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Stiff Competition

Since anybody can make a blog these days, that means that there are millions of blogs scattered all over the internet. This means that your blog will face really stiff competition from all of the blogs that are already out there so you should try to stand out from the rest as much as you can. Improve your chances of creating a successful blog by following the tips in this article.

Before starting anything else you should decide on what topic your blog will cover. You want to carve out a niche for yourself. This means that you shouldn’t pick a topic that is too broad (your competition in this category would be way too much unless your blog is backed by millionaires) but at the same time you want to pick a topic that at least some people will be interested in. Think about what your interests are and then settle on something relatively specific. It may take some creativity on your part but there are still some unexplored topics on the internet that you can get a huge following with.

When people comment on your articles, don’t just ignore what they have to say. You should encourage a back and forth conversation between you and the readers. Don’t act like you are any better than they are. Try to respond to all comments that visitors leave for you, especially comments that specifically ask a question or call for a response. Doing this will make the reader feel like his or her voice is heard and they will feel like true contributors to your blog. This builds the relationship between you and repeat visitors.

Do not get too sidetracked when writing your articles. People come to your blog because of the niche that you cover. They don’t want to have to sift through many unrelated topics just to find what they came to your blog for. If you’re also interested in other topics, perhaps it would be a better idea to just start an entirely new blog dedicated to those other topics. Trying to make one blog do too much does nothing but frustrate the visitors of your website.

Make it so the reader can establish a more personal connection with you and the other bloggers on your website. You don’t want to share too much, but if you open up to your readers a little bit about your personal life then they will end up much more interested in your website than if they just saw you as some sort of robot who churns out content. Inject your personality into your writing. Doing so will make the writing more fun for you to write and it will also make it more interesting for people to read.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the tips you just read should get you on the right track to make sure your blog is successful. Apply this knowledge and start getting people to come to your blog!

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    • Musiu_1955
    • December 6, 2013

    How Can I Penetrate The Hidden Job Market? I’ve recently been made redundant, and I was thinking that now would be a good opportunity for a career change. I would like to try my luck in the adult film industry, but do you think that I would face a lot of stiff competition for jobs?

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    1. Reply

      “do you think that I would face a lot of stiff competition…”

      One of the best double entendres I’ve read. I appreciate the humor. There are more “would-be” actors in the adult film industry, than there are employed actors. One of the hazards is that men are expected to perform unprotected. Enough said. If you are truly interested, I suggest that you visit the Winter Consumer Electronics Show (early/mid-Janaury, in Las Vegas). Hundreds of vendors of adult entertainment are represented, and you might get lucky – that’s the best double entendre I can offer up at short notice.

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    • Vlad K
    • December 7, 2013

    How Would A Zero Unemployment Rate For A Country For Instance UK Be Good For The Country? If the Unemployment rate is zero or very low for a country like the UK how can this be a benefit for the country? I know that more jobs equals more spending and more manufacturing of goods but, surley the stiff competition would create problems in the long term am I correct? and If the UK economy is strong i.e. low levels of unemployment would this mean that other countries have to suffer or pay the price, is they such a thing as everyone being happy or is it a case of “where they is success they is failure”?

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    1. Reply

      They would stop blaming polish people for taking their jobs.

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    • Twinsbaseball
    • December 11, 2013

    What Is More Impressive Winning A Super Bowl Or BCS Title Game? My friend and I are in a debate on which is more impressive.
    NFL: You can lose up to 6 -7 games and still win it all. Have to win 3-4 in a row in the playoffs, 32 teams which much stiffer competition.
    College football: 140 teams, usually can only lose 1 game max. Play some good competition but a lot of garbage teams. Have to also beat the computer system to even have a shot.
    Again not whats better or worse but what is more impressive!

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      • Admin
      • December 11, 2013

      To win the Super Bowl you actually have to beat some of the best teams in the NFL.

      To win the BCS you can side step the other top teams and get to the Championship based on a bias ranking system and flawed computer program.

      If, for example, the Colts beat New England, Pittsburgh and the Giants and claim the Super Bowl this year then they’ll be able to say they did beat the best.

      If Auburn gets to the BCS title game and beats Oregon, leaving 2-3 other undefeated teams out there they get to side step, who can say they are really the best team and not just the luckiest?

      There is never any controversy in the NFL as to who was the champion at years end. There is almost every year in the NCAA. When 1-4 other teams can make a legitimate claim at your title then you really don’t deserve it.

      Super Bowl, by far, is a harder run.

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    • Wario
    • January 13, 2014

    Is Becoming An Entrepreneur The Only Way To Be Apart Of The Upper Middle Class In A Globalised Economy? I know doctors and bankers can be in the one percent but for those who dont like being a parasite or touching blood, is operating a business the only way to become apart of the upper middle class. With the outsourcing of jobs and as western nations have to compete with nation that have cheap labor and with china and india moving towards a knowledge based economy which will lead to stiffer competitions for limited number of middle class jobs and careers, this will lead to professions sensitive to outsourcing such engineering and accounting to decrease incomes to compete. And with capital moving eastwards, itll become tougher to make it to the middleclass

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    1. Reply

      If you are not a doctor, lawyer, banker or have a PhD in business, then becoming an entrepreneur is pretty much your only avenue to move up into the 1% class. I would not worry too much about job outsourcing.

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    • Mantra Hiroshima
    • January 23, 2014

    How Can I Get Notice By My Senpai? I’ve got some stiff competition.

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    1. Reply

      By wearing pretty clothes and make up.

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    • BangBro
    • January 26, 2014

    Why Is Casual Sex Ok For Some Men, But Unethical And Unnecessary For Others? Inspired By Views Of Women? Like why is it so wrong if a guy wants to be like those men who can get casual sex easily w/o having to make commitments.

    why do women discourage the guy who is having difficulty attracting women for casual sex, given the stiff competition among men, while a lot of women and attractive men are already doing it.

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    1. Reply

      It’s wrong if the woman is being convinced she is entering into a relationship and wrong if the man thinks he is but if both know the score it’s not wrong how can it be.

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    • Chowjordan
    • February 11, 2014

    What Do I Have To Remind In Singing Competition? I am a 14-year-old boy, I’m going to sing for a school singing competition but I have no experience. Please tell me anything that I have to remind.Thanks!

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      • Admin
      • February 11, 2014

      Do not be to stiff you got be lose and smile

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    • Another stoner
    • February 19, 2014

    What Does It Mean To Be A ‘stiff’? Thx

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      • Admin
      • February 19, 2014


      1. rigid: rigid, inflexible, or hard to move

      2. not supple: painful and not supple
      stiff muscles

      3. severe: very harsh or severe
      a stiff punishment

      4. taxing: difficult or demanding
      stiff competition

      5. forceful: having force or power
      a stiff breeze

      6. strong: strong or potent to the taste or in effect on the body
      a stiff drink of black coffee

      7. resolute: showing determination and resolve
      stiff resistance

      8. too high: higher than is justified or usual
      stiff prices

      9. formal: rigidly formal or distant in manner
      a stiff manner

      10. nautical not likely to capsize: describes a ship or boat that is relatively stable in the water

      11. intoxicated: having had too much alcohol to drink ( slang )


      1. totally: totally or utterly; bored stiff; scared stiff

      2. in stiff way: in a stiff way or manner

      noun (plural stiffs)

      1. U.S. person: a person, especially somebody of a particular type ( slang ) – a lucky stiff

      2. U.S. offensive term: an offensive term for somebody regarded as unpleasant or excessively formal ( slang insult )

      3. U.S. offensive term: an offensive term for a customer who leaves insufficient tips ( slang insult )

      4. corpse: a dead body ( slang )

      5. flop: something that is an utter failure ( slang )

      transitive verb (past and past participle stiffed, present participle stiff·ing, 3rd person present singular stiffs)

      1. cheat somebody of money: cheat somebody out of money owed

      2. not pay somebody: to fail to pay somebody an amount due or expected – “He stiffed me on the tip.”

      [ Old English stīf< Indo-European, "to compress, pack"]

      1. rigid or firm; difficult or impossible to bend or flex: a stiff collar.
      2. not moving or working easily: The motor was a little stiff from the cold weather.
      3. (of a person or animal) not supple; moving with difficulty, as from cold, age, exhaustion, or injury.
      4. strong; forceful; powerful: stiff winds; The fighter threw a stiff right to his opponent’s jaw.
      5. strong or potent to the taste or system, as a beverage or medicine: He was cold and wanted a good stiff drink.
      6. resolute; firm in purpose; unyielding; stubborn.
      7. stubbornly continued: a stiff battle.
      8. firm against any tendency to decrease, as stock-market prices.
      9. rigidly formal; cold and unfriendly, as people, manners, or proceedings.
      10. lacking ease and grace; awkward: a stiff style of writing.
      11. excessively regular or formal, as a design; not graceful in form or arrangement.
      12. laborious or difficult, as a task.
      13. severe or harsh, as a penalty or demand.
      14. excessive; unusually high or great: $50 is pretty stiff to pay for that.
      15. firm from tension; taut: to keep a stiff rein.
      16. relatively firm in consistency, as semisolid matter; thick: a stiff jelly; a stiff batter.
      17. dense or compact; not friable: stiff soil.
      18. Naut.(of a vessel) having a high resistance to rolling; stable (opposed to crank).
      19. Scot. and North Eng.sturdy, stout, or strongly built.
      20. Australian Slang.out of luck; unfortunate.

      1. Slang.
      a. a dead body; corpse.
      b. a formal or priggish person.
      c. a poor tipper; tightwad.
      d. a drunk.
      2. Slang.
      a. a fellow: lucky stiff; poor stiff.
      b. a tramp; hobo.
      c. a laborer.
      3. Slang.
      a. a forged check.
      b. a promissory note or bill of exchange.
      c. a letter or note, esp. if secret or smuggled.
      4. Slang.a contestant, esp. a racehorse, sure to lose.

      1. in or to a firm or rigid state: The wet shirt was frozen stiff.
      2. completely, intensely, or extremely: I’m bored stiff by these lectures. We’re scared stiff.

      1. fail or refuse to tip (a waiter, porter, etc.).
      2. cheat; gyp; do out of: The company stiffed me out of a week’s pay.

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    • Party Marty Graw
    • February 23, 2014

    Do Male Adult Film Actors Face Stiff Competition?

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      • Admin
      • February 23, 2014

      Yeah, but the business has a way of getting rid of the dead wood.

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    • Avalon
    • March 8, 2014

    Sore Or Stiff Feet After Colorguard Competitions? After i go to a marching band competition (i’m in colorguard) my feet always feel really weird. i want to call it stiff or something? they’re not sore really, they don’t hurt or anything, but i feel like they’re really inflexible and i can’t bend them as easily and can’t get my point to go nearly as far as it normally does. the past few times it’s gone away in a week or so but it’s really inconvenient. anyone have any ideas on why it’s happening or how i can fix it?
    yeah, i know that there’s all kinds of stuff you can do if your shoes are giving your feet problems, but i never have problems at practice where we wear shoes, only after competitions, which we have to perform barefoot…

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    1. Reply

      Try putting Dr. Scholls gel insoles in your shoes. They really help with sore feet. I think they have different types for different problems. Ask your doctor about it. There are machines at like malls and places where you stand on it and it shows your pressure points on your feet and recommends a specific type of insole just for your problem.

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    • Lineman063
    • March 14, 2014

    Who Deserves The Heisman Colt Brennan Or Tim Tebow?

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    1. Reply

      Tebow. The man scored 51 Tds. He played against much stiffer competition as well.

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    • Babyface
    • March 17, 2014

    Your Company Is Facing Stiff Competition From Foreign Competition.? Mexico is offering incentives to move operations across the border. What are some of the legal and ethical issues you need to resolve? Do you move your operation to mexico and shut down your US plant?

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    1. Reply

      Tariffs (not an issue now, but could be)
      Mexico has less laws protecting industry
      Lower skilled workers available (if you require a highly skilled labor force)
      Public Relations ramifications
      Tax issues will come up

      Lots of reasons to consider.

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    • Last Resort
    • March 18, 2014

    Dog Section: Those Of You In Agility…stiff Competition Has Arrived? Lol were you aware they have rabbit jumping competitions?

    and just in case.

    Legit: has your dog ever seen a rabbit? how did he/she react?

    they may even take over obedience soon! (that is one awsome bunny)

    yodel: lol ty for not adding the link and that mouse was amazing

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    1. Reply

      LOL, seems like I heard about the rabbit jumping thing somewhere a while back. Forgot all about it until now. Have you seen Mouse Agility?

      Pretty cool stuff right there. 🙂

      Legit- I live way out in the country….TONS upon tons of rabbits here, especially now that it’s winter & they are all clustered in the tree lines. They are like roaches. Too many. One of my dogs who actually has the coat to enjoy this freezing, snow-covered weather, goes out hunting for them every day if I let her. Catches & eats them occasionally too. Hey, self-feeding raw diet. 🙂 I had a feeling she was catching & eating them, but I didn’t know for sure….until one night she came inside, drank some water, and promptly blapped up some stomach contents. Two bunny eyeballs connected to a wad of fur & what looked like brain was staring up at me.

      I recovered from horror long enough to take a picture…it was oddly cute in a way. Friend says it looks like what happens when somebody gets sick of the google-eyed Geico dollars looking at them. Its on my photobucket, but I’ll spare you all the link. 😀

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    • Vinny f
    • April 1, 2014

    Can Everyone Please Read, And Help Me Win This Contest?!? Okay. So my local radio station KRZ is doing a contest, there giving away Lil Wayne tickets.
    Well it’s my friends birthday next week, and shes obsessed with lil wayne, so I’m really trying to win these for her.

    Alls you have to do is go to
    and vote for KACY CONNOR

    if that picture gets the most votes, I win the front row tickets for my friend to see Lil’ Wayne.
    thanks in advance to everyone who votes.

    PS: you can vote once per day, on each internet browser. so if you have a bunch of browsers like I do IE:
    internet explorer, firefox, safari, can vote once on each of them every day.

    These tickets would make my friends year, so yea..thanks!!!

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    1. Reply

      Uh oh! You’re up against some stiff competition, that Marcus Harrison is a cutie pie!

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    • Kayla C
    • May 12, 2014

    What Challenges Do African Women Face?

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    1. Reply

      Stiff competition from other black women who’ve hogged all the talent and gotten filthy rich, then lived quietly in their mansions far away from the ghetto:


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    • Gyorzxk
    • May 26, 2014

    Is The Manufacturer Of Viagra Facing Stiff Competition From Other Companies?

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    1. Reply


      Levitra is definitely making the manufacturers of Viagra stand up and take notice. However, it is not supposed to last as long as viagra. Oh well, easy come, easy go.

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    • London lady!5
    • May 27, 2014

    Are You In Stiff Competition With Anyone Here? Who is it and will you win?

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    1. Reply

      Not really,,,,if i did… it would be you… & i think you would kick my a$$ !!

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