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Diabetic Food Recipes? My grandmother is a borderline Diabetic and …

Comment on Recipes For Diabetics by Nikki.

Diabetic Food Recipes? My grandmother is a borderline Diabetic and she loves food. She has a major sweet tooth and loves carbs but can’t eat any of that stuff nowadays. I’ve been looking around at recipes online and found a few that looked ok. But I would rather ask someone who’s maybe tried the food before I go buy everything to cook. I’m 15 so its not that easy to get to the super market and buy all that stuff.

Basically I wanna hear from people who’ve made food for diabetics or something close at least. Tell me your favorite recipes are for either breakfast, lunch, Dinner, or/and Dessert.

She doesn’t have any food allergies and will eat just about everything. She is a little heavy though so low on the fat, and maybe and not to much sodium since she is on high blood pressure meds. If it helps she’s Japanese but likes all types of foods.

If you could help I’d really appreciate it. I will give a best answer. Thanks 😀

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