manual free at
      A perl documentation can be found at

      PHP is newer, and more newbie friendly, while Perl is older, and probably more stable and powerful.
      Which ever language you plan to use, stick with it.

      As for Mysql: It doesn’t matter too much whether you use MySQL, or some other engine, because the syntax of SQL won’t be too different from one platform to the next. MySQL happens to be free, and one of the most popular.

      Creating your own search engine can be pretty tricky, especially if you have no idea how to program in PHP. the best advice I honestly have though is regular expressions. Without those, your search engine probably wont do very much.

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    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 2014

    Can You Help Me With Small Business Search Engine Optimization? Hello,
    I am a business owner for a pizzeria restaurant. I want to know where I can quality service.
    Can you help me with small business search engine optimization?

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      A good way to get very good keywords and small business search engine optimization is to add geo target keyword for example: pizzeria new york is better than pizzeria.
      It will drive you very target traffic to your business.
      You can check my blog for a free ebook to find how keyword can change you life:
      You can use google place maps too.

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    • Ghous
    • March 1, 2014

    What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimisation And What Is The Job Of SEO?

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      Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is getting the website into the Free/Organic listings of search engines.SEO has been there since the beginning of the Internet. The primary advantage of SEO is that it can be done entirely free, without any cash outlay.

      The Job of an SEO is to make the website reach the listings and achive a good page rank through many factors like link popularity, page rank, improving content(i,e) making rich content wrt to search engines.

      SEO specialists would have to “guess” and adapt to ever-changing strategies and tactics to either maintain their positions or improve their rank. One month could mean you’re out of the top ten with no warning.

      SEO is slower in terms of ranking your site on a lot of chosen keywords. You would have to make numerous link requests, multiple pages, press release, etc. Also, it takes a lot more time for search engines to index new sites’ domain names (it can take months).

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    • Optimist
    • March 3, 2014

    Describe SEO (search Engine Optimization)?

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      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which helps to increase the number of visitors a website attracts through search engines. Therefore in order to achieve visitors to your website, proper search engine optimization is required. There are two categories of SEO such as
      1)White Hat SEO – It refers to the use of natural SEO methods to achieve desired results. It is what is referred to as ethical SEO
      2)Black Hat SEO – This type of SEO is also referred to as spamdexing. It uses methods that degrade the search results relevancy. This type of SEO is not for long term as search engines are incessant in looking for websites that integrated forbidden or unethical methods just to rank.

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    • KailashNadh
    • March 26, 2014

    What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? How It Is Done?

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      SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to increase your ‘page ranking’ so that your website appears at the top of search engine lists when users search for specific keywords.

      There are many aspects to this and it is more of an art than a science.
      Some important things to consider for SEO (in order of importance)

      1.Domain name
      These should contain key words if possible. e.g. if I were selling flowers I’d want something like: or
      This is the single biggest factor in SEO and it really helps to have keywords contained within your domain name.
      2.Standards compliant Markup
      If your website is standards compliant ( then search engines will be able to read the code more efficiently.
      3.Incoming links
      Your page ranking increases depending on the amount and quality of websites that link to yours.
      Quality is very important, if nefarious sites (such as paid referral sites etc) link to your website then the opposite effect occurs and your page ranking decreases.
      There are some well known directories where you can ‘post’ your business website. The best directories are stringently maintained and well regarded with search engines.
      However, it can be difficult and time-consuming to get your website accepted by them. is probably one of the most well known and best regarded directories.
      There are plenty of quick and free directories available, although you should be very careful which directories you submit to.
      4.Page titles
      Pretty self explanatory. Use different titles for every different page.
      Use keywords within your titles.
      5.Placement of content within code
      Search engines judge content to be more important the higher up it is within the website code.
      View the source code of your site, is the ‘main content’ near the top of the code or the bottom?
      If it is near the bottom then it is badly designed and will negatively impact your SEO.
      6.Use of correct semantic markup
      In HTML certain tags (when used correctly) can give content more ‘weight’ and can benefit your SEO.

      Plant Machinery Sales

      = Content header
      (There are of course many different tags)
      7.META Tags
      Meta tags are now depreciated, most search engines ignore them completely and they have no effect whatsoever on your page ranking.
      Some smaller search engines however do still use them, so it’s best to include standards compliant meta tags just in case.

      There are of course many other aspects to SEO but that is a very brief overview.

      You can also set up ‘paid’ search engine links such as Google Adwords ( and Microsoft AdCenter ( although these can get expensive.

      For advertising in different countries the same SEO tips apply (see above)
      Also to take into consideration are:
      1.Localized domain names.
      e.g. – ranked higher on UK search engines – ranked higher on russian search engines
      2.Location of website servers
      e.g. a UK IP address will be listed on and a russian IP address will be listed on
      3.Website content Language
      English ranked higher on UK websites, Russian ranked higher on Russian websites.

      I hope this helps 🙂

      – Endjynn

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    • Jonathan.casimiro
    • March 31, 2014

    Web Design And Search Engine Optimization SEO Philippines? Affordable internet marketing in the Philippine?

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      Blast and Expose your Website by Searching at Google, Yahoo and MSN,
      (Search Engine Optimizaton Specialist) Manila Philippines.

      Guaranteed Exposure!!!

      Search Engine Optimation Packages:
      SE0 Bronze 4000
      SEO Silver 8000
      SEO Gold 12000
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      Please Contact:

      SEO Alexis Aspi
      member of SEO Philippines
      +63908 9929792

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    • Balehead
    • April 1, 2014

    What Is Search Engine Optimization? I’m trying to prepare for a job interview I have on Monday with Bright Media, and I’m looking at the Web site:

    And it mentions that’s one of their services. It’s listed number one in fact. But, what is it? I don’t want to look like an idiot if I’m asked about it.

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      Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s referred to in the industry is a form of online marketing.

      Search engine optimisation is built around understanding and utilising the google algorithm which works out the order that websites should be ranked in when you type an enquiry into the google search engine. The Google algorithm is called Page Rank.

      Page Rank works by assessing how many external links a website has pointing to it. For example will probably have asked for its partners and clients to put a link to the bright media website on their websites to help increase Brite Media’s online visibility (how important search engines think it is).

      As such, search engine optimisation looks to build lots of high-quality links to a website via the internet. This can be done through viral marketing, paid blogs, forum posts, guest book signings etc.

      Added to this Bright media will perform what is known as ‘keyword research’ for its clients. This involves tracking how often people search for specific terms on search engines. For example, if they are optimising a jewellery website, they might look up how often people search for ‘gold diamond choker’. From the research they will build up a bank of ‘keywords’ which they will put into the text of the website and use when doing link building (as mentioned above).

      This is just a brief overview and there is a lot more to it which they will teach you. In the meantime, check out the site below who also specialise in SEO, there’s some info that may help on the website.

      Good luck!

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    • Anonymous
    • April 2, 2014

    What Exactly Is Search Engine Optimization?

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      Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a term which describes the process of taking advantage of all of the existing available resources in order to obtain a page one organic search result on search engines, without having to pay for it.

      All web site owners want as many visitors as possible to enter their site. Research shows that fully 90% of all internet traffic is delivered through search engines. Therefore, in order to get a slice of this traffic you must adjust your web site (fine tune it) to the point that the search engines want to share your site on page one.

      Think about it. When you go use a search engine and enter a word or phrase; do you navigate past the first page of results to find what you are looking for? Because most people don’t. That is exactly why everyone competes for page one search results.

      And that’s exactly what search engine optimization does. Hopefully. If you’re good at it.

      There are many tools that help with SEO. Here is one such tool that is free to download…

      There are also many good newsletters and ezines out there that will guide you on how to perform SEO on your own, without hiring someone to do it for you. You can subscribe to one such newsletter here…

      I hope this helps explain what SEO is. To find out more about all of the steps involved in the process, you should check out the two sites I just noted.

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    • Blake
    • April 17, 2014

    Search Engine Optimization? Hello, a friend of mine has a photography website with a subtab for elopement. He bought a few elopement domain names and wants to mirror the site on one of these elopement domain names. He wants it to come up when people search what are ways to increase chances of search optimization?

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      Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is an extremely important factor of the success of any website. There are a large number of methods that a webmaster can increase the SERP Ranking of their websites, such as building backlinks, on-page SEO Techniques, and many others. The term “search engine optimization” or SEO for short, describes the process of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. It is the technique of making your content easier to find for search engines like Google. Well optimized web pages will appear on the first pages of the search engine listings. Here are a few tips on making the most of SEO on your website:

      1. Write descriptive post titles.
      2.Use image titles that match content in your post
      3.Use SEO keywords in your content
      4.Post regularly
      5.Link to other quality related content
      7.Generate inbound links

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    • Diwathor
    • April 23, 2014

    Where Can I Learn In Detail Search Engine Optimisation?

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      Search Engine Optimisation (seo) is an ongoing thing. You can never know everything there is to know about it because it is constantly changing.

      However, that being said. What is changing is the way people are always trying to ‘cheat’ the search engines. Find out the exact way each of the search engines weigh the page against keywords.

      What you need to do is take a middle line, dont try and beat them all, just try and keep them all happy.

      Keyword loading, hidden text and god knows what else are severely penalised these days and some engines will even go so far as to check your site twice. Once to see what they see as a search engine and again to see if that page matches what they see when they look as a user. Sure fire way to get your backside kicked ;O)

      You will spend a lot of time on search engines yourself looking up “seo” to keep up with whats going on.

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    • Shawli Sharmin
    • May 17, 2014

    What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? I want to Know about Search Engine Optimization.

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      Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s search results. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

      As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

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    • N-Jay
    • May 31, 2014

    WHAT IS Search Engine Optimization?

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      Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings, and could be considered a subset of search engine marketing.

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