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How Would The Elizabethan Audience Have Viewed The Theme Of …

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How Would The Elizabethan Audience Have Viewed The Theme Of Corruption In Hamlet? When Marcellus says, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark,” this refers to the corruption of King Claudius and how this corruption infiltrates everyone around him. However, how would the audience at the time viewing this play have felt about this theme? Answer in terms of the Elizabethan way of thinking (Elizabethan World Picture, Humanism).
You make some very interesting points, LJ K. I am confused though because i agree in that i think the Elizabethan audience would have loved the double meanings and the intricacy of the plot…however, I read “The Elizabethan World Picture” by Tillyard and this book states that the Elizabethans tried to have a humanistic view of people. In other words, they wished to view all people with dignity and as being rational and able to determine right from wrong. Isn’t Shakespeare going against this view in his theme, and especially in that line?

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