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Every recipe is suitable for diabetics and vegans- just replace sugar …

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Every recipe is suitable for diabetics and vegans-
just replace sugar with Splenda,
dairy milk with non-dairy milk,
and use 1 tbsp flax seed + 3 tbsp hot water (whisked) for each egg….

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Recipes For Diabetics
My best friend gave me an awesome recipe site that works in English speaking countries only though: . You type what you want to know about food, and great recipes will come out instantly. You just have to download it. It’s free and safe then you can use the rest of your life. Try it! Have fun cooking. I hope this will help.

Recipes For Diabetics
Well, I don’t have any specific recipes, but for me, it has mostly been a switch to whole meal cereals and bread, more veggies, and portion control. Having gone through a lot of cook books (real and online), the biggest difference from other cookbook/recipes has NOT been the recipes themselves, but the attention to portion control. *Quite* strict portion control (that has been the most difficult part for me).

And lollipops/hard candy. Surprised? I was, too. I went to a dietitian, and was asking about sugar free sweets, and she said to try satisfying my sweet tooth with lollies, hard candies, or gum. It turns out the small size of the candies means they are really not contributing a lot of carbs, so spiking is minimal. Assuming one or two pieces, which has really worked for me.

FWIW, I have tried sugar free candies (sugar alcohols have about half the calories and similarly low glycaemic index), and they are really good, too. The negative side: too much sugar free candy can have a laxative effect.

I just reread your question, and please forgive my stereotyping, but…no white rice. Switch to brown rice, it has a lower glycaemic index.

[EDIT – I was looking through one of my “diabetic” recipe books, and mostly reiterate what I said above. There are a lot of recipes in the book that contain white rice, white flour, and potatoes. These are things I really can’t have, because they spike my glucose levels, so, obviously it is different from person to person. Your grandma’s glucose testing 2 hours after meals will be your best source of what is acceptable or not. Well, that and her tastebuds 🙂

Potatoes have been the hardest for me to go without, since I can at least substitute whole meal flour and brown rice, but potatoes are largely off-limits to me. Sweet potatoes are reasonable, due to their higher fiber content, but still cause quite a spike, and…well, they just aren’t potatoes.

Looking at my diet lately: lots of legumes and veggies. Also, reduce the use of saturated fats and/or trans fats — while neither are directly involved in diabetes, it has been suggested they aggravate insulin resistance. So, stick to veggy-sourced oils.]

Recipes For Diabetics
Here are a bunch of desert recipes (and dinner recipes) for diabetics that are low in sugar.

Diabetic Recipes –

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