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There are many, many mistakes in grammar that no grammar …

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There are many, many mistakes in grammar that no grammar checking program can catch. That’s why book publishers and magazine still use human editors. The many possible variations of correct usage are just too large to program in every possibility.

FWIW, besides not catching a lot of errors, grammar check programs also flat things as errors which are correct. They’re a handy tool at most, definitely not to be trusted to make your manuscript error-free.

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Grammar Mistake
Even without being a member at this site, safe link, you can read a great deal about Shakespeare and each of his plays… not all, but, yes, Hamlet. A lot.
You can also read about Shakespeare’s life and what it was like in his Elizabethan days. You can read a lot.
To link to his life story, put ‘Shakespeare’s life’ in the search box on the home page there, then when you see “Pages Found” click on # 2 under that. That is a fine, telling, and brief biography on the Bard and who he worked with, married, how he worked, etc.
You will, if you put ‘Hamlet’ in the search box, also see many links to possible things to read; meaning all are there, some just not available unless you sign up.
Look to the right, or at things in gray, gray = link.

Re: my view of Elizabethan thinking, which is only gotten from reading a lot about Shakespeare and from reading a lot of his plays (this one really a lot) I’d say an Elizabethan audience would be delighted by Hamlet. It’s full of double-meanings (‘rotten’ says so much to so many) and a ghost and intrigue and the apparent ‘crazy’ being the only truly intelligent person talking much.
Horatio is pretty smart, but he can’t help Hamlet, who is, after all, royalty. Hamlet is the one to see through the plot against him involving Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, for example, and neatly turns it against them. He sees too much sometimes. Elizabethans would be likely yelling ‘Kill ’em!’ when Hamlet lets Claudius pray (or seem to) though, again, the same crowd would understand when Hamlet says he won’t kill him then because then Claudius might get to ‘heaven.’
Heaven forbid!
And nearly everyone dies at the end… sublime Elizabethan entertainment. Especially because Hamlet is vindicated by his own choice for the next king of Denmark, who arrives in time to be named properly, like any Elizabethan royalty hopes for, and in time to say Hamlet will be given a Prince’s funeral; no pauper or crazy-house stuff for the tragic hero.
There are laughs, great action, lots to think about (if one is willing to), and a bang-up end. I think the Queen and her subjects loved Hamlet.
Don’t you?

ADD: Came back by, read your addition. I don’t think Tillyard means Elizabethan peasantry, who made up the bulk of audiences for plays in those days, plays being then regarded by many ‘royals’ as kind of a low form of entertainment when not put on at court for a small audience. Until one Queen went (sometimes in mufti) to watch Shakespeare’s plays in theaters.
I do think that queen, and anyone who was listening to all of ‘Hamlet,’ realized Hamlet was never insane at all. That holds up well for me re: ‘humanist, rational,’ etc.
Court intrigue itself was fraught with peril for many then, as I recall from studies done on it; murder and mayhem not at all unheard of there, especially before, and even after, the Elizabethans and their humanism.
‘Rotten’ stuff did happen, no matter what ‘wishes’ were.

Grammar Mistake
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Grammar Mistake
“Niche” means a small portion of total buyers. Therefore niche marketing means marketing done keeping a small portion of total buyers in mind. For example, if a company launches a product for left-handed boys, it can be called a niche product.

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In general, the best method nowadays is to generate some social traffic. Post a link to you post to Facebook, Twitter, pin your post’s featured image to Pinterest.

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Business Models are simulations of actual business functioning.
They act as ideal real life examples,and help participants actively discuss the pros and cons of the situation given.

A business Model gives a Full Account of any particular Business Scenario. Readers of this model/ Participants are then asked to discuss the strengths and weaknessess of it. Put it simply, one has to SWOT analyze the Business Model based on different parameters.

Each participant comes up with his/her own views on the subject. Cumulative views and different view points are then listed and ranked based on their importance and relevance.

Thus at the end of the session, a business models suitability and viability is drafted and conclusions are drawn thereon.

The more the Business Model Analysis a person does, the more exposed he gets to real life corporate situations.
Hence it is said, that Business Models act as Good Simulators.

Search Engine Optimization
A search engine is a service provided by some company (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) which will search through millions of web pages for keywords that a person types into a field. For instance, if I type “Puppy” into a search box on Google’s web site, there are currently 40,800,000 matches available. If the search provider has a good search algorithm in their software, then the most relevant pages should be listed first. In my case, I’m a happy searcher, because after the Google Image samples, the first result listed is the Puppy Linux website, which is the only Puppy I would ever be searching for online. Most search providers keep track of what websites people will actually visit after doing a search. They then use the results to make sure those pages are closer to the top of the list for the next time someone searches for the same keyword(s).

Image search optimization is about using images on your website to draw more “click-throughs” from the search provider, thereby raising your rank in the search list. This, in turn, helps to ensure that you keep getting more visits to your site. A neat article I just found by typing “image search optimization” into Google Search is linked below.

New York Skyline
Below is a link with pictures of the NYC skyline.

A view of city of great magnitude rises out of the open like a curtain for a show that always staging the world’s greatest act, you immerse yourself as one of the players of the greatest city in the world.

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