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Just Got Put On A Gluten Free Diet? Hello I …

Comment on Full Time Job by Amy P.

Just Got Put On A Gluten Free Diet? Hello I went to the doctors yesterday and she told me to try a gluten/dairy free diet but gave me no info on when i can and can not eat and when i called them today they told me to just “GOOGLE” it but when i do google it i really cant find anything that i can eat. So if anyone knows someone or is someone that has to do the same thing what can i eat what can i drink?

I like steak, some chicken, corn, peas, potatoes, bread ( i know i have to cut this out and im not happy about it) i like pasta (another thing i know i have to cut out) carrots, strawberries, bananas, onions, green yellow and red peppers. are all these things that i can eat? what do i need to cut out? please need help with ideas.

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