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I Read An Article That Said A 2 Year Old …

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I Read An Article That Said A 2 Year Old Should NOT Be Learning How To Read? My two year old son has a big interest in learning his letters, numbers, shapes, colors etc. We had bought him a little toy computer for his first x-mas because he was always wanting to bang on ours. It has some little letter games on it and he has really decided that he likes it. One day I realized that from his computer he had already learned 70% of his alphabet, so we started encouraging him. He loves showing people that he knows his numbers and his alphabet. I just read an article that says “You will agree that at two years of age, the child should not be learning the alphabets. But it is perfectly OK for her to scribble randomly with a crayon on paper or with chalk on the floor.” Why shouldn’t he be learning if he is enjoying it? It’s not like we are pushing this on him.

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